Life Lesson #952

If one is going to be so foolish as to throw away some of one’s offspring’s “art work,” one should at least have enough sense to remove the trash bag – immediately.  Because if one’s offspring spies the aforementioned artwork through the semi-opaque whiteness of the trash bag?  One can bet that tears will be shed, apologies will be demanded, and there will be an episode of all-around 3 year old drama!  Oops.

Dear Supervisor-type Person:

Please refrain from the following:

  •  Yelling at me. English is my first language, and I am in complete control of my mental faculties.  If you speak to me and let me know what’s expected, I got ya.  There is no need to scream, holler, or berate me.  You are beginning to piss me off.  I am keeping my peace because, unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy and cannot quit.  Though you are making my joining “Team Target,” more and more of a realistic possibility.
  • Making sexual advances.  I am married.  So are you.  Even if the preceeding statements weren’t true – it aint happening.  Let it go.  I don’t find you cute, attractive, or in any way appealing.  Some days I don’t have energy for my husband – the man I pledged myself to almost nine years ago – so there is no way that I’m squeezing you in on my “to do” list. 
  • Making stupid ass racial remarks.  I hate cursing.  Really.  But your dumb ass statements about my “muslim hair,” my “pot smoking habit,” and your “not noticing my tan” when I got back from vacation?  Not funny.  At all.  I can’t believe you’ve made it to middle age, are well established in your career, and don’t know better.  So, I’ve got to assume that you do know better and just don’t give a damn.  I’m not going to turn you in.  Today.  But someone will.  Better stop before it gets to that point.

There’s more.  But I’m at work, and you might pop up at any minute.  Peace.

NO Jazz Fest


Yep – hard at work today.  I’m back.

The line up for this year’s New Orleans Jazz Fest looks great!  I’m thinking I’ll pick a day, throw Lovegirl in the back seat and head down for a day of great live music and awesome food.

My difficulty will come in picking a day – Dr. John, Billy Joel and Trinitee 5:7; Buckwheat Zydeco, Burning Spear and Lizz Wright; Al Green, Cassandra Wilson, and Byron Cage???  Oh, the combinations and possibilities are endless.  There are at least three headliners I’d love to see on any of the 7 days that the festival runs, not to mention the lesser known acts that I’m sure will be marvelous as well!  I’ve heard The Roots are not to be missed . . . . oh, how’s a girl to choose??

Boot Camp!


I like boots.  I’ve been known to go camping.  I’ve never, however, been to boot camp.  This is about to change.

My gym – the YMCA – is offering a 6 week, women-only, boot camp starting February 4, and I think I’m going to fork over 100 of my hard earned dollars and go for it!  I’ve been looking for something to whip me into shape, and since I can’t afford my own personal trainer, I’m hoping this is it.  I work out regularly which helps me maintain the fineness that is Nerd Girl :)  Now, I’m ready to take it to the next level. 

Of course, I thought I was going to die yesterday at the gym – the Wednesday night instructor is tough!  So, I can’t believe I’m about to cough up more money for more regular torture.  I’m thinking “before and after” pictures may be in order.

Today’s scent:  Pure Vanilla by Lavanila Labs.  I really like this stuff.  Of the scents I’ve purchased/been given for my 365 days of perfume wearing goal (note: I do not have 365 different perfumes, I probably don’t have 15), this is one of my favorites.  Pure Vanilla and Beautiful by Estee Lauder will definitely be regular purchases of mine when this self-imposed scent wearing year concludes.

The Great Blizzard of ’08

It snowed in the ‘Sip this weekend y’all!



 The snow really was quite lovely as it came down – unfortunately it didn’t stick around long.  Lovegirl was not impressed.  “Mama, it snows better than this in Kansas City!”  Yes Love, it does.

We’re chilling on this MLK holiday.  Smoochy’s at work (he brought his truck home this weekend for the first time – niiiice), so Lovegirl and I got up and went for pancakes this morning, bought a set of sheets to go with my new comforter set (I may not make it to work tomorrow), and headed on in so she could get her nap on.  We’re off to the gym this afternoon, and then tonight we’ll enjoy dinner – smothered turkey cutlets, okra and tomatoes, rice, and black eyed peas.  Well, no turkey for me, it’s meatless monday. 

Anyhoo, hope everyone had a great weekend and day off.  Peace and joy to you and yours.  There’s a serious blog entry floating around in my head, and I hope I’m able to piece it together well enough to post it.  We shall see.

Oh – today I’m wearing “Om” from The G*ap.  I must’ve gotten it as a stocking stuffer.  It’s not something I’d buy myself.

That’s Gangster!

I certainly am not a proponent of crime.  But.  This dude called the restaurant, told the employees he was coming to rob and them and to “get the money ready.”

And the employees followed store procedure – and called the manager instead of the police, so the dude got away with the robbery!

I am so amused.

Today’s scent:  Dream Angels Desire by Victoria’s Secret.  It’s okay. 


I had a hair appointment this evening.  The stylist was a no show.  I am pissed.  Please reference this post if you are not familiar with the frustrations I have when it comes to beauticians/beauty shops/stylists/insert-your-preferred title here.

And please note that I am not judging the aforementioned profession as a whole.  I am, however, judging those that I encounter with alarming frequency.

 This is the second time that I have shown up for an appointment with this particular young lady only to be told, with quite a bit of nonchalance, “oh, she been gone.”  The last time I didn’t say anything.  I don’t know if I’ll say anything this time. 

Since Smoochy has started driving, my getting to a hair appointment looks something like this:  leave work, pick up dinner for Lovegirl – usually something that ends in “meal” and not the tasty, healthy goodness I prefer her to eat, pick Lovegirl up from school, drop Lovegirl off at her old sitter’s house, drive over to salon.  Go into salon.  Hope that person who does my hair is there.

My time is precious.  I skipped the gym for this.  I left my child in someone else’s care for way longer than I prefer to in one day.  I drove all over the city. 


BTW:  I am still wearing Marc Jacobs perfume.  I may be pissed, but at least I smell loverly!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

  • Prior planning prevents poor performance.   Never paid much attention to that until yesterday.  I was so glad that I’d planned not to buy any snack food when I last went to the grocery store.  Because yesterday?  I surely would’ve consumed inhaled an entire bag of Doritos in one fell swoop!  My boss was trippin’, her boss was trippin’, Smoochy was on a roll, and Lovegirl was quite proud to tell me how disobedient she’d been at school!  It is hard to eat one’s self into a state of comfort when there’s nothing particularly tasty and tempting in the cabinets or refrigerator.  I ate a handful of croutons.  Didn’t work.
  • What kind of bush does a “liberry” grow on?  I almost had a wreck when Lovegirl told me on the way home that when she grows up, she wants a pink liberry.  Oh no honey, we live in Mississippi, and that’s okay, but we do not say “liberry.”  Ever.  The word is library, and that’s what we say.  Always.  Not going to tell you how many times we practiced “library.”  You’d probably call CPS on me!
  • Just started reading Nelson Mandela’s autobiography.  It’s an interesting, good read, with a nice flow to it, but I think I underestimated exactly how long the autobiography of a man who’d been imprisoned for 27 years would be.  My goal is to finish it this month.  We shall see.
  • I’ve been kicking it up a notch in the ’08.  Wearing light makeup, perfume every day, and miracle of miracles, I wore a skirt to work last week.  I’ve got to say – I like it.  I look more “polished,” have gotten a number of compliments, and Smoochy seems to appreciate the extra effort as well.  These changes don’t really add much time to my daily routine – by light makeup, I mean mascara, powder, and lipstick that I semi-faithfully reapply throughout the day – and are minor enough that I won’t turn into “that” woman.  You know, the one that can’t leave the house/be seen in public without a full face on.  I’ve got a friend like that and it amuses me to no end that she really puts on the works – foundation, concealer, etc. just to run to the grocery store and thinks she looks “funny” without makeup.

Today’s entry brought to you by the scent “Marc Jacobs.”

Meet me at the crossroads . . .

No, I’m not dying (any more quickly than usual, anyhow) and I’m not suicidal.

I am however, at a crossroads about what to do with a friendship that I am, quite honestly, tired of.

I have known this person for almost  20 years.  I met her through a friend when I first got to college.  She didn’t go to UAPB with us, but was attending a 2-year business program at a local community college.  Nice, friendly, a genuine person whom I came to love and respect as the years passed. 

She was “mildly” overweight when we met, gained a lot of weight over the years, and at one point was morbidly ill – I think her heart was functioning at less than 15%.  She couldn’t work because of all of the weight and filed for, and got disability.

A few years ago she had gastric bypass. She lost a lot of weight.  But.  Only the initial weight one drops after that procedure.  She didn’t exercise, didn’t change her eating habits.  She’s still overweight, just not as much as prior to the surgery. 

Okay, I’m a little off track here.  I type all of this to say this:  I am tired of conversations about her not having any money (you don’t work honey, and aren’t independently wealthy), about how much pain she’s in from her fibromyalgia, about which of her cadre of doctors she’s visited this week, about her blood sugar level (newly diagnosed diabetic), about how she really needs to lose some weight, about how she can’t exercise because of the pain etc.,etc., etc.

Basically, every conversation I have with her is about her medical ailments in one form or another, and I’m tired of it.

I’m not an uncompassionate person, really I’m not.  I’m sorry that she has health issues.  I don’t mind listening every once in a while – believe me when I say I understand the need to vent (hello blogworld!), but it is getting to be a bit much.  My grandmother will be 87 in June, Lord willing, and doesn’t have or complain about 1/10 of this girl’s issues.

Did I mention that she doesn’t drive?  So all she has to do all day is watch TV, visit doctors, and occasionally get out with a few friends.  She’s 37 with a “real age” of oh, I don’t know 167.

I told Smoochy that I was tired and really considering ending our friendship.  He told me that I was wrong.  That this girl doesn’t have a lot of friends, that she needs me, and that my conversations with her were not “draining” me as I claimed.  That there are times when I gripe and she listens to me.  Valid points.  My husband is also a very loyal friend, and there are friends of his I wish he would dump, but I know that he never will.

I don’t think I’m that loyal.  I am a big proponent of dumping anything that I find clutters my life - clothes, junk mail, people. 

I still care about her.  I just don’t care to hear about the same crap every time we talk – which is just about daily.  Problem is, once you remove her issues, she doesn’t have much left to talk about.

I admit that because I feel as though a lot of her issues are self caused, I have less compassion that I would have for someone who took better care of themselves.  I’m not saying it’s right, but it is where I am . . .

And, she’s very sensitive, so I’m pretty sure that my usual approach which would be “look honey, you’ve got to find something else to talk about,” wouldn’t go over so well.

What, if anything, say you? I need additional perspective on this one.

{Forgot to add this yesterday – scent this day was Beautiful  – Love by Estee Lauder}

Baila Nerd Girl, Baila!


Last night I took a latin dance class at the gym.  Loved it!  I can honestly say, this is the first workout I have ever enjoyed!  I couldn’t hang in the hip-hop dance class, but this is definitely to my liking.  I am so glad that the Y decided to add some new classes to the lineup.  I think one of the reasons people give up on working out is because after a while, the classes just get dull and repetitive. 

And the teacher?  He’s from Nepal of all places!! The man can move.

(Today’s scent, a repeat:  Blackberry Amber, Bath and Body Works)