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Okay, so I was listening to the “Wrong Song” mix on the Russ Parr show this morning – if you’re not familiar – they play a mix of songs from back in the day for 30 minutes every Friday morning (7-7:30 here). Now, I’m a faithful listener of the Tom Joyner morning show, but on Fridays, I tune in to Russ and the crew and reminisce. So anyhoo after 30 minutes of jams from everyone from Sir Mix-a-Lot to X Clan to ZZ Top I now feel the need to wax poetic about back in the day.

You remember back in the day don’t you? That’s when you were grown enough to be out from under your parents grasp (slightly anyway) but not so grown that you had conversations about mortgages, whether or not generic diapers are any good, and whatever the latest hack holding this nation’s highest office is up to. Remember? Huh? Do ya? Do ya?

Well, I do. So today, I’m going to reflect and play a little “remember when”. Please feel free to share any of your fond remembrances in the comments section. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

Nerd Girl remembers when . . .

  • The nastiest song I‘d ever heard was “Tonight” by Ready for the World
  • We were scared to lick a postage stamp ’cause we just knew it was laced with PCP
  • Jumping double dutch and singing the McDonald’s commercial was the %#@*
  • “Bad” celebrity behavior was Zsa Zaa Gabor pimp slapping a cop in Beverly Hills
  • The Cosby Show and A Different World ruled the airwaves on Thursday nights (mine anyway)
  • ET phoned home
  • You and your posse could all roll to the drive-in movie for like $1
  • My mother told me if I ever said “like” again, she would physically assault me
  • I cut my hair into a Salt ‘n Pepa mushroom style (not a smooth move on my part)
  • The ONLY thing I wanted in life was a pair of ankle-zip, stone-washed GUESS jeans (I got those bad boys too!)
  • I realized Richard Simmons wasn’t quite right
  • We mixed Kool Aid and sugar to avoid buying “expensive” packs of Lik-M-Aid
  • The jazziest outfit I had consisted of suede walking shorts, a coordinating print blouse AND tights
  • Everybody thought Michael Jackson would surely win the Prince v. Michael “battle”
  • (and yes, I know I shouldn’t admit this) I really wanted to be Molly Ringwald
  • Rodney King got beat
  • The Soviet Union just went away
  • I watched Silence of the Lambs and being scared to sleep afterward
  • Being able to do the latest dances didn’t require a PhD in strip club-ology
  • Dope, fresh, word, dude, yo, bagging, and the bomb were words I used EVERY DAY
  • Freaks only came out at night

What do you reminisce over?


3 thoughts on “T.R.O.Y.

  1. Girl, this took me back!

    A few a a tad before my time, but I shol nuff remember. I definitely reminisce over the days when dancing was dancing….not grinding. The cabbage patch, the Tom & Jerry, the Skateboard (that was MY dance), the snake, the wop. Those were definitely the days! lol!


  2. @Sunnchine – party up girl! Every once in a while I just have to take it back. To those days when everything was simple and pure – or at least seemed that way. Aaah – the Cabbage Patch. I don’t know the Skateboard, you’ll have to hip me to that one!

  3. Oh girl you got me all choked up! I can relate to all those things! I had the Salt and Pepper stacked do with the back shaved and parts in it! Those were the days!
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog.

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