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Oh Yeah . . .

We stuck to our guns and didn’t buy Lovegirl anything for Christmas. And while she didn’t get a lot of stuff, I think that what she got was great, and I’m not regretting our decision at all. I may reconsider in 20 years if I’m paying a stiff therapy bill for her, but until then . . .


2 thoughts on “Oh Yeah . . .

  1. Good job and she’ll be just as happy! I have like so much guilt for buying J so much. I am now swearing never again but being a compulsive shopper I’m afraid it will change.

  2. Mama — should I confess that I’m probably about to go nuts hooking my girl up with a spring wardrobe?!?

    Last year I didn’t realize I should’ve been buying her spring clothes around this time, and as a result, she spent the whole spring in way too tight winter clothes looking very uncomfortable 🙂

    I’ll definitely be making it up to her this year!

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