That’s Not Funny, So Why Am I Laughing?

Just wrong, on so many levels.

Some bar owner in Marietta, GA is selling “Obama in ’08″ tshirts.  The problem?  Aforementioned slogan appears under a picture of a C.urious George looking monkey!

And I cannot stop laughing.  I hope this is either a case of laughing to keep from crying, or my being in the early stages on dementia and can no longer recognize when laughter is totally, and completely, inappropriate.


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4 thoughts on “That’s Not Funny, So Why Am I Laughing?

  1. BGG – Thanks for the pass! I’ve decided to just ignore that story from here on out, because my brain obviously doesn’t process that type of foolishness well!

    T – Glad to have you here – I’ll check your spot out soon. Have a good weekend!

  2. i just feel sorry for his young daughter that have to see this time of ignorance exhibited. i’m sure he and michelle prepared them for this, but it’s still irritating just the same.

    nerd girl, i think you probably are laughing to keep from crying.

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