Am I a Grup?

Just finished checking out this article at the New York Metro website. Intersting. Long, but interesting. I think I may be a B-Grup. Well, without the fabulous paycheck and telecommuting job.

When does one really grow up? Anybody? Anybody?


My Life . . . In Numbers

1 semi-busy procrastinator + 2 months of unpaid bills = 1 very chilly home until the gas company comes out to turn the gas back on and re-light all the pilot lights. Life lesson? Sign up for automatic bill payment – now. (These are the times I really, really appreciate being married to Smoochy. A mere mortal of a man would’ve gone ballistic – Smoochy just laughed and put another comforter on the bed!)

594 cents + 8 minutes = my latest iTunes acquisitions:
You Gotta Be – Desree
You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor
Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
Undignified Praise – Stephen Hurd
P.Y.T. – Michael Jackson
Victory Chant – Donnie McClurkin

57 minutes on the phone + 1 dear (but sometimes sleep-inducing friend) = 1 very pissed off Nerd Girl. I missed Grey’s Anatomy last night! I got so sleepy during the aforementioned conversation, that I couldn’t resist the urge to snooze and rolled over and went to sleep instead of watching my addiction. Damn, damn, damn!

1 Nerd Girl + 1 USA Today article = no new purchases for me. I read this article last week about this “movement” where people had basically decided that “stuff” was overtaking their lives and in order to simplify weren’t buying anything else. They would buy food, toiletries, and medicine, but that’s it. I think I’m going to try it. Of course, there is an exception – Lovegirl. Her spring/summer wardrobe isn’t quite where it needs to be, so I’ll be supplementing it, but other than that – I’ll be buying nothing. I’m not really a big spender anyway, but I spend “little” money on little things – a bottle of nail polish here, a new magazine there. I’m cutting it out. Of course, I’m not starting until May – I need some new summer sandals, a few pairs of pants, and a new top or two. But seriously, anything I haven’t purchased by Sunday, April the 30th, I’ll not be buying. I’m going to try it for two months and see how it goes. No new purchases for me until July 1. You read it here first peeps!

And that is that. 377 words later, this entry is a wrap. Peace to you and yours.

18 months and counting!

My little Lovegirl, my sweet, innocent, angel baby turned 18 months old yesterday. We celebrated with a trip to the pediatrician’s for a checkup and a S-H-O-T. Ouch!

Lovegirl weighs 23 pounds,7 ounces. She is reaching toward the sky with all 31 inches of her being. She apparently passed all of the check-up benchmarks: speaks more than 3 words, walking, running, feeding herself, waving, pointing, etc.

I, however, failed one.

The nurse asked me if Lovegirl tries to imitate me doing housework. I was like “what?” The nurse replied “you know, when you finish sweeping, does she grab the broom and try to sweep, does she try and mop, that sort of thing?” I was like “lady, are you crazy?!? She is 18 months old, very busy, and into everything. Do you really think that I have the time or inclination to do all of this “housekeeping” while she’s awake? Geesh! When the floor is swept – and that doesn’t happen too often ’cause we use the dog as our floor-cleaning-mechanism – she is SLEEP. In the bed. Knocked out. Every night, I tidy up so she’ll have something to mess up the next day. So, no, she does not imitate me doing housework. She’s never seen me do any!”

The nurse just looked at me and said “I’m just going to mark yes.”


Absolute Perfection

As far as weekends go, this one was marvelous! Why? I’ll tell ya:

  • Sun-filled days in the 70’s
  • Just the right mix of relaxation and running around
  • Planting petunias in the garden with Lovegirl
  • The expression on Lovegirl’s face as she tasted dirt for the first time and then declared “no eat!”
  • Open windows with fresh air flowing through the house
  • Filling up at $2.08/gallon right before prices jumped up to $2.23/gallon
  • Being well-rested
  • “Shuffle” on the iPod knew exactly what I wanted to hear and delivered
  • A grocery bill less than $50
  • Wonderful worship on Sunday

The only thing that made this weekend less than? No Grey’s Anatomy! Damn Oscars. But, that did allow for the last item on the list:

  • A clean and organized master closet (my side, anyway)