My itchy palm

wants to slap my boss so badly. I cannot stand the fact that this woman treats me like I’m an idiot. I don’t know why it bothers me, but it does. I’m usually a “take me or leave me” kind of girl. I realize that everyone won’t like me, and that’s cool. Really. But this woman speaks to me slowly, sends emails telling me to do stuff I’ve already done, repeats herself several times, etc. WTH?!? I’m tired of this hostile work environment. Now I know that in my previous post I said that she chewed me out, and I still maintain I deserved it. But this daily “geesh, I’ve got to talk to this idiot again” attitude is wearing on my nerves.

I think she wants me to quit. In your dreams lady, in your dreams. Now, if something better comes along, I’m all for it, but my momma didn’t raise no fool, and I don’t quit a job without having a job. So, deal.

As non-violent as I am, I still really, really, want to smack her face good. And God, if this is a tribulation that has been sent my way so that I can be more consistent in my prayer life – it’s working!


Tuesday Morning Chew-Out

Well, my boss called me in the morning and chewed me out. Very nicely though. I haven’t really been doing anything at work, and I guess she finally noticed and called me on the carpet for it. Can’t really blame the woman for doing her job.

I don’t really enjoy or like my job even though it is not really demanding or anything. I just don’t like it. Don’t like the vibe around here, don’t enjoy my assigned duties, etc. etc. But, like most folks, I cannot afford to quit working. I’ve been sending out resumes left and right in search of something that I’d jell with, but no bites.

Every day I tell myself that I am blessed to have a job – and in this horrible economy, I know its true. And every day I tell myself that I will be productive, and I will contact my schools, and I will make at least 3 phone calls or whatever. And every day I come in and waste 8 hours. Every day.

I know its not responsible of me. I am not being a good steward of the job God has blessed me with. But, that hasn’t stopped me from wasting inordinate amounts of time. Every day.

Even though I have prayed for another job, I already know in my heart that I will not be blessed with something better because I’m not doing what I’m supposed to with what I have. And yet, I do nothing about it.

Well, looks like I’d better get off my duff and get on the ball before I have a decision made for me. And that won’t be a good thing. I don’t require a whole lot, but Lovegirl didn’t ask to be brought into this world, and I definitely owe her the basics plus some.

So, I guess I’ll get off this spot and do some work. For real. Today.


The NBA has instituted a dress code. Marcus Camby doesn’t see it happening unless ” . . . every NBA player is given a stipend to buy clothes.”


You will make almost $50 million dollars over the next 5 years. I’d say that’s a helluva clothing stipend right there my friend.

101 in 1001

As seen on JT’s spot which he got from triplux.

Love, love, love this idea. I am such a procrastinator. Maybe this will help me out. Maybe it won’t. But, it defintely can’t hurt to try. There are some things I need to cross off my to-do list. Of course being a procrastinator, I’ve never created a to-do list. Until now. Here goes!

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (i.e., no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e., represent some amount of work on my part).

Start Date: Monday 9.26.05
End Date: Monday 6.23.08

Completed items in color baby!

The Tasks

1. Start my blog (9.26.05)
2. Begin saving for trip to Belize in 2007 (turned in bank draft to HR on 10.27.05)
3. Go to Belize in 2007
4. Buy an iPod (ordered 10.3.05 – received 10.15.05 – love it!)

5. Cut off all my relaxed hair and rock my natural texture
6. Apply to a PhD program
7. Complete my 101/1001 list and post it
8. Read 5
classic works of fiction
– Moby Dick
– Pride and Prejudice
– The Good Earth
– Sport of the Gods
– The Jungle
9. Read the Bible in its entirety
10. Walk in 5 5k walks
11. Learn to crochet
12. Paint my living room
13. Find a new job
14. Go to Chicago
15. Brush and floss my teeth 2x a day, every day, for a month
16. Get a massage (12.27.05)
17. Learn and tell one very funny clean joke
18. Read 5 autobiographies/biographies
Ella Fitzgerald
Nelson Mandela
Howling Wolf
Hillary Clinton
19. Join a church
20. Make 1 day a week TV free for a month
21. Rip my entire CD collection
22. Learn how to make good cornbread dressing (took a lesson from JR on 11.24.05)
23. Eat 5 new foods
24. Buy a bikini. And wear it. In public.
25. Read a Sunday paper in its entirety – excluding the classifieds
26. Go roller skating
27. Lose post-baby pooch
28. Test drive a BMW
29. Pray every day for a week – grace doesn’t count (week of 1.1.06)
30. Frame the photograph that GS sent me (1.15.06)
31. Get a library card
32. Write a letter to the local newspaper
33. Get a passport
34. Call my grandmother every Sunday for 4 straight weeks
35. Put an emergency kit in my car
36. Learn how to use a barbecue grill
37. Replace the light fixture in the study
38. Remove the wallpaper in Lovegirl’s bathroom
39. Paint Lovegirl’s bathroom
40. Have a family picture taken
41. Put Lovegirl’s baby stuff in the attic – just in case
42. Send each of my brothers $10 just because
43. Clean out my side of the closet
44. Put all of my loose pictures in a photo album
45. Perform 5 random acts of kindness
46. Take Amtrak somewhere
47. Clean out my work email (clean for now – 11.23.05)
48. Wear a watch for a week
49. Paint something at the paint-it-yourself ceramics place (2.2.06)
50. Find a babysitter for Lovegirl so that I can . . . . (thanks K! 12.10.05)
51. Go on a date with Smoochy (12.10.05)

52. Finish paying my pledge to my alma mater
53. Go to the local Farmer’s Market
54. Throw away old burned out shredder (10.11.05)
55. Buy a new shredder (10.10.05)
56. Shred the mountain of paper that is growing under the study desk (10.11.05)
57. Find my Bob Marley “Legend” CD
58. Switch to high speed internet
59. Make a list of singles I want on my iPod
60. Buy a pair of corduroy pants
61. Go to the Texas state fair
62. Call 3 people from my address book that I normally don’t
(called TH 10.16.05, JP on 1.6.06)
63. Take a dance class
64. Update my resume
65. Change the light fixture at the front door
66. Install solar lights on the front walkway
67. Make breakfast for dinner
68. Take a mental health day – ditch work, take Lovegirl to the sitter and do no housework or errand running
69. Put all my loose pictures in an album (10.16.05)
70. Try to re-establish contact with CH
71. Get a tattoo
72. Switch to contacts
73. Pay off Discover
74. Whiten teeth
75. Put a rinse in my hair
76. Finish my charm bracelet
77. Get my car professionally detailed
78. Get the backyard fenced
79. Take a Spanish class
80. Learn how to start my fireplace
81. Go see a movie I normally wouldn’t
82. Have a complete physical
83. Go to a basketball game
84. Get to a million points in
Word Whomp
85. Get our family emergency kit together
86. Buy something from a garage sale
87. Roll all the pennies in Lovegirl’s bank and deposit them in her savings acct.
88. Take an unscheduled detour on a roadtrip
89. Go to the zoo
90. Draw up a will to ensure Lovegirl inherits all our riches 🙂
91. Put fresh mulch around the azaleas
92. Create a “house” notebook – repair work done, paint colors used, etc.
93. Watch Napolean Dynamite
94. Replace current queen size bed with a king – upgrade baby!
95. Skip my Sunday outing to Target. But just once – let’s not get crazy! (I did it! 11.6.05)
96. Throw an old-school skate party
97. Win something
98. Use my bread machine
99. Buy a hammer
100. Try a new ice cream flavor (tried “Rose Parade,” “Pumpkin,” and “Eggnog” at the L.A. Farmer’s Market on 12.29.05 – the Rose Parade was good – the others – blecch!)
101. Start a new 101 list on 6.23.08

C-O-O-L I’m so Cool!

Morris Day and company put on a helluva good show Wednesday night at the State Fair! I was expecting to have a good time. I had a great time.

Lovegirl and I met up with T, her baby T, and T’s sister KP. We got to the fair in enough time to walk around a little and eat – love that chicken on a stick! Then we headed over to the coliseum and that’s when the real fun began.

We walked into the coliseum and the musicians were on stage playing. Once again, I’ve got my kid in a spot I’m not sure she should be in. It was LOUD. But, pretty soon, the shocked look disappeared from her face and she was waving her hands, screaming, and baby-dancing with the rest of the crowd. And there really was a crowd. I was expecting a few hundred folks to come out and get their reminisce on – the coliseum was packed!

They started out with Fishnet (black pantyhose . . . big legs showing thru them holes). I’d forgotten about that song – and I used to own the cassette single! They then moved on thru the rest of their hits – Cool, Oak Tree, War, Jerk Off, 777-9311, The Bird, and of course Jungle Love. Good, good show. True musicianship. Of course there was Jerome – still acting the fool. They brought some women on stage to shake what their mamas gave ’em. Some of their mamas had given them a little too much, but it was all good, and they rolled and shook and shimmeyed and generally had a good time. One woman danced like she might have a pole in her basement . . .

An hour and a half later, it was over. I was hot, tired and sweaty from getting my 33 year old groove on and helping Lovegirl get her 1 year old groove on. We bought a cinnamon roll for Ts husband and broke camp. A good time was had by all!

Happy weekend to anyone who may actually be reading this joint! Peace.

I’m Mr. Snow Miser

Aaargh! I opened my gas bill yesterday and it was 70+ dollars – what! My gas bill is usually around $35 a month. Last month it crept up to $51, which I ignored as some sort of fluke. But now $70? I know they said that we could expect our bills to increase about 50%, but my bill has doubled in a two-month time span. The only thing that uses gas in our home is the hot water heater. If it doubles every two months, I’ll be paying a $300 gas bill by the time winter is over. I’m sure those of you in colder climates want to smack me for griping about a $70 gas bill, but we are on a budget baby, and to have one bill already double, I just cannot even think about what my electric bill will look like in the next few months. Looks like it’s going to be a beans and rice kind of winter!

America Have You Heard

. . . there’s a brand new dance and its called the Bird!

I am way too excited over the fact that Morris Day (and the Time) will be at the state fair tomorrow night. Of course I plan on being there front and center to do the Bird, the Oak Tree (same dance right?) and “sign” c-o-o-l cool! Ha-ha! How old am I – these songs were hits 20 years ago?!?

I remember going to oldies concerts with my parents thinking they were nuts for having such a good time listening to such prehistoric music. Tomorrow night, the torch will be passed – ’cause Lovegirl will be right there with me as I party to music of a bygone era.

On a somewhat related note – ummm, should we be panicked that there’s a bird flu threatening to wipe out 15-20 million of us?