Dolla dolla bills y’all!

Gotta question.  Yeah, it’s a little on the personal side so my apologies in advance.  I’m going to ask it anyway.

How – if at all – do you plan on paying for your kid(s) college education?

The state of MS offers a program where you can lock in today’s tuition price for your kiddo, pay that off over the years, and when they graduate high school and are ready for college, their tuition (at an in-state public university) is paid for. 

I’ve really been thinking about doing this for Lovegirl.  The program is fully guaranteed (for whatever that’s worth) by the state.  The money is not invested in the stock market and from what I’ve read so far, if that child decides not to go to college, you are refunded your money or you can transfer it to a younger sibling (so not happening). 

My thinking is this….with the way tuition is rising it is highly unlikely that Smoochy and I will be able to just write a check for Lovegirl’s tuition when that time comes.  I want to give her the option of a paid-for undergraduate education.  Much like my parents did for my brothers and I.  They were like…you don’t have to go to UAPB, but that’s where we are writing a tuition check.  If you get a full ride scholarship and want to go elsewhere, more power to you.  With this program I think we’d be able to offer Lovegirl the same sort of deal – you can go to any public university in the state and we’ve got you.  Otherwise…. 

What do you think?  Do you have something similar for your child(ren)?  Would you do this if offered in your state?  Do you think it is too restrictive and makes a decision for your child that they should be allowed to make themselves?

Tell The Truth Tuesday

The truth is…..

….I got on the scale yesterday at the gym and it said 180.

….that number is 15 pounds over acceptable.

….I wanted to cry.

….I knew crying wasn’t going to help me drop any weight.

….my not working out is not working out.

….I have reached the age (ahem) where consistent exercise is key.

…I am serious about losing this poundage.

….I’m in it to win it.

….I’m going to win by losing.


  • This weekend Lovegirl and I headed out to Wellsfest where a wonderful time was had by all.  Her favorite activity?  Why playing in a big old mound of sand of course!  She also braved the pony rides – I don’t think she was at all impressed.
  • If a friend asked you to vouch for her “worthiness” as an adoptive parent, would you?  How about if she were bipolar?
  • All backpacks cannot be washed.  Lovegirl’s Dora backpack?  Let’s just say Dora looks all M.ichael J.ackson vitiligo-ish and a new backpack was definitely in order.
  • If you had a short child would you consider growth hormones for them?  Would the child’s gender matter?
  • This transition to Fall?  Took me kind of quick.  Yesterday it was 95.  Today 77.  I’m cold.  What happened to the 80s?  And um, why doesn’t Lovegirl own any cool weather clothing yet???
  • I’m back in the gym.  For real.  A guy at work was talking smack about my stick-to-it-ness.  So now I’m determined to get it together because I don’t like being called out like that and my sole mission is to prove him wrong.  Getting fit along the way is just a bonus.
  • On my to do this week:  call and see about a PhD in Clinical Health Sciences.  I don’t even know what I’d do with it, but if they let me in and are willing to pay, I am so going for it.
  • I think in my last post, I was trying to ask if you’d ever been friends with someone but couldn’t stand someone close to them and how (if at all) was your relationship affected.  Yeah, that’s what I was trying to ask.  I think.  It wasn’t really a rant about the Chipmunk.  Though she’s still plenty irritating.
  • I finished “Little Bee.”  It was alright.  Not great enough for me to recommend, but not so bad that I walked away from it.
  • My nails are painted a horrendous shade of purple.  But I don’t feel like taking the polish off, so they’ll be that way for a while.

And now?  Pictures of the pure joy that sand and bouncy slides bring…

Yo Mama!

Y’all remember the Chipmunk?  Yeah, the one that puts food in the bathroom, buts into all our conversations, eavesdrops, and makes Alvin sound like a baritone.  Her.

What I may not have mentioned is that she is my work-friend’s mother.  J and I worked together in Hell and as poorly treated employees are wont to do, we formed a bond that has lasted through both our transfers to other departments.  Until.  She called one day to say that her mama was interviewing for the administrative assistant position in my department.  All I said was cool.  We interviewed 4 candidates and we were asked to rank them.  Her mama was #3 on my list.  #1 on everyone else’s.  We hired her much to everyone’s eventual chagrin.  She is overqualified and does a good job.  And is one of the most annoying people I have ever met.  Seriously.  I cannot think of anyone who is as consistently irritating to a group of people on a regular basis.  Except K.anye West, but that’s a topic for another day.

Anyhoo, since her mama has started working here, I have not called J once.  She’s called me a few times and will repeat something negative her mom has said about my other office mates.  Um, I like them, I don’t like your mama.  So I don’t say anything.  Of course, she hasn’t called in a long, long time.

I would love to be able to say that I am all light and bubbly with her mom, but really?  I am not.  I speak.  I answer questions, but that’s about it.  I do not engage her in conversation.  I don’t make small talk, etc., etc.  I’m sure her mom’s said something along the lines of “that damn Nerd Girl is awful…I don’t know why y’all are friends.”

I had a point, but now can’t remember what it was.  Seems to be happening a lot lately.  So I guess I’ll stop here.  Have  y’all ever had a similar situation??

Thursday Randoms….and Questions.

  • I may be the only black person in America who had no clue who E.ddie Long is.  Somebody walked up to me and said what a shame about E.ddie Long…I thought they were talking about the NFL player who committed suicide.
  • I bought the cutest little red purse yesterday.  I’m taking it back.  This impulse buying madness must cease!
  • Any new TV shows that have impressed you so far?  I don’t watch a lot of network TV (I watch mostly Bravo, USA and A&E) but am looking for a new series to follow.
  • Any good books read lately?  I checked three out from the library the other day – two were so bad that I took them back the next day.  I’ve just started “Little Bee” and I think it is going to be good.  I need to get my “to read” list back in effect.
  • Do you feel comfortable posting differing opinions on someone’s blog?  Let’s be specific…on this blog?  If I wrote something and you disagreed, would you tell me?  Why?  Why not?
  • Thanks to 1969 I brought a resistance band to work and plan on using that joker every day.  I will get back in shape!
  • Speaking of back in shape, I think I’m going to ask Pserendipity if I can borrow her Insanity workout.  I’m thinking about working out with Shaun T again.  I’m not in a gym “mood” but can’t continue to let that stand in the way of my goals.
  • There was something else…but I’ve forgotten.  That’s a wrap!

That right there? The reason I don’t eat at work potlucks!!!

I work in one of four cubicles in our office space.  Our shared bathroom has an outer room – with a sink, mirror, etc. and an inner room – where just the toilet is located.

I open the door and walk into the bathroom today and see two plates of fruit sitting in there.  WTH?  So I say something like “why the hell is there fruit in the bathroom?”  Okay really…that’s exactly what I said.  There go my professionalism points for the day….

Here comes the annoying secretary lady Chipmunk.  “I did.”  “Why?”  “Well, so-and-so told me to move it from the breakroom table because she was having a lunch catered and I couldn’t get to the refrigerator so I put it in here.”  “Dear God, that is disgusting.  I’m really not understanding why you put food in the bathroom.”  “Well, I think you’re the only one who thinks this is the bathroom.  I consider the inner room (with the toilet) to be the bathroom.”

I truly hope they remember this day when they ask why I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich at the holiday potluck!!!

Do any of y’all think only the part with the toilet is the bathroom?  Am I tripping?  On second thought, I don’t want to know…

(And while I realize this is not reflected in today’s post, I feel much better today!!!)


The older I get?  The *itchier my hormones seem to make me.  Not always, but about 3 or 4 times a year?  Nerd Girl is really nothing nice.  I wake up scowling, go through my day scowling, and end the day….you guessed it, scowling.  I’m beyond tired and don’t want to eat anything but pure sugar. 

I don’t (totally) succumb to my desire for sugar, but my eating habits pretty much go to hell, I’m  sleep by 8 o’clock and I try to avoid people I like so that in 3 days we’ll still be cool.

I don’t remember being like this when I was younger.  Is it just me?

Anyhoo, I’ll be back with some kinda cheery post in 2 or 3 days.  Peace.

Nerd Girl Is…

  • Speaking in the third person today.
  • Not going to comment on single women’s dating posts anymore.
  • Sad to learn of two suicides in the last few days.  One was a coworker’s husband.  She is mother to a three year old and is two months pregnant.  If you pray?  Please pray peace and strength for her.
  • Happy about the Top Chef finale.  Really happy.
  • Still disgruntled that Tiffany didn’t go all the way.
  • Tired.  Really, really tired.  I thought Nerd Girl thought she was always tired because of school.  Now?  She has no clue.
  • Still not back in the workout swing of things.  This week?  The stairs at work (8 flights, 2x) have served as gym equipment.  Next week?  Back in the gym.  This is getting ridicuous.
  • Thrilled to help Lovegirl pick new books from the little S.cholastic magazine – brings back memories of days long gone.
  • In dire need of a day away from it all.
  • Not going to confront any more bad drivers.
  • Not posting any more this week.
  • Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  Be blessed.

What Had Happened Was….

K Rock – this is for you!

Friday morning I’m toodling down the road on my way to work.  Thankful as I always am when Friday rolls around that the weekend is but 8.5 hours away.

Anyhow, the street I take to work is three lanes across.  You with me?  Good.  Mmkay, at a certain point, this street dead ends into a little strip mall.  You either stay in the far right lane and turn right or you stay in the two left lanes and turn left.  Easy enough.  Anyhoo, I’d been watching this “darter” jump from lane to lane for virtually my entire 15 minute commute.  I’m never sure where these folks think they are going – we all end up at the same red light – but whatever.  So, about 1 minute before this genius needs to move into one of the left lanes from the far right lane, she turns on her left signal light, indicating that she would like to change lanes.  Except.  When this chick puts on her signal she obviously means she is going to change lanes – no matter what other vehicle happens to be in the spot of asphalt she wants to be in.  I can’t slow down because the yahoo behind me is so close that I can see the freckles on his nose.  The car in front of me is not far enough ahead of me for me to speed up.  There is NO ONE behind the car behind me.  This chick starts coming over.  I do a quick crazy look and blow my horn.  She looks at me, gives me the gas face, and continues trying to slide over.  WTH????  So I’m thinking I can slow down and get hit, speed up and hit the car in front of me or keep laying on the horn and hope chick reconsiders slamming into my car.  Which thankfully, she does.  She slowed down (genius!) got behind the car behind me and then slid on over to the far left lane.  Somewhere in there she manages to flip me the bird.  So now, I’m mad.  I woo sah, take some deep breaths and wait for the turn light all the while keeping my eyes on little Maria Andretti.  Then I notice this chick is turning into the far hospital parking lot.  And I follow her.

As she gets out the car, I pull up behind her, give her my craziest angry black woman look and pretty much read her the riot act for her non-driving maneuvering.  I never said a cuss word.  You know what she says?  “I didn’t give you the finger.”  Dammit genius, that’s not the point.  You almost caused a three or four car pileup because you didn’t have enough sense to slow down and merge into the lane you wanted to be in.  A signal just lets other people know where you want to be – it doesn’t mean we are obligated – safety be damned – to come to a screeching halt to let your dumb self in.  Have you lost your mind?  How stupid and bad would you feel if you caused an accident and hurt – or even worse – killed someone  because you were in a hurry to get to the hospital parking lot?  You don’t even park in the garage – so it’s not like you’re a doctor who might be able to save someone’s life….blah, blah, blah.  Anyhoo, by the time I was finished with my enraged grandmotherly-go-off,  she was looking a little distraught and just kept saying yes ma’am, yes ma’am, I’m sorry….blah, blah, blah.  I muttered something about calling the authorities, mentioned that I’d taken a picture of her license plate, and rolled out to my parking lot.

Anyhow, that is tale of the driver’s rage I experienced on Friday.  I was livid.  But not so out of my mind that I forgot to pull off my i.d. badge before I confronted crazy chick.  You know, like she wouldn’t be able to identify the almost six foot tall black lady with dreadlocks….

Smoochy was more upset with me than I was with her.  My bad.  But not.

For the Love of Money

Y’all.  I am going to have to go on a spending freeze until November.  I haven’t been spending big – but I’ve been spending frequently.  And they pretty much add up to the same thing.

New sweater?  Check.  Belt?  Check.  Pants.  Check (2x).  Cute bracelet on sale at Kohls?  Check.  Necklace on sale at Belk?  Yep, bought that too.  Buy one get one free perfume?  Don’t mind if Pserendipity and I do…..and the list goes on.  The madness?  Must stop.

So, the only things I’ll be buying for the next 45 days or so will be household necessities and cool/cold weather clothes for Lovegirl.  Mama is getting a whole lotta nothing.  Starting Tuesday.  ‘Cause tomorrow?  I’m heading to NY and Co to partake of their buy one/get one 50% off cardigan sale and to use up my City Cash.  But after that?  I’m done.  For real.