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You’re Fired!

That’s right good people. On Monday afternoon I was called into my boss’ office, basically told that my work was horrible and fired.

One the one hand I am relieved. Working there was awful. I liked my job, my duties, my coworkers, my interaction with students across the state and the school personnel. But. My boss really was a piece of work and I was tired of being miserable and trying to gauge what her attitude towards me would be from one second to the next. So, the fact that I don’t have to work for her anymore thrills me.

But. Like lots of other folks, we don’t have money just stacked up to the ceiling waiting to be spent. I get paid through the end of September. Jobs are hard to come by, but I am prayerful that something will come through for me rather quickly.

So . . . if you know anybody looking for a project manager/public health educator/all around great girl with a wicked sense of humor – in Mississippi – let me know! Thanks in advance for your prayers and good thoughts.

Oh one more thing. Have you ever been fired? If so, how do you address that in interviews? Since my position was grant funded, I was going to say that my contract is over and I’m looking for new opportunities. Yes? No? Any suggestions??? And I, of course, have given the name of a supportive coworker as supervisor as opposed to Broom Hilda so hopefully no one will ever call her about my job performance.

Make that two more things. She wants me to finish a project for the program – her justification for paying through September. Didn’t she just say I was an unworthy idiot? Should I do the project or not? The due date is the same as my last day of work in September. I’m the only person who thinks I should do it. Everybody else – parents, spouse, siblings, friends, former coworkers – says HELL NO!

So, head to the comments section and help a girl out. Thanks.

Peace and Blessings – Nerd Girl


6 thoughts on “You’re Fired!

  1. woah!!!! okay, let me bullet this list:

    – my advice? do the project IF and only IF she has the power to negatively affect the money that you will get. if she has no effect on it, then tell her (with a smile) that if you were not competent enough and if your work was not held in high enough regards to secure your employment, then obviously she would be better off without your imput on this final project. reeeeeeal nice/nasty. syrupy sweet, even!

    -never admit to being fired if you can help it. that is what i learned in some business class way back in the day. nothing good can come of it, its not like you were fired for something you can be arrested for, you know? so it cant be “tracked down” or “discovered.” i think it was called “alternate reasoning” or some such thing.

    -i wish i had some contacts in mississippi for you, but alas, i am far away from you. so sorry.

    -congratulations on your freedom!

  2. Kenya — Thanks for the advice/words of wisdom! I think I’ve figured out a way to explain my reason for leaving. Plus, my OLD supervisor has said that I can list her and that she will give me a wonderful recommendation.

    So. I am hopeful.

    And happy as all get out that I don’t have to go back to that place and deal with that woman.

    Haven’t made up my mind about the project yet. I’ll keep you posted . . .

    Can’t wait ’til Lovegirl ingests her first crayon! 🙂

  3. Just make sure to verify if you qualify for unemployment or not. If you do definitely file with your local unemployment office so you can receive benefits. As far as the project- I’m like you and would probrably feel obligated to finish it even though I know its something I should just walk away from. Hope things are looking up and that a great new job is on the horizon.

  4. if it were me, i’d prolly finish the project, esp. since you’re getting paid thru september. sorry about the firing, tho!

    i don’t have any project manager contacts in mississippi, but i’ll send good job vibes your way. 🙂

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