Sunday whilst at W.almart I decided that I should start my Christmas shopping.  So I moseyed on back to the bike department and picked out the cutest little bike for Lovegirl.  Rolled it over to the layaway department, paid $25 and patted myself on the back for a job well done.

Got home and told Smoochy what I’d done.

Smoochy: Why did you put the bike in layaway?
Nerd Girl:  So we’d have somewhere to store it until Christmas.  Duh.
Smoochy:  How much was the bike?
Nerd Girl:  $50.  I paid $25.
Smoochy:  Fifty dollars?!? You put a fifty dollar bike in layaway?!? And paid for half of it?  Why?
Nerd Girl:  I just told you, so we’d have somewhere to store it until Christmas.
Smoochy:  When do you have to get it out?
Nerd Girl:  December 16.
Smoochy:  And where are we going to put it from then until Christmas?
Nerd Girl:  Your dad’s.
Smoochy:  So really, you just wanted to put something in layaway.
Nerd Girl:  Yep.

The only other thing I’d ever put on layaway was a couple of outfits from H.ollidays (remember them?) when I was in college.  By the time I got them out two or three paychecks after I’d put them in, I didn’t even like what I’d chosen and got a refund.  I just wanted layaway success in my life and thanks to Lovegirl’s bicycle, I’ve got it!

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6 thoughts on “Layaway

  1. pserendipity says:

    Why. Just why? When you get the bike out of layaway, just put it in my storage room. Aidan is going to be STOKED that Lovegirl has a bike now. He’s been angling to be the one to teach her how to ride.

    That should be fun. Or result in death.

  2. onefromphilly says:

    bwahahahaha…I know the feeling. Sometimes I just want to participate for no real reason! TJ Maxx in my neck of the woods still does layaway. So I laid-away a bunch of stuff just because I could! LOL

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