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Pink Stinks

I love my friend. I hate that she sells Mary Kay. Not that I’m a Mary Kay hater or anything (well, maybe I am), but really I don’t want to hear about: silly songs sung at quarterly meetings, earning sales names i.e. Vivacious Victoria, red jackets or pink cars any damn more.*

I know, I know, I’m wrong. It’s what she does. She loves it. I should, as a good friend, share in her joy. Much like she endures what I’m sure are waaay too many Lovegirl stories. But I don’t. I want to turn her in to some sort of multi-level-marketing-cult-cleansing program.

And I wish she’d stop trying to push “product” on me. I wash with Cetaphil. I moisturize/sunblock with Cetaphil. I. Don’t. Wear. Makeup. The end.

* I really do love her, and if she sells enough stuff to win a jacket, or a car, or a pink mink that’s wonderful. It really is. I just don’t want to hear about it in nearly every phone conversation we have. God, I hope she never reads this blog.

7 thoughts on “Pink Stinks

  1. Lol well I do hate Mary Kay. Yeah I said it! While I have several wonderful friends that sell it (my dear friend even works for the coporate officer here in Dallas) the stuff breaks me out in hives every time! But then everything breaks my ultra sensitive skin out hehe. Hopefully she’ll learn to stop pushing the products on you- that is way different from sharing baby stories.

  2. uh oh, it’s too late she’s been captures by the “multi level marketing bug” and drank the punch. Looks like you’re gonna have to get a new friend. LOL.

    I have a few friends who “sell” products through muli level marketing companies and sometimes it does wear on you, especially when they try to push products on you AND try and get you to come to “meetings.” I’m just frank with them and say “I ain’t sellin that sh*t and I ain’t go no money” LOL.

  3. While it’s exciting that she is so enthusiastic about this venture she needs to remember to separate business and friendships. I’ve mentioned someone in my life before that is the same way and I feel like any statement I make (even if it’s “I like chicken”) this person will find some product or service that his company offers to push on me.

    Annoying as all get out…I feel your pain, my friend…

  4. Ohhhh I know what you mean. But what if it was your PARENTS? Mine are in an MLM and I swear it’s their new church.

    Any new friend I’ve made in the past few years it’s been, “have you told them about (the products)?” or “You know, it’s a shame that (insert name here) doesn’t know about these products.” LOL

    But unlike family, at least you can cut a friend if it really comes down to that. Consider yourself lucky!

  5. Ooooh Mrs. J — You win! I cannot even imagine if it were my parents. My insides are shuddering at the thought!

    I love the girl, we’ll most likely always be cool, just NO MORE MK. Mkay?

  6. It could be worse–she could be selling arbonne! LOL

    my favorite is the new gimick===free facials, no pressure to buy anything, just come hear a presentation. ummmmm NO THANKS 🙂

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