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Am I a Grup?

Just finished checking out this article at the New York Metro website. Intersting. Long, but interesting. I think I may be a B-Grup. Well, without the fabulous paycheck and telecommuting job.

When does one really grow up? Anybody? Anybody?


4 thoughts on “Am I a Grup?

  1. I read this article a couple of days ago. And, great question by the way!!!

    About a month or so ago, I wrote a post called “Sexy. Single. 30-something” and I talked about how NYC was the fountain of youth. So, when I saw the NYMETRO article, I seriously considered writing a post about it. Hmmm … maybe tomorrow? We’ll see.

  2. @ Stolie — upon further consideration I’ve decided that I am not really a B-Grup. I think to truly be a grup, a large, hip, urban city has to be your place of residence – you’re definitely on to something saying that NYC is the fountain of youth. I definitely don’t feel like an “adult”, but as I look at the kids I work with every day – I’m not feeling that category either. I’ll be over to see what wise words you post on the topic. Peace!

  3. Very interesting article. I am not sure if I am a grup, I mean there are things you should be able to enjoy regardless of your age like watching cartoons or anime :). I guess it depends on your definition of childish is. Nevertheless, some of the thing mentioned in the article just seem irresponsible like taking your kid to the bar or blowing $250 on a torn up pair of jeans.

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