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Look Ma, I’m a ballerella!

So, apparently Lovegirl has been watching some cartoon/TV program at the sitter’s where a ballerina is the prominent character. All she ever talks about is being a “ballerella”, wearing pink, and wearing dresses.

I don’t know how much of my character/personality comes through in my writing, but just in case it’s not quite enough . . . I’m not a girly-girl. I only recently incorporated the color pink into my wardrobe – one blouse. I don’t wear skirts/dresses if I can help it. Once we move outside of lipgloss, makeup is a true mystery. So to have this little creature in my life, who is currently obsessed with all things girly, and pink, and floaty is quite a trip! She’s already quite concerned with her hair. She actually wants me to comb her hair every night. What two year old requests hair combing sessions? She prefers her pink Pumas (I just could not resist – they are sooo cute) to her brown t-straps, and has recently asked me for a purse in which to tote around her Minnie and Mickey Mice and her notebook (I really, really, wish I could read “two year old.” I’m dying to know what she’s written in that thing!) Where did this kid come from?

Here are the two ballerella dresses (she thinks any dress is a ballerella dress) I picked up for her from Old Navy. She is so stinkin’ cute in them – I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so she can acutally wear them.

Oh, on a completely unrelated, related note: Do you all dress your children in Old Navy? I read a lot of blogs, and quite a few of the moms completely diss Old Navy. I don’t get it. The clothes are reasonably priced, trendy (if you’re into that kind of thing) and they wear well. A lot of the moms think the exact opposite. I’d say 95% of Lovegirl’s wardrobe is from either Old Navy or Target. Is it just me? I just can’t see spending too much of my hard earned $$$ on clothes for her to play in/rapidly outgrow.

And now, in a complete contradiction of myself. Look what I bought yesterday:

Cute no? I really don’t usually wear dresses. I don’t like the way most look and/or fit. Too short, too tight, too something. But this dress is perfect – nice colors, nice fit, nice price, nice length. It will probably be worn to shreds this summer.

Have a great – and fashionable – day!


6 thoughts on “Look Ma, I’m a ballerella!

  1. The dresses are to die for! I love the one you picked for yourself too. Old Navy’s clothes tend to hold up far better than others in my opinion so I definitely like to buy things from there. I haven’t heard people dissing Old Navy before- very surprising.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my spot!

    You know, I’m not a girly girl either, but a few years ago I took an honest look at my wordrobe and I have tons of pink…and a few flowery things. It shocking, really, how many girly things I have.

    I don’t have children yet, but to me it makes sense to dress children cheaply. They grow like weeds the first years, so clothes have to be disposable…unless you plan on having more kids and handing things down.

  3. That dress looks like it would be super sexy and flattering!! (the one for you…I hoped that was apparent, but just in case…)

    I LOVE the purple dress with the circles…CUTE. Must go find one…love Old Navy!!

  4. “…quite a few of the moms completely diss Old Navy.”

    I think because it is the cheaper side of the Gap Co. some people (snobby ones) think of it as lower quality/class. Personally…I love their stuff for my kids AND me…I’m wearing an entire Old Navy outift now (granted it’s jammies but this is definitely not the extent of my ON wardrobe for sure). I like it precisely b/c it is cheap…I can be in style every year since I’m not having to wear a pair of $80 capris over and over and over again to justify the cost.

  5. @ Yolanda — I really, really love the two I got for Lovegirl. The one shown here in brown, I got her in green. It looks like a little old-fashioned shirtwaist (?) dress. Too cute!

    @Quel — I’d been lurking around for a week or two and I plan on being a regular at your place. Maybe we’re more girly than we think? Today, I’m wearing lip gloss AND a new necklace – times they are a changin’

    TKW — I think I’m going to buy her the little lavender sweater that matches the dress – hello Easter outfit. Did you send your tank top back??

  6. Hi found you through Sid’s blog. I’m so nota girly girl either but that dress is CAHUUUUTE! And Old Navy clothes are great for kids. The adult stuff sometimes can do better but for kids IT’S GREAT! and so is Target!

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