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Throw them ‘bows

I came home on Monday, and ran upstairs to put my things down. I noticed a framed mask hanging in a pretty awkward spot in the stairwell, but thought maybe Smoochy decided to do a little decorating. So I didn’t really think anything else about it.

Smoochy: So um, did you notice the picture hanging in the stairwell?
Nerd Girl: As a matter of fact, I did. I thought it was a strange place to hang a picture, but figured, hey, you hung it, I’d let it ride.
Smoochy: Yeah, well, I kind of fell down the stairs today. I’d lotioned up my feet really well, and somehow I slipped.
Nerd Girl: You okay? What does falling down the stairs have to do with hanging a picture?
Smoochy: Well, when I felt myself falling, I threw my elbows out to the side.
Nerd Girl: What? Who does that? Don’t most people throw out their arms out to steady themselves?
Smoochy: Well, I threw my elbows. And knocked a helluva hole in the wall. So I hung a picture to cover it up.

Aaaah, that explains it.


3 thoughts on “Throw them ‘bows

  1. @ Melyssa – don’t apologize for laughing – I’ve continued to do so every time I go up or down the stairs. Suffice it to say, I’ve been laughing a lot lately!

    @Yolanda – I may get around to posting a picture so you can see how absolutely absurd the placement of the mask was. But I was honestly a little pleased before I found out why it was hung – in my innocence, I actually thought the man was showing some interest in decorating 🙂 Silly me!

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