Love This!

This lady’s blog? Love! Stumbled across it on Pinterest and it is my new go-to for packing. I am not about that paying luggage fees life! I so plan on doing this for our trip this summer and henceforth now and forever more.

Her outfit pics are also quite helpful – I am bad about wearing the same clothes the same way all the time. Hopefully this will kick my remixing skills up a notch or three!



Risky Business

This morning on the Twitter I mentioned that I was wearing an argyle sweater, a striped shirt and polka dot socks in an attempt to pattern-mix like all the fashion bloggers are doing nowadays.  And that I felt foolish.  After posting a few pics, Twitterland assured me I looked fine – but that the socks may have been overkill.  Fair enough.

Feeling all fashion forward and bold, I then threw on a pink, leather rose-shaped ring my mother brought me back from her travels.  Oh, you read right.  A pink, leather, rose-shaped ring.  Moving right along…

I pretty much wear the same thing every day.  A pair of pants, a tank top, and a cardigan.  Lighter fabrics when it’s warm, heavier when it’s cold.  But pretty much the same thing.

This week I’ve broken out of my rut – a little.  Tuesday I wore this dress (in green) with brown tights and boots.  I think it’s too short to wear to work again but guess I’ll wear it on the weekends.  Today I went “wild” and mixed patterns.  That’s all I’ve got to give.

I need to shop my closet, come up with some new combos, and expand my style just a wee bit.  Any tips, hints, suggestions?  How do you shake up your wardrobe when you’re bored with the contents of your closet – buy something new or work with what you’ve got?

Mix it up!

Why does my hand look so freakishly large?!? Never mind. Just check out my leather ring bling!

Monday Morning Musings

  • Do you match your socks to your shoes, your shirt, your pants?  I had on a blue, yellow, white and fuchsia striped cardigan, a white tank, blue jeans and fuchsia loafers.  What color socks “should” I have worn??
  • I do not care for red velvet cake.  I don’t understand the hype.
  • This weekend we celebrated my birthday since Smoochy wasn’t home on Tuesday.  He brought me a cheesecake and his feelings were so hurt when I told him I don’t like cheesecake.  Yes, I bake them – because other people like them, not for my own personal consumption.  Yet another dessert over which I do not understand the hype.  Team pound cake!
  • Smoochy told LG about this trip to Spain we are trying to make happen.  Why, why, why???  Sir, you are not new to this parenting game – I don’t tell LG anything about going anywhere until the night before.  At the earliest!  While I appreciate all of her questions and concerns?  I really was not trying to deal with this for the next 8 or 9 months.  Grrrrrrr!
  • In 79 days? I will be free to buy nail polish once again.  Bwahahahahaha!  I.Cant.Wait.
  • Running makes me hungry and sleepy.  Guess what I was before I started running?  Hungry and sleepy.  Why am I doing this again?!?
  • Did I tell y’all that last Sunday when we were driving back from Arkansas my child said “Daddy, when we get to Louisiana will you pull over so I can get a scratch-off ticket?”  Hold up.  What in the world does this kid know about a scratch-off ticket and gambling?  Maybe she is sneaking out of the house once I fall asleep at 9 8 every night.
  • Tarjhay has sweaters for $15 this week.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy their cardigans?  Well, I do.  And I’m surely going to purchase one – and only one – after work today.  Now, if we could get some consistently cool weather, it’ll be all to the good.

That’s it.  What’s shaking?

Cast Your Vote – No ID Needed!

I’ve got to find a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding in October. My future SIL has requested that we wear blue, silver or grey.  I am looking for a long dress – unfortunately my eczema has left me with some leg scars that will not be faded by October 6 – so short is out of the question.  If you’ve seen something fabulous, feel free to point me in that direction.  So far I’ve come up with…

Dress A

Dress B

Dress C


23. Shoes

"Yo Doug with your Ballys on" Yeah, I've owned these flats since half past forever. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and I faithfully pull them out on casual Fridays, rock them with pride, and rap at least one bar of "The Show."

Random Stuff

  • New book club discussion date:  Monday, October 17.  Thanks much to Simply B for requesting an extension…I surely need it!  We’re reading “A Life of Reinvention: Malcolm X” if anyone wants to do some quick reading over the next two weeks.
  • Our pastor is teaching us how to study the Bible.  Really great series.  Very common sense, but nothing I’d ever considered before.  I’ve read the Bible, but never studied it.  We’ve started with the book of Ephesians, and though I’ve read it on several occasions, I’m reading studying from a new perspective and really enjoying it.
  • JSU’s homecoming is this week.  And they’re playing my undergrad alma mater UAPB!  I cannot wait for Saturday’s game!  We’ve bought a tailgating lot, I’ve pulled together my black and gold accessories, I think a few friends are coming down, and I’m ready to talk ish!  Let the games begin!
  • Drake has got to be the worst “rapper” ever.  Yep, ever.  I’d rather listen to…hell, anybody else.
  • It’s breast cancer awareness month.  If you’re not up on your self-exams, annual checkups, or your No Thank You Ma’amogram (KRock – August 2011) do what you need to do and get down on it!
  • You know what’s better than new underwear?  Nothing!  Okay, there are better things.  But new unmentionables rank pretty high on my list.
  • Operation Clean This Crap Up is still in full effect.  I am so excited by how much better our house looks with just a little extra attention being paid to it every day.  This weekend Lovegirl and I bought new plants for our entryway, cleaned out her room and closet, and washed everything that wasn’t pinned down.  And I found out we need a new vacuum cleaner.  Yeah, it’s broken and I didn’t even know it…
  • Anybody got any recommendations for a new vacuum?  Don’t bother mentioning a Dyson, Miele, or Oreck…that’s not happening.
  • I tweeted a pic of the Jolly Green Giant at last week’s JSU/TSU game.  I still feel kinda bad about it.  I would make a horrible paparazzi.  I couldn’t even take the picture – the lady in line behind me at the concession stand saw what I was trying to do and took the picture for me…
  • This lady at work wears too much perfume.  And I don’t like the scent.  Smells like the stuff the groomers used to spray on my dog.  Until I told them to stop ’cause it stank.
  • In case my Mama’s reading – happy birthday sweets!  I love you much!

That’s it for now.  Hope everyone has a marvelous day!

I Got Five, Make That Six, On It!

1.  Behold!  This is how my nails look on Friday morning – I did my manicure Sunday night.  Sure, there’s a little wear and tear – fading at the tips and “pulling” at the base – but nothing too dramatic and definitely no chipping.  I’m telling y’all, your manicure can last through the week.  Okay, I’m off my polish soapbox.  For now :)

From a distance…

…and close up!















2.  Got a note home from Lovegirl’s teacher on Wednesday.  Three weeks into school and Lovegirl is already done with the 1st grade reading curriculum.  Go her!  I just hope the teacher can keep her busy, challenged, occupied, etc., etc.  Otherwise it’s going to be a very long year for all involved.  (I typed most of this post Thursday morning…guess who brought home a write-up yesterday O_o)

3.  Serenity 30 has me wanting to make a pair or three of earrings.  I think Lovegirl and I will head to the bead shop Saturday morning and get to it.  I need want three pairs of earrings – pink, mossy green, and black/white.

4.  I went to a brown-bag lunch seminar on obesity and definitely saw some things I need to work on removing from our diet – namely deli meats.  I thought I was doing something by only buying turkey or chicken.  And I was wrong.  So, I’ll be roasting a whole hen or a turkey breast and using that for lunches from here out. Just the excuse I needed to go ahead and purchase a mandoline.  I’ve wanted one forever!  And no more jarred spaghetti sauce – I’m going back to making it.  Baby steps.

5.  I love it when my mail order shoes fit!  Both pairs of shoes I ordered from Nine West are keepers.  The black pumps are just a touch snug, but I’ve been reassured that having them stretched isn’t a big deal and should give me the extra bit of room I’m looking for.  Big yay!

6.  Wednesday I bought a Rubbermaid Reveal mop – basically a refillable Swiffer.  Love. It.  Goodbye costly refills and disposable mop pads.  Hello cleaner of my choice and a washable pad :)

That’s it.  Have a marvelous weekend.  If you’re on the East Coast I pray safety for you and yours as Irene approaches – please take care.

The Most Random of Randoms – Race, Wardrobe, and Reads

  • Have you heard about James Anderson?  The black man who was beaten and then run over and killed by a group of white teens here in Jackson, MS?  Several of the teens’ supporters are crying “reverse racism” since the prosecutor has announced plans to pursue hate crime charges.  Reverse racism.  Really?
  • There was a rally in honor of Mr. Anderson last weekend.  Another one is planned for next week.  My boss – a white man – asked me if it were okay if he went to the rally or if he’d be seen as an interloper.  I assured him it was fine for him to attend.
  • Had a great exchange on race on the Twitter last night.
  • We are in no way living in a “post racial” America.
  • I was pretty excited to score some fall/winter clothes last night – two skirts, one dress, and a blouse.  I used a gift card and only paid $3.11 out of pocket :)
  • I need a pair of black pants and maybe a pair of trouser jeans and I’m pretty much done shopping for the fall/winter.
  • Speaking of pants and jeans, GAP is offering 30% of your purchase this evening between 3-7.
  • Calvin Klein dresses fit me really well.  I’ve been stalking the local TJ Maxx stores waiting for the “new” fall dresses – found one in putty, going to the other store in hopes of copping a purple one.
  • Lovegirl wholly approves of my new purchases – particularly the dress.  She said “Mama, you look like a woman.  Fantastic!”  Thanks.  I think.
  • I also ordered two pairs of shoes.  You would not believe how hard it is to find a pair of basic black pumps in a size 12 for less than a gazillion dollars.  Thank you Nine West clearance sale!  Now let’s hope they fit.
  • Did I tell y’all that Sinful Colors are on sale for 99 centavos at W.algreens?  Well, they are.  I limited myself to 5 bottles, but I think I’m going back today – I’ve been wanting to try a yellow and I figure at this price point I’ve got nothing to lose.
  • I really enjoyed the book discussion on Monday.  What y’all want to read next??  Let me know – I guess we’ll discuss in early September?

Okay, that’s it.  I hope everyone has a great day!

I lied – one more thing.  I tried the rowing machine at the gym on Tuesday.  OMG!  Who knew?  I got a serious workout that I’m still feeling today.  Love it!

August Book Club & Other Stuff

  • Anybody out there ready for another book club discussion?  If so, join us as we read and discuss Tananarive Due’s My Soul To Keep.  We’ll discuss on August 15.  Cool?  Cool.
  • If there’s something you want to read and discuss next, just let me know.
  • Did y’all see Serena’s assets at the Espy Awards?  Oh my damn.
  • Lovegirl finally got to start her swim lessons last night.  Evening thunderstorms resulted in her M, T, and W lessons being cancelled.  My little guppy was so excited to be in the water!  She even got over not wanting to get her face wet – we’re making strides!
  • Thank you Lord for swim caps.
  • I worked out at the gym three times this week and plan to get in another workout before the weekend is over.  I hope to see a difference on the scale – no matter how small.
  • Today I get my first bi-weekly paycheck.  I’d really, really like to go back to being paid once a month.  This 1/2 check madness aint hitting on…well, you know.
  • I’m ready for football.  NFL can act a fool as long as there are still college games I’m good!  I think we’re going to get JSU season tickets this year.
  • This whole debt-ceiling thing is really, really working my nerves.  I’d like to go to D.C. and do a clean sweep of the House and the Senate.  Democrat, Independent, Republican – they all suck.

Okay, that’s it.  I hope y’all have a great weekend.  I plan on doing a whole lotta nada.  Operation “get my hair back soft” is in full effect – I’m trying the Carol’s Daughter stuff One From Philly suggested in the comments a few weeks back – hope it works!

One more thing – y’all like these shoes?  Yea or nay?

Yea? Nay? What do you say?