‘Tis the Season

Just dropped in to capture what’s been going on since I was last here! Let’s see . . .

  • Accepted the Administrative Assistant position at the hospital. Still haven’t heard from any of the other positions and decided that a bird in the hand beats two in the bush. If someone else calls then I’ll have options. If not – I’ve got a job and I’m happy about it!
  • Have started talking to admissions about taking some PhD level classes in Epidemiology. I’d like to get back into the groove of school (again) before I fully commit to a program. So, hopefully I’ll be back in nerd-groove come the Spring Quarter – February I think. I’m also really excited about being on the quarter system. I’ve always been a semester kind of girl, and I think the quarter will make time move by more quickly AND assist me in my constant struggle with procrastination. A free PhD. The answer to a prayer.
  • Most of the family is here and we’re headed to New Orleans on Saturday for my brother’s “marriage blessing ceremony” and reception. You may remember that he and my newest sister in law ran off and eloped. Which made her mom none to happy. So they’re having a “blessing ceremony” and reception. Sounds like a wedding to me . . . Anyhoo, the gang’s all here, I’m excited and looking forward to the next few days with those I love the most.
  • Am interested in seeing how far New Orleans and the surrounding area has actually progressed since Katrina. I don’t want to go and “sight see” per se, since I’ve never really been comfortable with the concept of touring someone else’s life, but more than a year has passed and something tells me that with the exception of the tourist areas, most of NO is still in pretty bad shape.
  • One of my dear friends buried her mother this morning, so my heart goes out to her and her family. I cannot imagine losing my mother and to experience that during the holidays seems especially trying.
  • We weren’t going to do much for Christmas since I had no job, but with the promise of a regular paycheck comes the all-American need to consume. So, we’ve agreed to buy each other and Lovegirl a few things. Lovegirl’s getting a tricycle, a new doll, a musical-type toy, and a puzzle from us. Of course, even if I hadn’t lost my job, that’s probably about all she’d be getting. I just don’t want her to be a “gimme-gimme” kid. Ya know? Smoochy’s getting a Thai Yoga massage (no, not from me), a few things from Bass Pro, the requisite shirt and a few CDs. The only thing I asked for was a dock/speaker thingie for my iPod so I can bring it to work and enjoy.
  • Christmas Dinner is going to look a whole lot like Thanksgiving Dinner. Fried turkey, dressing, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, succotash, rolls, cranberry sauce, pound cake, sweet potato pie, cheesecake. Oh yeah, and salmon for my folks – they don’t eat meat.
  • Well, it’s just about 4:00 and time for me to leave work – yeah, I know, already blogging from work – so I guess I’ll wrap this up!

Wow — this one was really all over the map wasn’t it?? See ya’ll later. I probably won’t be back ’til ’07. Probably.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Kwanzaa, and a blessed 2007. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to whatever it is that 2007 has in store.

Peace and blessings.


And Again I Say Rejoice!

When it rains it pours! And that is definitely a good thing. Read on, read on!

1. I got a job offer! Whoo-hoo! Not the job I’ve been hoping for, but a job offer nonetheless. So, regardless of what else happens (see #2), I will be back at work soon.There are always positives and negatives, so here you go: it is an administrative assistant position (negative – wasn’t looking for clerical), it is at the university hospital (positive – hard to get hired there, but relatively easy to move around job-wise once you’re in), it would allow me to go back to school for free (POSITIVE), and it pays pretty close to what I was making before (unexpected positive). So, outside of it being clerical it is all good! (And that is NO respect to the clerical workers of the world. Really. It’s just not my dream field – though at one time it was – in high school I daydreamed about being an executive assistant in a Fortune 500 company.)

2. I’ve had 6 job interviews in as many days. I went from not being able to get anything – no interviews, no rejection letters, no nothing, to being HOT, HOT, HOT! And I love it. Who knows whether or not I’ll get any of the other jobs I’ve interviewed for, it just felt good being called in. AND I have another one scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Out of the seven, there are 3 that I’m particularly interested in. One is clerical, but would allow me to attend school for free and in the area and the other two are professional positions in areas I’m interested in – workforce development and student services in a university setting. So, basically, I’m stoked all around. And do you have any idea how much easier and relaxing it is to interview when you already have a job offer than it is when there’s nothing on the radar and there’s a general feeling of desperation in your gut?

Okay, that’s enough job-talk. If nothing else, this extended period of unemployment has taught me that being unemployed is not the worst thing in the world – even if it feels like it at the time. Other happy goings-on in the world of Nerd Girl:

1. The Christmas tree is up, decorated, and to this point – miraculously – undisturbed by Lovegirl! She was so excited to see all of the lights, and just stood around gape-mouthed exclaiming “it’s beautiful Mama.” Makes me all warm and tingly inside.

2. My alma mater – UAPB – made it to the SWAC championship this year, so Smoochy, Lovegirl, and yours truly are headed over to Birmingham next weekend to cheer them on – hopefully to victory. We’re meeting some old college pals, and a good time will definitely be had be all.

3. Brother and new sister-in-law’s wedding reception is rapidly approaching, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with and seeing the entire family – and in New Orleans to boot! Haven’t been that far down the coast since Katrina and am definitely curious to see how things are progressing in that part of the world. So, another weekend trip AND the entire crew will be together. Does it get any better.

4. The foyer/entryway/whatever has been painted a nice warm color – Dutch Boy “Crisp Toast” by moi and I’m quite pleased with my handiwork. If I can convince Smoochy to move a bookcase tonight, the hallway will be done by tomorrow afternoon. I am so thrilled to almost have this whole house painted. Four years later. Of course, by the time I get the whole thing done, I’m sure I’ll have tired of a color, and will be ready to again spend endless hours in Lowe’s picking out an entire new color scheme. Paint really is the cheapest way to change a room. Gosh I love HGTV. But I digress . . .

5. I only have to get my hair braided ONE more time and then it will time to get it twisted up and head toward the dreadlocks I want. I want to at least make sure the ink on the paperwork at whatever job I end up at is dry before I break out totally au natural, but I am definitely heading in that direction and soon.

Okay, I guess that’s it for now. I am so excited, so happy, so stoked to have good news to share. I hadn’t really been posting consistently because I was tired of posting about the job situation all the time and in the negative.

So. It’s a wrap. I have a job and life is on the upswing. I’ll let you know which job I end up with as soon as I know. Thanks again for all your good thoughts and prayers. Where two or three are gathered in HIS name . . .