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Au Natural

Okay, so I unbraided my hair last night. I’m wearing my semi-tamed ‘fro to work today, and I’m getting the twists that will eventually become dreadlocks after work today.

One part of me is a little nervous – how will people at work react to the truly natural me? I’m still on my 90 days inital probation period – should I have waited until that was over to spring the natural ‘do on them?

But the bigger part of me is excited. Happy to be free from these braids. Ready to embrace the journey that is locking one’s hair. Thrilled at the prospect that come vacation time this year, I really, really won’t have to worry about my hair.

Guess I’ll post later and let you know what reactions – if any – I get at work today. I know this may seem trite to some, but this really is a big deal. For me anyhow.

Gotta go – there’s a sleep 2 year old who needs to be awakened, sat on the pot (that she’s not going to use), and dressed.

Make it a great day!


3 thoughts on “Au Natural

  1. I wouldn’t expect any huge reactions- your natural hair is just the way God made you so don’t be surprised if you get compliments. Good luck on your journey to locking, I can’t wait to get my hair locked someday(hopefully sooner rather than later)

  2. Yolanda —

    You are a wise, wise woman. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday. Lots of compliments, a few sideways glances, but generally everyone was quite complimentary.

    I actually got to feeling so fine I thought about not locking it and just rocking my ‘fro for a while.

    But. I kept putting off the locking process ’cause I’m an “instant results” kind of girl, and I really want a headful of long, strong, healthy locks. Not really looking forward to the process of getting there. So, I got this ‘do done yesterday and now I’m going to sit back and enjoy the journey that is locking. The girl that twisted them for me said it’ll probably take about 4 months for my hair to really lock up.

    Mmmmm – this is turning into an entry. I’ll keep y’all posted. Have a great day!

  3. đŸ™‚ so glad it all turned out great for you. my son had braids/fro until he was almost two, i got so sick of the coments;;;you need to cut his hair, blah blah…there are days i miss his hair but, i know one day i’ll get the guts to grow my perm out. well, my press and curl! LOL

    my hair is so thin, one sign of a perm and myeyebrows will fall out too! haha…have a great day!

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