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Hug Monkey

Okay, so the mayor of the great urban city that is Jackson, MS has been pulling over busloads of children and hugging them because he’s had “a rough two weeks.”

Do what? I am so offended by the notion of a grown-a man pulling over (courtesy of his ever-present police escort) school buses full of children to hug them. Call me jaded, call me suspicious, call me Nerd Girl, but no grown man (person – I’m not sexist) has any business hugging the children of strangers. If my Lovegirl was ever on a bus and I found out that this happened . . . But the strange thing is that a lot of people are supporting this dude. I’ve heard lots of comments about how the children (mostly poor, inner-city, and black) need love. Well excuse me, but because a parent cannot provide financially the way you deem fit Mr. Mayor does not mean that they don’t love their children or hug them on the regular. If my husband/brother/uncle started hugging busloads full of children, hugging his students, hugging random children on the street, he’d be up under somebody’s jail. Just because one is the mayor, one does not get to touch children ’cause one has had a rough time of it.

I do confess that at times (okay, often) I go off on rants and raves and am totally, completely, utterly wrong. Am I wrong this time? Would you like your child/niece/nephew/neighbor/fill-in-the-blank receiving hugs from a random – although recognizable – stranger? Hmm? Would ya?

*Big ups to Ali Greggs from the Jackson Free Press for her blog on this subject and the t-shirt picture.*

P.S. Disregard the whole “t-shirt picture” thing. I can’t get the pic to upload. Darn blogger. Perhaps I’ll try again tomorrow.

*Whoo – hoo! The t-shirt pic finally loaded.


3 thoughts on “Hug Monkey

  1. What a freakshow! I don’t have children, but I have two beautiful nephews. If either of them came home and said some stranger grabbed them and hugged them, I’d be pissed off.

  2. @Stolie — Thanks so much for validating my feelings on this one! I mean really – hugging random children ’cause you feel bad. Isn’t there a word for that? Oh yes – pedophilia!

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