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Absolute Perfection

As far as weekends go, this one was marvelous! Why? I’ll tell ya:

  • Sun-filled days in the 70’s
  • Just the right mix of relaxation and running around
  • Planting petunias in the garden with Lovegirl
  • The expression on Lovegirl’s face as she tasted dirt for the first time and then declared “no eat!”
  • Open windows with fresh air flowing through the house
  • Filling up at $2.08/gallon right before prices jumped up to $2.23/gallon
  • Being well-rested
  • “Shuffle” on the iPod knew exactly what I wanted to hear and delivered
  • A grocery bill less than $50
  • Wonderful worship on Sunday

The only thing that made this weekend less than? No Grey’s Anatomy! Damn Oscars. But, that did allow for the last item on the list:

  • A clean and organized master closet (my side, anyway)

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