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Carpe Diem

. . . or something like that!

I was talking to my good friend yesterday, and she was venting about feeling listless, bored, and maybe even a wee bit depressed.

She’s quite accomplished and has set out and done most of what she’s wanted to do by this point in her life, but she still feels a bit of a void. After listening to her I decided that maybe in life one of our problems is that we’re always looking for the next “big” moment, and we don’t spend enough time being happy, satisfied, and content in the present And I don’t mean just her, but all of us.

Do you ever find yourself saying “I can’t wait to _____.” (Finish this degree, get married, get pregnant, have this baby, have another baby, clean this closet, go on vacation, etc., etc.). It’s like we’re not happy unless we have something on the horizon. I am often guilty of this – I am right now, in fact. Lovegirl and I are going on vacation Thursday – I have spent every day for at least the past two weeks counting down to the 22nd. And glossed over some of the wonderful, not-so-climactic, everyday stuff along the way.

So, this entry is dedicated to the mundane, the every day, the usual, the status quo. You know – the stuff life is made of.

Things like . . .

**dancing in a rainstorm with Lovegirl
**buying and eating a perfectly delicious honeydew melon
**a good dinner of turkey cutlets, herb noodles, mixed vegetables, and corn on the cob
**telephone conversations with my perfectly crazy younger brothers
**falling asleep before Smoochy – no snoring to keep me awake
**killing a bed of poison ivy
**making it through spin class – again
**finding Lovegirl a pair of sandals WITHOUT the cartoon character du jour on them
**great blogs that help me get through the workday
**really, really loving Chamillionaire’s song “Ridin’ Dirty”
**sending my Grandma flowers
**making some new bracelets to rock this summer
**a strawberry-banana shake from Sonic
**not going over my cell phone minutes this month
**the living room being painted
**an almost clean office
**a great bottle of .97 nail polish from the beauty supply house
**actually finding a hairstyle I might replicate in Essence
**Lovegirl eating all of her vegetables
**the love of my God, my family, my friends


4 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Melyssa — glad that I could be of service! I am truly working toward living in the here and now -I’ll let you know how I progress. Glad to see you’ve updated your spot – been missing ya!

  2. I love Ridin’ Dirty!!! This post is a great reminder for me, I really need to stop and appreciate the little things each day. And congrats on making it through another spinning class 🙂

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