What Y’all Wanna Read???

Okay ladies – it’s that time again.  We need to pick a book to discuss in…early October.  I don’t have any real preference so I figured I’d take the suggestions I’ve received and put them up for popular vote.  :)

We could read:

1.  Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable.  All I know about this book?  Controversial.

2.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  All I know about this book? It’s sci-fi.

3.  Your Suggestion Here

So, head on over to the polls and exercise your patriotic rights and vote for or suggest something.  I’ll announce our next book on Friday.  Cool?  Cool!

Happy Monday!  Oh, and the reason I haven’t posted my weight?  ‘Cause I’m pissed and refuse to get on the scale for another month or so.

I Got Five, Make That Six, On It!

1.  Behold!  This is how my nails look on Friday morning – I did my manicure Sunday night.  Sure, there’s a little wear and tear – fading at the tips and “pulling” at the base – but nothing too dramatic and definitely no chipping.  I’m telling y’all, your manicure can last through the week.  Okay, I’m off my polish soapbox.  For now :)

From a distance…

…and close up!















2.  Got a note home from Lovegirl’s teacher on Wednesday.  Three weeks into school and Lovegirl is already done with the 1st grade reading curriculum.  Go her!  I just hope the teacher can keep her busy, challenged, occupied, etc., etc.  Otherwise it’s going to be a very long year for all involved.  (I typed most of this post Thursday morning…guess who brought home a write-up yesterday O_o)

3.  Serenity 30 has me wanting to make a pair or three of earrings.  I think Lovegirl and I will head to the bead shop Saturday morning and get to it.  I need want three pairs of earrings – pink, mossy green, and black/white.

4.  I went to a brown-bag lunch seminar on obesity and definitely saw some things I need to work on removing from our diet – namely deli meats.  I thought I was doing something by only buying turkey or chicken.  And I was wrong.  So, I’ll be roasting a whole hen or a turkey breast and using that for lunches from here out. Just the excuse I needed to go ahead and purchase a mandoline.  I’ve wanted one forever!  And no more jarred spaghetti sauce – I’m going back to making it.  Baby steps.

5.  I love it when my mail order shoes fit!  Both pairs of shoes I ordered from Nine West are keepers.  The black pumps are just a touch snug, but I’ve been reassured that having them stretched isn’t a big deal and should give me the extra bit of room I’m looking for.  Big yay!

6.  Wednesday I bought a Rubbermaid Reveal mop – basically a refillable Swiffer.  Love. It.  Goodbye costly refills and disposable mop pads.  Hello cleaner of my choice and a washable pad :)

That’s it.  Have a marvelous weekend.  If you’re on the East Coast I pray safety for you and yours as Irene approaches – please take care.

Colors, Colors I am a Nightmare Walking…Never Mind.

Last night’s thunderstorm and resulting loss of our Dish signal left me ready to call it a night and go to bed.  Unfortunately it was only 5:45 and too early (even for me) to go bed.

What was a girl to do???  Why pull out all of her nail polish, take pictures of it, and patch together a blog post of course!

I generally do my nails once a week, on Sunday nights. I hit them with a base coat, two coats of color, and a quick drying topcoat.  Right now I use Seche Vite topcoat, but I’m looking to try Essie’s next.

This week I’ve got OPI’s Chocolate Mousse (dull brown) on my hands, and Pure Ice’s “Jamaica Me Crazy” (hot pink) on my feet.  Lovegirl wants you to know that she is wearing blue, purple and hot pink (with purple glitter) on her hands and hot pink on her feet.

What colors are you rocking today?  What are your favorite colors?

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
All That Glitters Aint Gold
Children of The Night
Pretty In Pink
Interview Candidates

My Bad
Fabulous Faves

The Most Random of Randoms – Race, Wardrobe, and Reads

  • Have you heard about James Anderson?  The black man who was beaten and then run over and killed by a group of white teens here in Jackson, MS?  Several of the teens’ supporters are crying “reverse racism” since the prosecutor has announced plans to pursue hate crime charges.  Reverse racism.  Really?
  • There was a rally in honor of Mr. Anderson last weekend.  Another one is planned for next week.  My boss – a white man – asked me if it were okay if he went to the rally or if he’d be seen as an interloper.  I assured him it was fine for him to attend.
  • Had a great exchange on race on the Twitter last night.
  • We are in no way living in a “post racial” America.
  • I was pretty excited to score some fall/winter clothes last night – two skirts, one dress, and a blouse.  I used a gift card and only paid $3.11 out of pocket :)
  • I need a pair of black pants and maybe a pair of trouser jeans and I’m pretty much done shopping for the fall/winter.
  • Speaking of pants and jeans, GAP is offering 30% of your purchase this evening between 3-7.
  • Calvin Klein dresses fit me really well.  I’ve been stalking the local TJ Maxx stores waiting for the “new” fall dresses – found one in putty, going to the other store in hopes of copping a purple one.
  • Lovegirl wholly approves of my new purchases – particularly the dress.  She said “Mama, you look like a woman.  Fantastic!”  Thanks.  I think.
  • I also ordered two pairs of shoes.  You would not believe how hard it is to find a pair of basic black pumps in a size 12 for less than a gazillion dollars.  Thank you Nine West clearance sale!  Now let’s hope they fit.
  • Did I tell y’all that Sinful Colors are on sale for 99 centavos at W.algreens?  Well, they are.  I limited myself to 5 bottles, but I think I’m going back today – I’ve been wanting to try a yellow and I figure at this price point I’ve got nothing to lose.
  • I really enjoyed the book discussion on Monday.  What y’all want to read next??  Let me know – I guess we’ll discuss in early September?

Okay, that’s it.  I hope everyone has a great day!

I lied – one more thing.  I tried the rowing machine at the gym on Tuesday.  OMG!  Who knew?  I got a serious workout that I’m still feeling today.  Love it!

Genesis 50

Are you familiar with Genesis 50?  Specifically Genesis 50:20?

Joseph’s father Jacob has just died and Joseph’s brothers – the ones who sold him into slavery – are afraid that Joseph is going to exact revenge on them for selling him off because of their jealousy.

Joseph tells his brothers not to worry, that he loves them and what they intended for evil, God meant for his good.

I got to thinking about how very, very upset I was when I had troubles on my last job.  I had prayed and hoped for a “good job” for so long and I thought I’d found it.  No sooner than I’d gotten comfortable than trouble started.  No matter what I was doing, it wasn’t enough. It never occurred to me that God had something bigger and better in store for me.  I prayed about it and was led to the job I currently hold.

The office manager came in my office on Friday and told me that she was working very hard to get my position title changed and with that change would come a nice little pay raise.  She didn’t know when it would happen, but they were hoping soon.  Not only am I in line for a raise but whenever this is all worked out they are going to retroactively pay me for the time I’ve been in the new position.

I tell you what.  God is awesome.  Awesome.  The verse “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” has been on my mind lately.  I think far too often I operate in a spirit of fear – afraid to hope for any more than I have now.  That is a sin against God and the greatness He has promised believers.

I often hear people say God is working behind the scenes.  He’s behind the scenes because that’s where we’ve relegated him – to a supporting role in our lives instead of up front and center, directing.

The God I serve is awesome and deserves – demands – to be acknowledged as such.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  He is indeed El-Shaddai.

My Soul to Keep

Well, well, well.  Where to begin?

I almost gave up on this book.  Several times.  It started off soooo slow.  I had a very hard time getting into it and honestly, if it had not been for Jameil’s encouraging me to continue, I’d of put it down and walked away.   But boy am I glad I hung in until the end.  Loved it!

After digging around a bit on the internets I learned that My Soul to Keep is the first book of a trilogy by Ms. Due – I definitely plan to finish the trilogy as well as read Ms. Due’s other books.  I love discovering “new” authors and am glad to have found Tananarive Due’s talents.

And while I realize this is particularly trifling of me, I don’t really feel like doing a review/synopsis of the book this early in the morning, so just head over to the comments and let me know what you thought of it.  Okay?  Okay!

So…what’d you think about the book?  Who was your favorite character?  Why?  Did you think about immortality as you read?  Do you think you’d want to live forever?  Why?  Why not?  Did you “like” David/Dawit?  What about Jessica?  I’ll try to answer these questions in my responses to your postings.

Oh, and today’s weight – 170.4.  Down 1.6 pounds from last week.  Oh yeah, I’m smiling :)

Raaaandoms (In my head it sounds like Baaaad Boy!)

  • Okay, so obviously I haven’t been stern enough with Vickie from Wednesday’s post.  I haven’t done anything to encourage her behavior – I just didn’t do enough to discourage it! Anyhoo, I plan on having a nice stern talk with her this afternoon, moving up to the cold shoulder if that doesn’t work.  I’ll report her as a last measure – I don’t want anybody to lose a job over foolishness.  I really don’t.
  • Oh, the reason I don’t close my office door is because no one does.
  • Wednesday on our way home from Bible study my phone rang.  And a little voice asked to speak to Lovegirl.  It was “Dave” from school.  Apparently Lovegirl gave my number out to a couple of kids and requested that they call her every night.  Dave plans on complying.  Um, no.
  • How old were your kids when they started chatting on the phone with their classmates?  Is 6, pushing 7 a little soon???
  • My brother called me yesterday.  I’m going to be an aunt again.  They’re expecting baby #2.  Baby #1 is 5 months old.  God bless ‘em all!
  • I got up and went to the gym at the crack of dawn yesterday morning.  I felt great!  I think I’m going to do this every time Smoochy makes it home mid-week.  Now, if I could just figure out how not to fall asleep at my desk at 10!
  • I feel technologically behind.  I have no idea what streaming TV is or why I’d want it.  What gives?  It’s probably not even called streaming TV…
  • When my child calls me “mommy” it drives me batty.  I don’t know why, but I can’t stand it.  “Mama,” or “mom,” yes.  Mommy?  Ugh!
  • The ran-the-red-light ticket I got last week?  $181.  After my mortgage that will be the most expensive bill I pay next month :(
  • I think one person said they were going to do the pushup challenge – sorry, I can’t remember who it was.  How’s it coming?  This morning I did 50.  I am so not looking forward to next week’s pushups.
  • We’ve been talking a lot about prayer in church as of late – this is an area in which I am admittedly weak – I’ve been making a conscious effort to pray more and I feel better for it.
  • What’s up for the weekend?  I think we’re going to the church picnic Saturday and then I’ve got dinner out with the girls.  I plan to spend tonight and Sunday reading and relaxing!  Hope yours is great.  Be well!

WWYD – Slap a Hoe Edition

Big ups to TIH for prompting today’s blog entry!

So.  Y’all remember I’m in a relatively new gig – I have an office and errythang!  A girl I used to work with in Hell left Hell and works in the same department that I do.  She’s young – 25 I think – and very, very playful.  Okay, whatever.

My mother calls me every morning on her way to work and we have our daily chat.  My coworker has somehow figured this out and now comes in my office – uninvited – and will hit the speaker button on the phone and just start talking to my mom.  I’ve asked her to stop, but obviously she thinks it’s cute and hasn’t.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I asked her to take a picture of me so that Jameil, TIH, Psonya, KRock, Barista, and my brother could leave me the hell alone I could have a profile picture on Twitter.  She obliges.  But she doesn’t give me my phone back.  Instead I see her tap, tap, tapping away.  I was like “what are you doing?”  “Nothing, giggle, giggle.”  I put on my best angry woman face and tell her to give me my phone.  She does.  After she’s sent Smoochy some sexy texts from “me.”  I didn’t even know the girl sent the texts until Smoochy called me and asked who was playing on my phone – my husband knows me well y’all.

I called her back into my office and told her not to do that any more, I didn’t appreciate it, yada yada yada.  She didn’t seem the least bit fazed but said “okay.”

Obviously I won’t ask her to take any more pictures of me using my phone.  I certainly won’t leave my phone unattended.  What else, if anything, should I do?  I’m the NKOTB, enjoy where I am and don’t want to rock the proverbial boat.  Everyone knows she’s playful and they just kind of dismiss her in a “Oh, that Vickie…” kind of way.

What y’all got for me on this one? And don’t tell me to hit her.  That’s not happening.  No matter how deeply rooted the desire may be!




Onward and Upward!

Today is the first day of school in our neck of the woods. Backpack was packed.  Rules were reviewed – listen, obey the rules, do excellent work.  Tears were shed (hers, not mine).  And of course pictures were taken…

No really Lovegirl - how do you feel about this 6:30 a.m. photo session??











My snaggle toothed sweet girl!










Hmmm. She obviously doesn't feel the same way about oatmeal as I do. Delicious!! Or not...











She wanted a picture that captured her "walking" to the bus stop (the end of our driveway!)











My girl! The world awaits! Please ignore the dying shrubbery behind her....











(The scale was also stepped on.  172.  Since I’ve actively begun trying to lose weight?  Yeah, all I’ve done is gain.  Moving on…)

Let’s Talk Books

So the other day there was a lively discussion on Facebook regarding the book (and movie) “The H.elp.”  I was honestly quite surprised at the negative responses the book   elicited from more than a few people.

People wrote about their relatives who had been domestics; about how it seemed as though we (people of color) do not tell our own stories; that if the author of the book had been black, the book wouldn’t have received the hype that it did; and that people were tired of reading about blacks in positions of servitude.  One person even said their professor told them not to read The H.elp – to me, that’s all sorts of madness and unethical to boot.  Teachers should encourage learning and exploration.  Not censor it.  Recommending books, cool.  Telling students not to read something, not so cool.  Moving on…

My opinion?  It was a good book.  The storyline was interesting, the characters were well developed and the story was well paced.  I confess, I didn’t give much thought to the subject matter, and even now that I’ve thought about the subject matter, I’m not bothered by it.  Truth is, many many women of color did (and do) work for white families as domestics.  I’ve never been a big proponent of presenting only those stories which can be deemed positive or uplifting.  I believe that there are many stories of interest to be told inside of any community.

Then I started thinking about the books I’ve read lately by black authors.  Some I’ve liked, some I didn’t.  I enjoyed Wench.  It was about slavery.  Miss Black America?  Not my favorite.  I don’t think I’m 10 pages into My Soul to Keep, so it’s too early to tell with that one. Most of the books I love are by black authors (John O Killens, J California Cooper, Dianne McKinney Whetstone) and I suppose that’s because their writings are, on some level, familiar to me.  I do, however, appreciate books by authors of all races and refuse to limit what I read and enjoy to one type of author or subject matter.

When I choose books, I’m basically looking for a good story to read.  Subject matter isn’t necessarily that important though I am drawn to mysteries, thrillers and the like.  I’m not really concerned with the race of the author.  If I like a book, I like it.  Since the majority of what I read is fiction, I’m really just looking to be entertained.  Every now and then I’ll read a auto/biography.  I can’t think of the last book I read that was non-fiction and not biographical in nature.

Anyhoo, I’d like to know what you think.  About The Help.  About books in general.  Are you upset with the way minorities (blacks, women, hispanics, etc.) are portrayed in print?  Do you think too many of the books written are one-sided in their portrayals of these groups?  Is this something you even consider when choosing what to read?  What are you reading now?  Are you enjoying it?

*There was also discussion about movies, which books are turned into movies etc., but I’m not a big movie watcher, so I limited the subject of this post to books.  If you have thoughts about the movie, feel free to chime in.  Will you see it, etc….*

*One more thing, and I hope this goes without saying, but I encourage open discussion.  If you disagree with me?  That’s cool.  Don’t cuss me out, but disagree away…*