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In the last few days . . .

1. We could’ve made our own commercial. Would’ve gone a little something like this:

Pediatrician Visit: $70.00

Pediatric Orthopedist Vist: $330.00

Knowing that Lovegirl will not have the nickname “Peg Leg” for the rest of her life: Priceless

Long story short: Lovegirl woke up refusing to bear weight on her right leg. When she did finally attempt to walk, she was hobbling around and just looking generally pained. Took her to the pediatrician who looked alarmed and sent us to “the only pediatric orthopedist in town.” Four hours later the diagnosis was a “tiny, tiny toddler fracture in the right femur.” Treatment: Motrin as needed for the pain. It cost me $400 for the doctors to tell me to give her an over the counter pain medicine. Aaargh! But, my girl is happy and healthy and in the end, that’s what counts. Now, how do I explain to her that she “spent” her swimming lesson money at the orthopedist’s?!? Oh, and am I the only parent who has never heard of the “pretty common toddler fracture?” Who knew?

2. The loverly town in which we live has come out to fix our water leak. You know (well, you don’t know,but bear with me), the one I reported constantly. For a year. Three years ago. Anyhoo, they’ve finally deemed the gusher gushy enough to require their attention. Which means our driveway now looks like this:

They promise to have it all fixed by sometime next week. Instead of being pissed that they are finally responding to a problem reported long, long ago, and complaining about how long this has taken, I am going to suck it in, smile and apply the old adage “better late than never.”

Wonder if we could get them to replace the whole driveway? Oh the shame and horror of having to live with a driveway that’s 7/8’s old and 1/8 new!

3. Well, it’s taken me so long to finish this entry, I can’t remember what three was. Maybe later?

Have a grand day!


5 thoughts on “In the last few days . . .

  1. I never knew that was a common fracture either but I’m glad you were able to figure it out (even if it did cost a grip of money). Hope Lovegirl’s leg heals up quickly. Good luck with the driveway, I think they should replace the whole thing. My personal dream is to just put concrete over all of the grass in our front yard. Might not look great but all of the parking! And bicycle/tricycle playspace! dream come true

  2. Yolanda — Oh how I wish you worked for the city! I just got home and they have replaced the portion of the driveway that they tore up. It’s beautiful. If I squint my eyes and tilt my head just so, I can almost fool myself into thinking that I got a whole new driveway out of the deal πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the well wishes. Thank God – she’ll be fine.

  3. I have never heard of a common toddler fracture either. Glad you found out what the problem was and that she is one the road to recovery.

    Three years to fix a leak! Wow! Now that’s Government In-Action for ya.

  4. I adore your blog. You mind if I link ya on mine? I finally figured this new blogger out….

    God it’s nice to know there are other mothers out there πŸ™‚ I’m in Mommy Stir Crazy mode.

  5. @ Londa — I think they just make half of this stuff up so they’ll have something to charge us for . . . but that’s just one of my many conspiracy theories : )

    @ Emily — You are so sweet – link away. I will be so glad when this weather breaks and Lovegirl and I are free to frolick around outside and hopefully irritate each other a little less. Of course, then the Mississippi summer will be right around the corner . . .

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