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Nerd Girl/Nerd World Updates

  • I won a lipgloss from Afrobella earlier this month! So excited – gave me one more thing to cross off my list!
  • Lovegirl is finally getting the hang of this whole potty training deal – praise God! She still won’t actually tell us unprompted that she has to go, but if we stay diligent and ask her, she’ll let us know. Awesome, awesome. We are saving a small fortune in diapers and I am loving it.
  • My check engine light came on last Friday – bad. I took it to AutoZone for a free diagnostic – good. The only thing wrong? My gas cap was loose – great!!! Please believe I just about had worship service in the AutoZone parking lot. Who knew that a loose gas cap could make your check engine light come on?
  • I interviewed again for my dream job. The position announcement officially closes today – I hope to know something before the week is out.
  • I’ve been beading necklaces like a mad woman. I’m working on one for my Mom for Mother’s Day. When I finish it, I’ll post a few pictures.
  • Paid the final deposit on our little cruise to Cozumel last week. Quite excited about this little getaway. We haven’t been anywhere in forever, and even if we will be spending our vacay on a ship with thousands of our closest friends, I’ll take it.
  • I’m cheating on Smoochy. With a body scrub. OMG – there is this line at WalMart (yes, WalMart) called Bodycology that is just fantastic. I’m currently using the Coconut Lime scent, but can’t wait to try them all. For less than $4 a pop, I can actually afford the body wash, the scrub, and the scented cream. My usually irritated skin has never been smoother or softer. I’m in the shower waaay more than I should admit. My best friend says that I’ve taken exfoliation to a whole ‘nother level – sexfoliation!
  • My hair is coming along quite nicely. The front is long enough to actually be a little bothersome – long enough to be in my eyes, but too short to tuck behind my ears. I think I’ll bead some bobby pins this weekend to help keep it off my face. I’m tiring of the headbands. It still hasn’t locked up – I was hoping by the time we cruised I’d be locked and free to swim w/o worry about having to retwist it. Maybe by Christmas?
  • Lovegirl’s babysitter’s mother died on Friday. She’d battled very rapidly spreading cancer for the last 6 or 7 months. I’m truly sorry that D had to experience this loss, but thankful at the same time that her mother is now at peace. As more and more of my friends lose their parents, I am mindful to stay prayerfully thankful that mine are here and healthy. Also keeps me motivated to get my workout on so that I can remain as healthy as possible for however long I have on this earth.
  • I lost my Bill Withers CD a while ago. Couldn’t find another copy anywhere, finally broke down and bought this set on Saturday and am loving it. All of my favorites, plus a few I wasn’t familiar with. This dude is just so smooth. I really could listen to him all day. If I were ever deserted somewhere, I think between his music and Bob Marley’s I’d be set.

That’s a wrap. Peace and blessings to all!


3 thoughts on “Nerd Girl/Nerd World Updates

  1. LOL about the loose gas cap. But hey, at least it was free to fix!

    The cruise sounds fabulous…as does the coconut lime stuff. I’m headed to Wally World tomorrow and since there’s no cruise in my future I guess I’ll just have to settle for body stuff that smells like vacation.

  2. hey! i checked back once to see who won the lipgloss, but then never found out.. just by chance.. here’s the answer! woo hoo congrats! i really was trying to get it!

    -potty training.. babyYum has crossed the line! yay! you’ll be there soon too!

    -praise and worship in autozone LMAO! i totally, whole heartedly understand!!!

    -ooh another reason to be at target, dang! i want some sexfoliation! LOL

    -ok i’m still a new reader of sorts.. are you transitioning to locs too? yay! i love reading about people’s journey as i’m on mine too!

    btw.. i like your blog =)

  3. @TKW — I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to hear the phrase “no charge” in my life! And for me anyhow, the coconut lime is truly, truly lovely. Need I tell you what I’ll be doing tonight post-Gray’s Anatomy?

    @Yummy – Love your pic! Thanks for dropping in – I’ll be visiting your spot in the very near future. I haven’t seen the Bodycology stuff at Target – if they have it there, I’m in BIG trouble. The last thing I need is yet another excuse to “run by” Target. And yes, I’m growing dreads. Had my last perm 2 years ago, wore braids while I was growing my hair to a length I was comfortable with, and am now just waiting for a lock or two to actually appear. Love, love, love being chemical free. More than I thought I would truth be told. Hope to see you back here soon.


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