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This Too Shall Pass

And I’ve got to believe this. I am tired. Seems like everything is going wrong all at once. I know that things aren’t nearly as bad as they could be. But I’m tired of living life in a survival mode. I am ready to thrive. To exceed. For abundance.

So, as a reminder to myself and to others out there who are going though a thing or two – and judging by the blogs I frequent, I am not alone – I am posting the words to my favorite gospel song.
Have a great day!

I Understand by Smokie Norful

Sometimes I feel like giving up
Seems like my best just ain’t good enough
Lord if you hear me I’m calling you
Do you see do you care all about what I’m going through

One more day, one more step
I’m preparing you for myself
When you can’t hear my voice, please trust my plan
I’m the Lord I see, and yes I understand

Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone, just like a stranger so far from home
I feel like I ‘ve done all that I can do
Please Lord give me strength, I’m just trying to make it through

He knows how much we can bear
In the time of trouble He promised He’d always be there
I understand, I understand, I am the Lord I see and yes I understand
I am the Lord and I changeth not
I won’t forget nor have I forgot
Everything works according to my plan I am God, trust me, I got the whole world in my hands


4 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Hey there- I’m not seeing an e-mail address here so I wanted to stop by and say hello!

    I also wanted to apologize if you in any way felt offended by the post you commented on. The original post from last week dealt with my realizing that in a split second I froze when an unannounced man came to my door. That evening I came to the horrifying conclusion that I was guilty of the things I had seen presented on news segments (on Dateline and newspaper articles I had read in the past) about black men always having to feel extra consciounsious (lordy I butchered that word) when they enter an elevator, walk past a woman on the street, etc. as they are and know they are frequently perceived as a threat just in their presence. I make no excuses for my actions, it was just a moment of self-revelation that I never expected to have.

    Wow, I apologize for hijacking this post…

    Anyway, I wanted to say hello, thank you for delurking and welcome. I’m enjoying reading back on your previous posts and commenting…I will definitely add you to my favorites!

  2. @TKW — Welcome to my little corner of the internet – glad you stopped in!

    As far as your post, I appreciate your honesty, and the honesty of your commenters – you definitely don’t owe me or anyone else an apology. I think that I’m such a Pollyanna sometimes that even though I know there are issues out there in the world, I have a tendency to ignore them (or try anyway) and hope in the process that they won’t still be there when I peek back through my fingers. They always are.

    For the record, I wouldn’t have opened the door either. I guess it was just the reference to his race that bothered me a bit. But hey, I’m a bit pissy these days, so it doesn’t take much.

    Anyhoo, continue to take care of those babies and that man who is keeping you all so well. Guess I need to update my links as well.


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