Party Up!

I am sooo tired. I stayed up last night doing the wop, the running man, the roger rabbit and other dances whose names I forgot long ago. That’s right – I was partying at home, alone, with the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors. I had such a good time! While I do not think that the Simmons brothers should ever again be allowed to host an awards show, the rest of the show was great.

Big Daddy Kane – who I used to really crush on back in the day – still looks good to me. Yeah, yeah, he’s picked up a little weight, but who among us has not? And the man danced – albeit briefly – and ended with a split. Get down with your old a*# Kane.

LL, who is not one of my personal favorites, really appealed to me last night. The camera would cut over to him quite often, and he would be rapping along with whatever performer was onstage. I liked that in him. For a performer of his status to be a true fan of both his predecessors and peeers was just cool to see.

En Vogue and Salt n Pepa. OMG! Excellent performance. Excellent. I sure wish those ladies of En Vogue would get back together. They are true artists with real talent, and I miss them. I’ve definitely added them to the list of artists that will be appearing on my new Nano (2 more weeks baby!) And they look so good! I’ve definitely got to step my game up – I don’t think I’m repping the “early thirties” ladies as well as I should be. And I of course loved seeing S&P again. Aaah, how well I remember begging my mother for a black catsuit, a big Cross Colors leather jacket and scruncy boots!

The other performances were good as well, those were just my favorites. I even enjoyed Kanye. Something about that Jamie Foxx hook!

My husband thought I was nuts, because once he got home from watching most of the football game with the fellas, I made him watch the encore broadcast with me. I NEVER watch the same movie, tv show twice, but I made a most excellent exception last night.

I’ll get back at you later. I’ve got to go dig up some old memories. Where are my Tribe Called Quest and Kwame CDs . . .


Welcome to me – 25 things

Aaargh. I just spent an inappropriate amount of time (I’m @ work) creating my first post, and it is nowhere to be found. Here I go again . . .

Welcome to me. I’ve been lurking around on other blogs for a while, and decided it was high time to create one of my own. I can’t believe I finally decided to create one and am now at a loss for words – a rarity for me indeed. So, here’s a list of 25 things you always wanted to know about me. Enjoy. I’ll be back at a later date. Holla!

1. I live in Mississippi.

2. I was born and raised in California.

3. I am happily married to Smoochy.

4. I am the proud mother of Lovegirl. She is the joy of my life!

5. I love, love, love fish tacos.

6. I am convinced that chocolate is overrated.

7. I am the oldest of 4 – and the only girl.

8. I love to read and am deeply saddened by the lack of current and good black fiction available. I do not want to read about your baby mama/daddy drama. That’s just not who or where I am.

9. I eat a peanut butter and apricot jelly sandwich at least 3x a week.

10. My relatives are my favorite people in the world.

11. Prince is my absolute favorite musical artist. I went to see him in concert when I was 7 months pregnant, and even though I was secretly worried the noise levels would in some way harm my unborn child, I had to go. The Musicology Tour was da bomb!

12. I love the color purple, but would not be caught dead wearing it.

13. My greatest comfort comes from knowing that God loves me.

14. I went to a historically black university. The culture shock nearly did me in. I eventually transitioned from “Valley Girl” to “A Different World” quite nicely.

15. Old music = good music.

16. I am buying myself an iPod nano for my birthday next month.

17. I love to dance, I’m just not good at it.

18. Chick-Fil-A is my fast food guilty pleasure.

19. I spend way too much money in search of the perfect everyday lipgloss/lipstick color.

20. I gave birth totally unmedicated. And didn’t feel a thing. Believe that!

21. I am a procrastinator to the nth degree.

22. Imitation of Life is my favorite movie.

23. I think Halle Berry is gorgeous – and that she’s not that great an actress.

24. Several swimming classes later, and I still can’t really swim.

25. One of my life’s goals is to visit each of the 50 states and every continent.