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Friday Gripe

Really short. Really quick. Have y’all seen that commercial – and I don’t even KNOW what they’re selling – but this guy is on a bus/subway and he tells two guys to start fighting and then he tells this thick black girl to shake it and she commences to shaking her rump and shimmying all up and down a pole?!?

What the hell? What are they selling? Who was their PR/marketing firm? Was there not one minority, one woman at the table who spoke up and said this is GARBAGE?!?!

Maybe it’s just me.

Have a great weekend. Peace.


2 thoughts on “Friday Gripe

  1. Wow, I am happy to know I am not the only one who picked up on this :). I am not paranoid but my radar is very sensitive to commercials like the one with black couple scrubbing the floor real hard while the white couple clean easily using the advertised product or the one you just mentioned… I have mixed feelings about it. It’s insensitive in many way yet TV makes everyone look ridiculous. I guess as long as they don’t single out one minority group at the expense of another, it’s somehow okay.

  2. @ Damon — welcome back! I don’t generally think I’m overly racially/gender sensitive, but something about that whole thing just really rubs me the wrong way! Again, I don’t even know what product they’re trying to sell. Yech!

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