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Happy Birthday Lovegirl!

Wow. I have had the privilege of being your mother for two whole years now Lovegirl – and I’ve loved you more during these past 24 months than I ever knew it was possible to love another human being. I say 24 months, but really closer to 32 – I have loved you since I knew you were on your way. Before I saw the ultrasound, before I felt your first kick. Before I pushed that final push and looked down into your wide open and curious eyes. I fell in love the minute those two pink lines showed up on that dollar store pregnancy test.

The last two years have been awesome. You’ve gone from a helpless little babe to a little girl so full of life I get tired just thinking about your constant state of motion. Where do you get all of your energy – and can Mama have just a bit of it? Sometimes you line all of your toys up in the floor and run laps around them until you collapse on the floor in a fit of giggles. I would say it is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but that’s not true. Just about everything you do is hilarious. How would I pick one thing as the funniest?

You talk all of the time. All. Of. The. Time. From when you wake up in the morning and shout from your crib “I’m awake Mama. You can come get me now. I ready to get out of here” to your nighttime shouts of “Goodnight Mama. I love you. Good night. Thank you Mama.” You talk. You talk to us. You talk to strangers. You talk to your babies. You talk to the dog. Heaven forbid you greet someone in the store and they don’t speak back. You always start out quite nicely – you lean forward in the buggy, give a big wide smile and shout “hey!” Then you look at me and say “I speaking Mama, I said hey.” If the person to whom you were speaking hasn’t responded by now, you lean forward a little more, look them directly in their eyes and say “Hello! I speaking to you. You hear me?” Let’s just say you almost always get a response.

You were never a cuddly baby. You always preferred to be on the floor, crawling, exploring, moving around. But you’re getting sentimental in your old age. The hugs, the kisses, the pats on the back. You’re such a sweet girl. The unsolicited “I love you’s” just melt me. Of course, a lot of those expressions of love just happen to coincide with your being caught doing something wrong. But, it doesn’t matter – I eat it up anyway.

Speaking of eating, your palate has expanded quite a bit over the last year. You love oatmeal so much that you ask for it for dinner. Grapes, craisins, melon, vanilla wafers, chicken, green peas, raw carrots and corn continue to rock your world. You love Mexican food – I’m so proud – and suck down Indian style spinach – Palak Paneer I think – at any given opportunity. I’d never tell your Daddy, but you also share my love of spicy foods – in addition to the Mexican and Indian, you’ve had, and enjoyed, bites of jalapeno peppers, turkey chili with Tabasco, and Extreme Hot Tamales candies. Of course, just like I’ll not tell Daddy that I’ve heated up your palate, I’m darn sure that on your nights alone with Daddy, he’s slipped you a hot dog (errgh!) or two with the intention of telling me never.

I thought that the giddiness and joy of being your Mama would wear off, or at least down by now. It hasn’t. I’m just as excited to share your escapades with anyone who’ll listen as I was when you first got here. From your insistence that I “play the music Mama” when we’re in the car to your questioning me every day on when we’re going to a football game, I share it all. Through emails, pictures, this blog, and telephone conversations. I try to calm down. I try to remember that you’re not the first baby to grace this planet, and that people don’t want to hear all Lovegirl all the time. But you’re so darn cute. And funny. And smart. It’s hard to keep that to myself. Impossible I tell ya!

People say that the two’s will be terrible. I think that you are going to show them that they’ll be terrific. Happy Birthday Lovegirl – rock on!


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lovegirl!

  1. Happy birthday to Lovegirl and happy anniversary of Birthing Day to you, mama!!!

    That picture of her buried in the watermelon is priceless!

  2. TKW — Thanks much. It’s been so great I almost want to do it again. Almost.

    Brainhell — You said it, I’m believing it 🙂

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