Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  Mine was good – Lovegirl’s was great!  Smoochy probably wishes he’d added something about good gifts in our wedding vows….oops!  Of  course he loves the radio I “bought” him.  He was less than thrilled with the DVDs I bought him to watch on the road.   Thank God for gift receipts!  The P.hil C.ollins CD was a hit. 

We – Lovegirl and I – drove to NWA (Northwest Arkansas) to spend the holidays with my people.  Middle brother and his girlfriend bought a new house about 6 months ago – it is gorgeous and decorated very nicely.  I told E that she’s done better with her home in 6 months than I’ve done with mine in 6 years – I’ve got to get myself, and the house, together.

When we left MS, it was raining lightly.  By the time we got to LA, it was raining heavily.  We stopped in Conway, AR to stretch our legs and visit my “auntie.”  By the time we left Conway, I felt like I was driving through a monsoon.  About an hour outside of Rogers, AR I thought to myself “hmmm, this is some funny looking rain and the windshield wipers sound different.”  At that moment, my cell phone rang – my brother calling to check on us and see how far out we were, because they were expecting snow and freezing rain.  Crap!  My funny looking rain was sleet/snow!  So, I clutched the steering wheel for dear life, slowed down to about 40, 30, 20, hunkered down as much as one can hunker down in a rented Kia something (note to self: do not ever purchase a Kia something), and crept through the mountainous roads for the last hour.  I was praying, shushing Lovegirl, and listening to J.ohnny Taylor’s “G.ood Love.”  When we made it, I thought about throwing myself on the ground and doing a praise dance of some sort.  But bump that – it was COLD!  So we hurried on in the house and relaxed.

Lovegirl hit the motherlode this year.  She likes her trampoline, her baby doll, her new boots, and the rest of her loot.  She LOVES the two dress up outfits she got.  One was a Princess T.iana dress from her father and I.  The other is a little top/skirt combo that E’s mom got for her.  It’s a little….much, but since she won’t be seen by anyone but family/friends in it, it is a keeper.  My child has fashioned numerous outfits from the three aforementioned pieces.  If she had a bad lace-front and was a touch taller, she’d be a shoe-in for A.merica’s Next T.op M.odel!  It has been a struggle to get her in “regular”clothes.  But really, who can blame her.  Once a tiara has been placed on your head, it is hard to go back to baby blue polo shirts and blue khaki pants!

The rest of our trip was spent with E’s family – who drove in to surprise her, my parents who got to NWA on Saturday, and hordes of similar-minded post holiday shopping strangers.

We made it home safely yesterday – the weather was awesome!  I managed to stop by the store yesterday on our way in.  I managed to buy washing powder, black eyed peas, moisturizer, and bananas.  Yeah….I do much better with a list. 

Anyhoo, I’ll post the requisite pictures tonight/tomorrow.  I plan to spend today working looking for home decor inspiration and finding an external cd drive.  Enjoy your day!

Weekend Wrap-up

How u doing?  Did you have a loverly weekend?  Well I certainly did!

  • I got my Blog Secret Santa gift.  A lovely blue scarf/gloves set.  Thank you so much!  I’m guessing it came from either She Needs or Jurista??  I will load a pic tonight – I just relocated my USB cord :)  Thanks again!
  • Saturday some friend girls and I took the kiddos to the The Princess and The Frog.  Loved it!  Lovegirl didn’t seemed overly thrilled, but that’s all she’s talked about all weekend, so I guess it was a hit with her as well. 
  • Saturday night I went to my old department’s Christmas party.  Y’all, it was a trip!  At one point the chair asked me to dance. Greaaat.  But I said yes.  Guess who rolled up on the dance floor and cut in?  Yep, my old boss – Lucifera herself!  I was like, really?  I mean y’all been getting it in for years – I am no threat.  But, she sure did.  Her fiancee wasn’t there and neither was the Chair’s wife, so I guess she was feeling all kinds of beside herself.
  • No pictures from Saturday.  Sorry!  I was running late and forgot to take my camera.  I think I looked pretty good – I went with rhinestone/black earrings and a few glittery bracelets.  Next time I’m going with S23′s suggestions and rocking purple accessories.  Whenever next time is…
  • This morning – technically not the weekend, but bear with me – Lovegirl and I stood in line and scored two Zhu Zhu pets.  One is for Lovegirl, the other is for my niece.  I told Lovegirl they were both for my niece.  I think she bought it.

Anyhoo, that’s what I did during my 48 hour hiatus from work.  What’d you get into?

**Edited to add:  Oh my!  How could I forget to mention that Smoochy got me my netbook for Christmas and gave it to me before he hit the road yesterday???  Yay Smoochy!  Purple, compact, and internet ready?  Ya girl is thrilled :)

Somebody, Come Get Her!

Last night Lovegirl was saying her prayers…

Lovegirl:  Dear God, thank you for Daddy and Mama.  All of my friends and family.  Thank you for our house.  Thank you for Aidan.  Please bless everybody in the world.  And God?  Please help me like my Mama’s hair.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Nerd Girl:  Uh, Lovegirl?  You don’t like my hair?

Lovegirl:  Don’t worry Mama, God’s gonna help me with that.

What in The World Is In That Bag?

What you got in that bag?

My current purse is an all-consuming bottomless pit.  I usually carry a relatively small purse with just enough room to fit my wallet, phone, keys and a small make up bag.  One on of my recent trips to Ross I found a large (for me) black bag and decided to take it home and make it my own. Big mistake.

I’m going to empty out my purse and divulge the contents…..exciting stuff I tell ya!

Today, I am toting around:

My cell phone, three loose dollars, a travel cup 1/2 full of water, several envelopes to be shredded, a flier to be tossed, two sheets of Lovegirl’s scratch paper from Bible study last night, a bag from the donut shop this morning full of trash I picked up in the car, my pink wallet, my purple make up bag (vaseline, “O” lipstick, 4N lipgloss, “Ornamental” lipgloss,  travel sized body butter), a Christmas to-do list, an empty cheez-it bag, 4 cotton rounds (??), 2 packs of peanut butter crackers, a tin of mints,3 black pens, my camera, a Capri sun, an empty apple juice box, hand sanitizer, camera battery charger, purple Trident (for Lovegirl), a full apple juice box, a small pack of kleenex, a Chick-fil-A receipt, and an apple. 

Ri-darn-diculous.  Items in pink?  About to be tossed!

What are you toting around today?

Picture This…

See this dress? 

Jessica Howard Two Tone Matte Jersey Halter

Now please, picture it in solid gray and tell me what accessories to wear to make it pop a bit.  The collar is kind of high – can/should I wear a necklace?  I’ve got a party on Saturday and since some idiot (me) washed my black silk dress pants and ruined them I needed something to wear.  I found the above for $30.  I prefer my dress pants/jazzy top combo, but until I find another pair of dress pants….

Also, what color eyeshadow do I wear with a gray dress?  I am so outta my league.  Why didn’t my Mama teach me this stuff?  And who is gonna teach Lovegirl???

Thanks in advance :)

Back in Stride Again

  • Since school is out for a hot second I am back in the gym/on my fitness quest with a vengeance.  I’ve been walking the circuit at work, doing my pushups in the a.m., and yesterday I went back to the gym.  Ouch.  I’m still doing Los Angelista’s challenge - except for the food diary, too tedious – I’m down a pound so far.  14 more to go!  I’m giving myself until the end of March to lose this stankin’ weight.
  • Last night a work friend and her daughter stayed with us – her  water heater burst.  My house was in such a state of disarray that I was embarrased.  Not nasty, just messy.  Must do better.  Will do better.
  • I quite enjoy Snyder’s Honey Mustard and Onion pretzel bites.  Just thought I’d put that out there….
  • Sunday I spent the better part of my day replacing the leaking kitchen sink thingie.  Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I don’t know the name.  It took me an hour and $7 total – that included taking the old one out,  two trips to Lowe’s, Smoochy telling me I didn’t know what I was doing, a small tub of plumber’s putty, putting the new one in, and a P.rincess and The F.rog flashlight. 
  • I am so bored at work that I just volunteered to help with any projects anyone else is working on.  What is this world coming to?
  • Smoochy has started insisting that I rent a car for longer car trips because my car is getting up in age.  I truly don’t like driving cars that are not my own.  Never have.  Guess I’d better call and see what’s available for next week. 
  • I need to find something to wear to a Christmas party on Saturday.  Why do I always wait ’til the last minute?  Hmmm?  Why?
  • Okay, guess I’d better do a little of this work for which I foolishly volunteered. 


Happy Tuesday!

School’s Out for Summer

Okay, not really, but I am through for the semester and that darn song was stuck in my head.

I am so glad to be finished! Soooooo glad! Did I mention I was glad??

I’ve got about three weeks of absolutely nothing to do outside of work and family obligations and I’m all giddy just thinking about it.

Oh what shall I do with all of this newly acquired free time? I could finally paint the study, read 10 books or so, learn to crochet, clean up the disaster we call home, climb Mt. Everest….

In reality, I’ll probably read a little, clean a little, get back in the gym with a vengeance and sleep a lot!

I can hardly believe it – I’ll be done with this program in a hot second. Two weeks of wintersession, the spring semester, and one summer session and it is ova!!! Ph.D. anyone?

Habari gani?

My name is Nerd Girl and I celebrate Kwanzaa. 

My parents were very, very, very, (insert another very) into the black power movement of the late 60′s and early 70′s as evidenced by their: changing their Anglo names to African ones, naming all of their children very African names, and adopting Kwanzaa as a holiday to be celebrated every year.

For as long as I can remember on December 26 my mother has pulled out the mkeka (mat), kinara (candle holder) and kikombe cha umoja (unity cup) to decorate our table and herald the beginning of Kwanzaa.

When I was younger, I was quite embarassed by the fact that we celebrated Kwanzaa.  It was weird, different and definitely not celebrated by the majority of my friends or their parents.  Yet there we six were driving up to Leimert Park in L.A. for the annual Kwanzaa parade and festival, sometimes dressed in African garb, and responding to the greeting of “habari gani?” (what’s the news?) with that day’s corresponding principle.

As I have grown older and had a child of my own I have begun to relish this tradition of celebrating Kwanzaa.  Each of the seven principles are things that I strive for – sometimes sucessfully, sometimes not – the focus is on community and family, and the gifts (zawadi) are to either be handmade or educational. 

I continue to celebrate Kwanzaa with my own little family though not as zealously as do my parents.  I’ve been a little lax in decorating for and commemorating Kwanzaa in the past, but this year, I believe I’ll set up my kinara, lay my ears of corn (muhindi) on the table and talk to Lovegirl about the seven principles and our family goals for 2010.

So, if you were wondering who in the heck celebrates Kwanzaa, now you know – I do!  I’m going to leave you with the seven principles.  You never know – you might want to incorporate them into your daily life in the ’10!

Nguzo Saba (7 Principles)

Dec. 26 – Umoja – Unity
Dec. 27 – Kujichagulia – Self Determination
Dec. 28 – Ujima – Collective Work and Responsibility
Dec 29 – Ujamaa – Cooperative Economics
Dec. 30 – Nia – Purpose
Dec. 31 – Kuumba – Creativity
Jan. 1 – Imani – Faith

Harambee! Harambee! Harambee! (All pull together)


Blech.  I know, I know, it is a show about cooking and not a personality contest, but I really, really, really wanted sweet little pork loving Kevin to win.  This jerk right here?  Not so much.  But at least he backed up all of his noise talking and emerged victorious as this season’s winner of T.op Chef.  Congratulations Mike V.  Kinda.

Hang All the Mistletoe…

Are you a Christmas music fanatic?  Can’t stand the stuff?  Or do you fall somewhere in between?

I like Christmas music, but tire of it rather easily.  One Christmas song a day is enough for me.  I’m no scrooge but there’s only so much Jingle Bell Rock or Holly Jolly Christmas a nerd can stand!

One horrid year my parents drug us to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in L.A. to hear different local choirs sing Christmas songs.  Okay, in theory it is a great idea, it’s free, you hear Christmas music, it is uninterrupted family time, etc., etc.  But the program is 6 hours long.  Six hours.  And while most people stay for an hour or two and then leave, we stayed for the whole damn thing.  Six hours of Christmas music sung by everyone from the Gay Men’s Chorale to the Vietnamese Metro Choir.  AAAAACKKK.  Okay, I’m having flashbacks.  My bad.  Where was I?

My favorite religious Christmas song is “Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child” and my favorite secular Christmas song is, of course, Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas.” 

My least favorite Christmas song?  “Santa Claus Needs Some Loving.”  Never heard it?  Consider yourself blessed.  As much as I can’t stand the song, it doesn’t seem like Christmas until I’ve heard it.  Without further ado a video mix someone saw fit to post to YouTube….