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Get up, Stand up

Stand up comedy that is. My kid has been cracking me up lately. I tried to write down some of the things she’s said lately, but they didn’t translate so well to the pages of this blog. Maybe I’ll try again later. Let’s just say that the subjects of her latest routines have included – the Holy Ghost, refreshing baths, cauliflower and being cold. Pure hilarity I tell ya! Wish I had Da Momma’s way with words so that I could actually share some of Lovegirl’s “Lovies” with you!

I start my cake decorating class on Monday, and I’m so excited! I love to bake and am really thrilled at the prospect of being able to turn out more “professional” looking birthday and celebration cakes around the old homestead. My new coworkers will soon reap the benefits of my decorated “masterpieces” since there’s no way I’m going to bake and consume a cake a week on my own (with a little help from Smoochy and Lovegirl) while I decorate my way through the next four weeks.

Found a new blog that I am absolutely loving. All about beauty. Natural hair. Makeup. Bath products. Smell good, etc. etc. I’ve tried some of her recommendations on Lovegirl’s hair and so far, so good. Love, love, love the Suave Dragon Fruit kid’s shampoo/conditioner! Sites like this only serve to reinforce my determination to keep my and Lovegirl’s hair chemical free. I’m not even a makeup person, but Afrobella makes it all sound so simple and fun, that I’m seriously considering experimenting with some products at some point in the near future.

I think I’m the only person in America who was not that thrilled with the movie “Pursuit of Happynes.” Just too darn depressing for me. Yes, an uplifting story. Keep on keeping on and all that jazz. But really, just a little more “happyness” would’ve made this a better movie for me. Will Smith did a great job in the movie as did his son, but Smoochy and I both agreed, that for the cost of two movie tickets, a drink, and the babysitter we should’ve chosen something a bit . . . lighter. We just don’t get out alone all that much and we probably should’ve followed our first minds and seen “Stomp the Yard” instead. Was excited to see that there’s a Shrek III coming this summer.

Am still working my way through Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty.” I don’t really know what to say about it at this point. It definitely picked up after the first 100 pages as Jason said it would, but the jury (me) is still out on this one. I’ll let you know when I finish it.

Speaking of beauty, I think the process of waiting for my hair to lock up is going to frustrate me. Patience is definitely not something I’m often accused of. One of my main reasons for locking my hair is the “worry-free ness” of it all. Once it locks up, I won’t have to worry about being caught in the rain, going swimming, etc. My weekends, once spent in the beautician’s chair, will be mine! I know that I’ll have to wash, groom, etc.., don’t get me wrong, but I’m really looking forward to not having a great part of my life dictated by my hair. That, however, is once my hair locks. Right now, since it’s just twisted, I’m still rather dictated by my strands. I’m not going to be able to go back to spin class until my locks are established. Aaaargh! How am I supposed to keep up any real cardio with this newly imposed restriction? I guess I’ll start walking. Of course, I’ll have to walk for 4 hours just to get the benefits I was getting in one 45 minute spin class!

I guess that’s it for this go ’round. Peace, Love, Soul!


4 thoughts on “Get up, Stand up

  1. We keep a notebook of all the goofy things the girls say or do that when they get older we can look back and laugh.

    Glad to hear Lovegirl has you cracking up…in a happy, smiley way!

  2. I’m confused- why can’t you exercise with your baby locs? Email coming your way.

    We’re in a standup comedien phase here lately and I love it (even though he’s often funny when he’s being bad!) I’ve avoided seeing the Pursuit for that exact reason. Just seems to heavy, great movie but very very heavy and I have to be in the mood to go there.

  3. A – you need to share the baby love.

    And B – what is locking up your hair? I’m just not hip, you know. Because I have to keep my hair all one length and straighten the crap just to function as a normal human being.. but if you’re talking about locking it up in a box – that sounds good to me!

  4. @TKW — I’m seriously considering taping her funnies – that way we’ll have intonation (my version of her anyway) and everything. I can’t imagine forgetting these moments – but I know I will.

    @Yolanda — the girl who twisted my hair said that I should avoid getting my hair wet until it has really locked up (in about 4 months???) and when I spin I SWEAT. And I just can’t conceive sweating like that repeatedly and not being able to wash my hair. Going to check my email for your advice/suggestions!

    And yes, the babies are definitely funniest when they’re doing wrong. Lovegirl’s favorite reaction to being caught doing wrong? Laughing hysterically and shouting “just kidding Mama. My bad – I so funny!”

    @Holli — Dreadlocks. Instead of continuing to fight the natural pattern/texture/identity of my hair, I’ve opted to wear my hair naturally – no chemicals, no straightening, etc. And I’ve decided to wear my hair in dreads. I’ll post a picture for you of someone with locks so you can have a visual. You’ve probably seen ’em before and maybe didn’t know what you were looking at? But locking it up in a box might be a second option!

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