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The Beat Goes On

Well, it’s been a while, so I think I’ll just do a bulleted list to update. Here we go . . .

  • Been filling out job apps/sending resumes like crazy in the hopes that something will “pop” for me soon.
  • Had an interview with a non-profit last Thursday. Remain positively cautiously optimistic (or something like that) that the position will be mine. I should know something by week’s end.
  • Upstairs air-conditioner has been out since last week. I woke up sweating and thinking that I was going through early menopause. I should be so lucky. Several repair people later, and I am happy to report that we can once again inhabit all of our house. Ever tried to convince a 22-month old that we’re having a slumber party and you really do want her to sleep on the floor? Try it one day when you’re bored! 🙂
  • Went to Arkansas for a couple of days to hang out with my Mom who was there for her all-school reunion. 40 years later, and my Mom still looks good. Some of her classmates didn’t fare so well . . .
  • Our computer at the house has just gone buggy. So, listening to my Dad and brother, I erased everything on the hard drive. No problem. Putting the stuff back on? Quite the problem. Now I’ve got to unhook the darn thing and take it somewhere so that someone can get me back up and running. Job searching and blog-updating from the library? Not so fun.
  • I kind of like being off work. There. I said it. Of course, I am being paid, so it is really like a vacation and we’re not in the poorhouse yet. But really. No schedule, coming and going as I please, no boss . . . it really is the good life. Unfortunately, it will have to come to an end. But until it does, I am watching all of the “Little House on the Prairie” reruns I can and cleaning up/tossing out/rearranging like a mad woman.
  • I’ve got a couple of projects to work on depending on how long I’m actually out of work: painting – the hallways and master bedroom, learning to knit or crochet, catching up and even getting ahead in my bible reading, fiddling around with some new recipes, etc. ,etc.
  • Speaking of new recipes – my favorite grab and go restaurant – Empanada World went out of business. I am truly mournful. The place was fantastic! I just don’t think this was the market for them – they were rarely if ever really busy. Man, I am going to miss that place. I’ll definitely be working on learning to make empanadas. Tasty bites of goodness I tell ya.
  • My kid continues to crack me up. She is so darn funny. She usually speaks in two or three word sentences i.e,. “I eat,” “Where’s Daddy.” Well, the other day we left the gym and had an errand or two to run, so we were late getting to the house – and dinner. So she looks at me quite seriously as we’re buckling up at the grocery store and says “Mama, it is time for me to eat. Now.” Alrightie then! I know, I know, you had to have been there . . . oh well!

Well, I guess I’ll wrap this up. I’m supposed to be looking for a job, and don’t want to get kicked off this public computer before I have the chance to do so.

Peace and blessings to all.


4 thoughts on “The Beat Goes On

  1. Good luck in the job hunt. If I thought I would be trapped in this den of hell much longer I would be doing the same.

    Faith has been a sassy pants too – but almost out of control. However, it’s so cute when they’re little!!!

  2. Empanada world really does sound divine, sorry to hear its closed. Good luck with the job search and getting your computer back up and running.

  3. Holli — you’re right, they are definitely cute! It is darn near impossible to discipline her when all I really want to do is laugh!

    Yolanda — next week I’ll definitely be working on replicating their empanadas in my kitchen. Thanks for the well wishes 🙂

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