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I’m Living for the Weekend . . .

. . . ’cause that’s when I party down! – The O’Jays

Well, at least that’s when I used to party down. To be honest, I was never much of a partier (sp?), but every once in a while I would feel the need to get my groove on, and I would go out, dance ’til the wee hours of the morning, come home and collapse until Sunday afternoon when I’d get up, bathe and get back in the bed. Other weekends, I’d just hang out leisurely with my friendgirls and/or Smoochy, wander the aisles atBarnes n Noble, window shop, go to the movies or just sleep the weekend away. That was then.

This is now.

Friday night – washed two loads of clothes, talked on the phone, watched endless episodes of CSI:Miami on A&E, straightened up our bedroom, cleaned our bathroom, fell asleep fully dressed before 10 (I only know this, because I was making a concerted effort to actually watch the news – I failed).

Saturday – vacuumed upstairs, straightened up our bedroom – the same room I cleaned less than 12 hours prior!, finished “On Beauty”, went to Sa*llys and bought rubber bands for Lovegirl’s hair, “dry” shampoo for my hair and some twist and loc gel, went to Ol*d Navy and bought Lovegirl a pair of jeans and two shirts, grocery shopped at Wally World, made quesadillas for dinner, talked on the phone, fell asleep fully dressed. Only to be awakened at around 9 by a very congested Lovegirl who swindled me into putting her in my bed so she could sleep. She then proceeded to jump around, relocate several of my internal organs with her sweet little feet, talk, watch a little “TB,” and behave in other ways that led me to surmise that if she desired to do so, she was indeed comfortable enough to sleep. Put Lovegirl back in the crib. And let the crying begin. Put her in my bed, and the vicious cycle began yet again. Finally chunked her in her crib around 11:30. I assume she went to sleep. I did. Fully clothed.

Sunday – no church. Lovegirl is congested and I’m too guilty to put her in the nursery when she’s less than healthy. Watered plants. Washed 1/2 the dishes. Checked in on a few blogs. Updated mine. Cooked dinner – mexican lasagna, rice, mixed veggies. Made a feeble attempt to potty train Lovegirl. Three pairs of panties and a wet chair later, put diaper back on – will try again later.

And now, it’s 12:40. I’m no psychic, but I predict the rest of the day will go a little something like this:

Lovegirl will nap for two or three hours, during which time I’ll think of all the stuff I could/should be doing. I won’t do any of it. We’ll run to the dollar store for matches and a coloring book. I’ll try to feed Lovegirl the dinner I so lovingly prepared. She will reject all attempts at ingesting anything healthy and will ask for cake, cookies, or a hamburger – through clenched teeth just in case I try to slide some of the healthy meal in while she’s talking. I’ll watch the half-time show of the Super Bowl. Lovegirl will get her Sunday bath and go to bed. I’ll fall asleep watching a rerun of some show I don’t watch in prime time while thinking “I really should get up and iron our clothes/make our lunches for the next day/week/month.” Fully clothed.

P.S. I am saving a fortune in birth control since discovering the “fall asleep fully clothed method!” Way more reliable than the rhythm method, no hormonal side effects as with the pill, shots, etc, and requires no effort (trip to the store) on Smoochy’s part! Reminder to self: may not work as well during the summer when clothing is looser and less restrictive.


One thought on “I’m Living for the Weekend . . .

  1. Your new birth control method sounds like a winner- you should get the patent on that quick! Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon, its always so hard when they get the sickies (and sucker mommy into letting them sleep/kick/cause chaos in the big bed).

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