Natty Dreads

Holli — this one’s for you. And anyone else who may be curious about dreadlocks.

The first gentleman is in the first stages of growth – about where I am lengthwise, but mine haven’t permanently locked yet and the second gentleman is where I want to be – long glorious locks that I can style to my heart’s content.

For more info, you can check out Wikipedia’s entry on dreads. Happy reading!


Get up, Stand up

Stand up comedy that is. My kid has been cracking me up lately. I tried to write down some of the things she’s said lately, but they didn’t translate so well to the pages of this blog. Maybe I’ll try again later. Let’s just say that the subjects of her latest routines have included – the Holy Ghost, refreshing baths, cauliflower and being cold. Pure hilarity I tell ya! Wish I had Da Momma’s way with words so that I could actually share some of Lovegirl’s “Lovies” with you!

I start my cake decorating class on Monday, and I’m so excited! I love to bake and am really thrilled at the prospect of being able to turn out more “professional” looking birthday and celebration cakes around the old homestead. My new coworkers will soon reap the benefits of my decorated “masterpieces” since there’s no way I’m going to bake and consume a cake a week on my own (with a little help from Smoochy and Lovegirl) while I decorate my way through the next four weeks.

Found a new blog that I am absolutely loving. All about beauty. Natural hair. Makeup. Bath products. Smell good, etc. etc. I’ve tried some of her recommendations on Lovegirl’s hair and so far, so good. Love, love, love the Suave Dragon Fruit kid’s shampoo/conditioner! Sites like this only serve to reinforce my determination to keep my and Lovegirl’s hair chemical free. I’m not even a makeup person, but Afrobella makes it all sound so simple and fun, that I’m seriously considering experimenting with some products at some point in the near future.

I think I’m the only person in America who was not that thrilled with the movie “Pursuit of Happynes.” Just too darn depressing for me. Yes, an uplifting story. Keep on keeping on and all that jazz. But really, just a little more “happyness” would’ve made this a better movie for me. Will Smith did a great job in the movie as did his son, but Smoochy and I both agreed, that for the cost of two movie tickets, a drink, and the babysitter we should’ve chosen something a bit . . . lighter. We just don’t get out alone all that much and we probably should’ve followed our first minds and seen “Stomp the Yard” instead. Was excited to see that there’s a Shrek III coming this summer.

Am still working my way through Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty.” I don’t really know what to say about it at this point. It definitely picked up after the first 100 pages as Jason said it would, but the jury (me) is still out on this one. I’ll let you know when I finish it.

Speaking of beauty, I think the process of waiting for my hair to lock up is going to frustrate me. Patience is definitely not something I’m often accused of. One of my main reasons for locking my hair is the “worry-free ness” of it all. Once it locks up, I won’t have to worry about being caught in the rain, going swimming, etc. My weekends, once spent in the beautician’s chair, will be mine! I know that I’ll have to wash, groom, etc.., don’t get me wrong, but I’m really looking forward to not having a great part of my life dictated by my hair. That, however, is once my hair locks. Right now, since it’s just twisted, I’m still rather dictated by my strands. I’m not going to be able to go back to spin class until my locks are established. Aaaargh! How am I supposed to keep up any real cardio with this newly imposed restriction? I guess I’ll start walking. Of course, I’ll have to walk for 4 hours just to get the benefits I was getting in one 45 minute spin class!

I guess that’s it for this go ’round. Peace, Love, Soul!

Au Natural

Okay, so I unbraided my hair last night. I’m wearing my semi-tamed ‘fro to work today, and I’m getting the twists that will eventually become dreadlocks after work today.

One part of me is a little nervous – how will people at work react to the truly natural me? I’m still on my 90 days inital probation period – should I have waited until that was over to spring the natural ‘do on them?

But the bigger part of me is excited. Happy to be free from these braids. Ready to embrace the journey that is locking one’s hair. Thrilled at the prospect that come vacation time this year, I really, really won’t have to worry about my hair.

Guess I’ll post later and let you know what reactions – if any – I get at work today. I know this may seem trite to some, but this really is a big deal. For me anyhow.

Gotta go – there’s a sleep 2 year old who needs to be awakened, sat on the pot (that she’s not going to use), and dressed.

Make it a great day!

Pink Stinks

I love my friend. I hate that she sells Mary Kay. Not that I’m a Mary Kay hater or anything (well, maybe I am), but really I don’t want to hear about: silly songs sung at quarterly meetings, earning sales names i.e. Vivacious Victoria, red jackets or pink cars any damn more.*

I know, I know, I’m wrong. It’s what she does. She loves it. I should, as a good friend, share in her joy. Much like she endures what I’m sure are waaay too many Lovegirl stories. But I don’t. I want to turn her in to some sort of multi-level-marketing-cult-cleansing program.

And I wish she’d stop trying to push “product” on me. I wash with Cetaphil. I moisturize/sunblock with Cetaphil. I. Don’t. Wear. Makeup. The end.

* I really do love her, and if she sells enough stuff to win a jacket, or a car, or a pink mink that’s wonderful. It really is. I just don’t want to hear about it in nearly every phone conversation we have. God, I hope she never reads this blog.

We’re your dreamgirls . . . .

“I’m not the dream that you’ve had before, I’m the dream that’ll give you more and more.”

Okay, so maybe you’ve figured it out by now. I saw Dreamgirls on Sunday. And thoroughly enjoyed it. Much to my surprise. I’m not a big fan of musicals, or of the entity that is “Beyonce,” but I thought the movie was pretty good. Smoochy could tell I was a little burnt out and handled Lovegirl by himself all Sunday afternoon. I went to Tar-jhay. Alone. I went to the mall. Alone. I went to the movies. Alone. Is it a coincidence that alone and bliss are both 5 letter words? I think not.

I think on Saturday Smoochy and I are going to get a sitter and go see Stomp the Yard. There we’ll be, two mid-30’s type folks reminiscing about our good ‘ol college days at a HBCU – can’t wait! If we actually make it to the movie, I will have seen more current movies in the last two weeks than I’ve seen in the last two years. The last time I went to the movies I saw I Ro*bot. Sad, I know.

I don’t generally make resolutions for the new year – especially since I started my list – but if pressed to ask what mine is for this year, I guess it would be to watch less “mindless” TV. I’ve noticed that I just turn the TV on for the sake of having it on, and before I know it, the evening is gone and I haven’t done half of what I need or want to do. So, I’ve decided that I won’t just sit around watching TV anymore. If there’s something specific on that I want to watch – Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Miami Ink – no problem, but to just turn the TV on and look for something – not so cool. It’s a harder habit to break than I would’ve initially thought.

My first “no TV task” will be to read “On Beauty” by Zadie Smith. I’m embarassed to say that the book has been in my posession for about a year and I haven’t even cracked it open – darn TV!

One of my new coworkers asked me this morning if I worked out. I was like “yeah, why?” She said she could tell! How awesome is that — for somone I just met to tell me that I look like I work out and take good care of myself. I still have a long way to go, but that was definitely a welcome compliment.

Speaking of long way to go – swim suits are already on the racks. Aaargh! We’re planning a short “whole family” vacation – parents, kids, brothers, girlfriends, etc. – for this summer and I’m determined to not have to wear a cover-up this year. (I probably still will ’cause I’m generally pretty modest, but still, a Nerd Girl likes to have options . . . ) Anyhoo, I stripped down to my skivvies yesterday to assess the bod and I was pleasantly surprised – my thighs have definitely slimmed down and my post-baby pooch (how long do I get to use that excuse anyhow?) is not as big as it was. I’m definitely going to up my ab workout – you know, from hardly ever to sometimes – and just maintain with everything else.

What else . . . oh yes, that pesky third person. I don’t know if this is “normal” or not, but Lovegirl has started referring to herself in the third person, and it is alternately hilarious and irritating. “Lovegirl willl pick up the toys now.” “Lovegirl is sleepy and ready for a nap.” “Lovegirl would like some lunch.” Umm, okay “Lovegirl” – how about the ever popular “I?”

One last thing – anybody heard any good “new” music lately? And by new, I don’t necessarily mean recently released. I just need new music and don’t know where to turn. Anybody listening to anything really good right about now?

Mmkay, that’s it for now. Hope the New Year is off to a good start for all – I’ve been really bad about updating here and reading you all, but now that I’m turning the TV off I should be caught up soon.