Oooh Oooh And I Like It

So yeah, didn’t have an exciting weekend to come back and impress y’all with.  Had a good one though.  Lovegirl did…okay in her Children’s Choir debut.  She swayed, clapped and sang through the first two songs.  On the third song she added the requisite tears.  But she wants to sing again next month, so I’ll consider it a success.  Yesterday’s sermon was really really good.  Pastor spoke on falling in love with Christ all over again – really timely and relevant for me.  And Smoochy’s been to church two Sundays in a row.  Which is nothing short of a miracle.  Seriously.

So what shall I blog about?  How about 5 6 things I’ve really been digging lately:

This recipe for chai concentrate.  I made it for the first time this weekend and will get at least 6 cups of chai out the deal.  And since it only cost me about $2.00 (I bought the spices from the bulk section of the health food store) it is way more cost effective than a $4 chai from the coffee stand every few days.  It is a little weak for me, so I’ll tweak the recipe – let it steep longer, use a little less water, etc., but this is definitely a keeper!

MAC’s “O” lipstick.  Best every day color ever.  Wish I could find a less expensive dupe – anybody know of one?

N.ike’s NTC training app.  Free?  Check.  A variety of workouts?  Check.  Hard as heck?  Check.  Between this and J.illian, I’mma be right!  Sooner or later.

Chimes ginger chews.  Sweet heat goodness.  Love them!

T.arget cardigans.  They’re inexpensive, come in a wide range of colors and I’ve found them to wear and wash quite well. 

T.rick D.addy.  I guess I’m having some sort of flashback but lately T.rick D.addy has been in heavy rotation.  Baby ’cause I’m a thug!!  All day every day!!  Except for the fact that I’m totally not.

In the spirit of AR Gal, I leave you with another T.rick D.addy classic…

I am…

  • amused that these folks at work think they’re gonna worry me.  So not happening.
  • excited about going to see FB & Maze in March.  I’m taking Smoochy for his birthday.
  • tickled at how many great, cheap concerts I’ve been to in my life.  $3 to see the O’Jays?  Yes please.  I guess those days are long gone!
  • back in the workout saddle.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was not pleased.  Jillian Michaels and I are getting reacquainted.
  • anxious to see how Lovegirl’s going to do in her children’s choir debut on Sunday.  Pray for my child y’all!
  • much further along in “Wench” than I thought I’d be.  My mother may or may not have called me a nerd when I told her what page I was on.
  • tickled at how much time my brother and I spent on Skype and Face Time yesterday.  Technology has only enhanced the foolishness that is our relationship.
  • slightly peeved that I cannot find any trouser jeans that fit.  I spilled bleach on my last beloved pair and have been searching for a replacement pair for almost two years.  Boo.
  • quite glad this fast is almost over.  This one was an epic fail. 

Anyhoo, I hope y’all have a great weekend.  Maybe something exciting will happen in mine and I can stop with all these randoms.  I doubt it, but a girl can hope!

Book Club

Okay y’all, here’s the deal.

Go get a copy of “Wench” by Dolen Perkins-Valdez and read it by the end of February.  We’ll get together here on March 1 and discuss it.  This way, anyone who wants to will be able to participate and we won’t be limited to bloggers only.  Everybody’s welcome and even if you read the book months ago, we’re glad to hear your thoughts.

If someone has suggestions for the next book, or would like to “host” on their spot, I think that’d be cool as all get out.  If not, we’ll get together here in May to discuss whatever’s next on the list. (Books by authors such as Zane need not apply.  As you were….)

Cool beans?  Cool beans.

Happy reading!

Two Things

1.  My little fingernail polish stickers actually wore really well.  Were it not for the fact that my nails have grown, I probably could’ve gotten ten days wear out of them.  I give these bad boys an A+.  They were easy to apply, wore surprisingly well, and were fun!

2.  Book club.  Let’s read “Wench” by Dolen Perkins-Valdez.  I heard about this book awhile ago, and TIH mentioned it again the other day, so why not?  It’s about four slave women who also happen to be the mistresses of their masters.  I downloaded it for $9.99 and I know it’s supposed to be released in paperback soon.  I couldn’t find it at my library, but it may have been checked out.  Anyhoo, we’ll keep it real simple.  Today is January 25 – let’s meet back here on Tuesday, March 1 to discuss.  Is that enough time?  Let me know!

Excuse the wonky formatting….it aint my fault!

Wolf tickets for sale!

What had happened was…

Last Sunday after church Lovegirl and I headed out to the newly constructed MS Children’s Museum.  It was misting lightly by the time we arrived and I walked around to my passenger side to see if I could find my umbrella.

The lady parked next to us decided at that moment to hop out of her car (she’d been sitting in her car for a while) to let her child out.  Problem was Lovegirl had opened her door and was blocking the lady’s access to her kid.  So the lady decided to close Lovegirl’s door.  Which wouldn’t have been a problem if her legs weren’t in the door.

Nerd Girl:  Ma’am!  Please don’t close that door – my kid’s legs are in the way.  Hold on just a second.

Lady:  So what?  I’m just supposed to stand here in the rain?

Nerd Girl:  I don’t give a damn if you stand there and melt!  If you close my kid’s legs in the door I’mma whip your ass in the rain.  So you can stand there in the rain and wait or you can get your ass whipped in the rain.  Makes me no difference.

Lady: Oh.My.God.

Nerd Girl:  Call Him!  ‘Cause if you close that door?  You’re gonna need Him!

…now back to our regularly scheduled, peace-loving Nerd Girl…(Sorry Mom!)

It’s Friday. I’m Random.

  • The other night my kid walked up to me and asked for a “nocturnal narrative”.  Sigh.  Why can’t she just ask me to read her a bedtime story?
  • Many churches are in the midst of a Daniel fast this time of year.  My parents’ church is no exception.  My father has decided to fast from…wait for it…get ready…you ready?  Raisins.  That’s right, raisins.  Apparently my father has realized that his love of raisins may be standing in the way of his relationship with God and has given them up for 21 days.  Judge not, lest ye be judged, but really?  Really sir?  People are giving up alcohol, meat, sugar, the internet and you have decided that your vice is raisins?  This amuses me to no end.
  • My nails are still holding up pretty well.  I can see where the polish is starting to wear off, but I’m pretty sure the casual observer cannot.  I’ll post a pic on Tuesday so y’all can see what a week’s worth of wear looks like.  I got lots of comments – most people liked them.  My coworker told me I was regressing back to 7th grade.  That is so bunk!  I mean, like totally, I’m grown!  Oh wait…
  • I may or may not have threatened to whup some lady’s arse in the parking lot of the children’s museum last weekend.  I asked for forgiveness.  From God, not her.
  • El Debarge is coming in concert.  I must’ve fallen for the B.E.T. heavy rotation okey-doke, ’cause I kinda want to go.  But I’m not.  Mostly because he’s coming with Jaz.min Sullivan.  No sir, no ma’am.
  • Did F.acebook settings change again?  Why are my “work friends” talking about stuff I put on FB?  I didn’t know they could see it!  Time to up my privacy settings again.  Those folks are “friends” only out of some strange sense of obligation.  I don’t actually want them to see my posts.
  • I’m craving red lentil soup.  Guess I’ll make a pot this weekend.  So. Good.
  • I accepted an invitation to a party on Saturday night.  Now I’m thinking it’s a “fun” party.  I don’t wanna go.  But I will.
  • While I am making a conscious effort to be less frivolous with my money…G.ap has 40% off in-store purchases tomorrow.  I’m going to get those trouser jeans I’ve been eyeing for a minute.  Yes!
  • I am sleepy as all get out.  I had some more randoms, but they’ll have to wait ’til another day.
  • Oh yes, one last one.  Pserendipity is no longer Blogland’s sole WWF beeyotch.  I am losing to some of errybody! 

Be easy.  Go Steelers!  Go Bears!

Time On My Hands

Last night after I took down Lovegirl’s braids (yep, the ones from Christmas break), washed her hair, wrangled it into 4 ponytails, fed her dinner and got her tucked into bed I broke out a little box I’d been itching to get into since I bought it Friday.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  I saw these things in a magazine and being a lover of all most things nail polish related I could not wait to try them out.  They’re basically strips of nail polish that you stick on your nails, file down a bit and go.  Yep – M.inx for those of us who couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t shell out $50 for the real things.

I found the display in my local WalMart ($8) and chose the “Misbehaved” pattern – a black fishnet over a pale gold metallic.  They’re not as gaudy as they sound.  I hope….

Anyhoo, they come in a little box – you get 16 strips, a mini file and a mini orangewood stick.  You’re supposed to file your nails, put the strips on, file them down, press around your cuticles…yeah, yeah, yeah.  I just stuck ‘em on, bent them over the edges of my nails, tore off the excess and I was done.  It took me about 40 minutes to do both hands but I think that has more to do with the fact that I kept losing the strips, was trying to watch the episode of RHOA I missed on Sunday, and was talking on the phone.  I think you could easily do both hands in less than 15 minutes if you were actually concentrating.

They’re not for everybody, but I will definitely be buying and using these again.  The design I’m sporting is actually subtle enough for work (on short nails) and will be great next Homecoming.  I’ve got my eye on a few of the wilder designs too – leopard and floral – and will try one of those next time I’m on vacation.  They come in solid colors as well, but um, I’m not real sure what the appeal of those are.

They’re supposed to last up to 10 days though I doubt they’ll last that long.  The directions don’t mention a top coat and I wasn’t going to put one on then I decided it couldn’t hurt. So my right hand is my control group – no top coat and my left hand is my experimental group – one coat of top coat. I’ll let you know how long they actually lasted.

The only downside to these things?  I must have nailbeds the size of a linebacker because they ran a little small so the sides of all my nails are not fully covered.

I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but this is the part where I say I bought the strips myself, this is my real review of them, and nobody’s paying me anything.  Hope that covered it.

Oh, here’s a picture (and I know my hands look ashy, but I promise they’re lotioned up!).  What do you think?  Is this something you’d ever do to your nails??

Friday Randoms

  • I feel much better.  My hormones be on some stuff!
  • Thanks for your advice on the Lovegirl/school situation.  The teacher is giving her additional work, we’ve implemented a rewards program at home, and we’ll see where we are in a few weeks.
  • I am addicted to A.ngry Birds on my Touch.  I don’t know why this game has drawn me in the way it has, but I lurve it!
  • Do what?  We just got an email that says we can leave early today in honor of the MLK holiday on Monday.  Hallelujah for real!  Hey wait – that means I actually need to do some work today….
  • Thinking about painting my study this weekend.  Probably won’t happen, but I am thinking about it.
  • Bought the cutest little embellished sweater yesterday at Tarjhay – it is a weird almost fluorescent green color.  And I love it!  Lovegirl thinks it is the most awful color ever.  Which makes me laugh.
  • Hmmm…Jackson State has a few interesting positions posted.  I’m applying for two of them.  Apps will be in the mail (yep, they still use old fashioned snail mail) on Tuesday!  I think I’ve been underemployed for so long I was beginning to think I belong here.  I don’t!  Lord, please let me put these degrees and experience to good work in 2011.
  • I haven’t been to church in so long that I honestly can’t remember if services are at 9 or 9:30.  Definitely planning to remedy that this Sunday.
  • Alright, I’mma wrap this up.  In addition to the work I’m paid to do, I need to plan next week’s menu and write out my grocery list before 2.
  • Have a wonderful weekend.  Holla!

Slightly Pissed Randoms

  • If I have earphones in, am looking straight ahead, and have my angry black woman mean mug face on?  Don’t talk to me!  Everybody was so damn chatty yesterday.  Non-verbal cues people, non-verbal cues.
  • Lovegirl got another write up yesterday.  For talking.  I’m about to turn into one of “those” mothers who thinks their child can do no wrong.  Get some classroom management skills lady.  Or challenge my kid.  How ’bout that?  You’ve got the girl reading pan, can, man when she can probably read The Iliad.  Hell I probably wouldn’t stop talking either if I was that bored.
  • Pray for the future of healthcare in this country.  These folks who will be our doctors are none too bright.  Some chick called yesterday.  Wants to do a month’s rotation here.  Hasn’t heard anything so she called me getting jazzy.  The problem?  She applied in Family Medicine.  I work in Surgery.  She applied to the wrong damn program.  Note to self: don’t EVER let her operate on you if she actually becomes a surgeon.
  • I was so disgruntled yesterday that I thought a workout would do me good.  So I popped 30 Day Shred in the DVD player and was all ready to get my workout on – when I couldn’t find the remote to choose the workout and push play.  Aaaaargh!  I called Smoochy and demanded to know where the remote control was.  You can imagine how well that went over.
  • I watched The G.ame last night.  Got bored and turned it off.  Did you watch?  Did it get better?
  • Hmmm.  I probably shouldn’t end this on such a pissy note.  What else?  Oh yes, I’m still loving my ipod touch thingie.  And I still need to hook my wireless back up so that I am not relegated to playing WWF during work hours only.  Wait, that still sounds pissy.  What else?
  • Lovegirl got her glasses  yesterday.  I’m slightly biased, but I think she looks so stankin’ cute in them!

Okay, that’s it.  I’ll be back when the funk lifts.  See you in February.  I kid, I kid.  Kinda.


Snowy Day Randoms. Minus the Snow.

  • You may or may not have heard about the wintry weather we were supposed to get here in Mississippi over the course of the weekend…those of us in central Mississippi got nada.  Yeah, okay, there are icicles hanging off my house, but that’s about it.  I thought we were gonna be snowed in with something pretty to look at.  Instead, the kid is out of school with a bad case of cabin fever and all I wanna do is curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book.  Instead, I’m washing bedclothes, blogging, and thinking about vacuuming while she stands outside staring at icicles, hoping for snow.











  • Although I took the Christmas tree down last week, Smoochy still hasn’t moved the decorations back into the garage.  Which gave me a moment to consider my favorite Christmas tree ornaments.  Wanna see ‘em?  Of course you do!  I bought the football player  the first year we were married to represent Smoochy.  Never mind the fact that dude is obviously a receiver and Smoochy was a guard…The fish we bought from a little store on the boardwalk in Kemah, Texas.  We had so much fun that trip!  I bought the African dude at Union Station in D.C.  I smile every time I hang him on the tree.  The little dreadlocked angel reminds me of my Mom.  I originally bought it for her but loved it so much I went back and got myself one.  And the ornament on the end?  Snowmen made from Lovegirl’s fingerprints.  Too cute!











  • Saturday Lovegirl and I made some garlic knots which turned out pretty well.  They were way bigger than I thought – they more then doubled during their second rising – and ended up being buns as opposed to rolls.  But they tasted good and we’ve eaten almost all of them.  I’ll definitely be making these again.  I found the recipe on foodgawker.










  • This last picture has nothing to do with anything.  Just a picture my brother took of me while we were in Long Beach over Christmas.  It makes me laugh though – see how busy I am posing while paying my child who is “trying” to get to the water absolutely no attention?  Mother of the year I tell ya!










Anyhoo, stay warm and dry wherever you may be.  I’m off to vacuum a room or two.  And maybe even tackle the monstrosity that is Lovegirl’s bookshelf.  Wish me luck!