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Pomp, Circumstance, and Family


*Edited this entry to include a picture of my previously anonymous familia! L-R, Dad, Mom, Youngest Brother w/Lovegirl on his lap, Sister-in-Law (Youngest Bro’s wife), Oldest Baby Brother, Recently Graduated Brother Laying across everyone’s lap and yours truly . . . Nerd Girl on the far right. Smoochy didn’t make the trip, and hence, remains anonymous.

Wow! This past weekend was a full one. A recap you say? Certainly . . . .

  • Brother #2 graduated from UAPB on Saturday. Yay brother! He’s the third nerd sibling in birth order, and the last to graduate from our loverly alma mater. Congratulations to him and to our parents for getting not 1, but 4 children through college. And with the exception of a few small scholarships for each of us — they paid for it all! Thank you parents for allowing us to be some of the few people on this planet without student loans 🙂
  • Needless to say, we were all there and a great time was had by all. Lovegirl and I drove the 4 hours from Jackson, brother #1 drove the 8 hours from Houston, brother #3 and his wife drove the 4 hours from NW Arkansas, my dad drove in from our house – where he’ll be camping out until June, and my Mom flew in from CA. Confused? Believe me, so are we.
  • I finally understand why parents buy portable DVD players for their cars. Smoochy opted to skip the ceremony and work instead, and let me tell you – keeping that little Lovegirl occcupied and relatively happy for even that short a drive worked my last nerve. I’m going to stay strong, and resist buying a DVD player, but Lord knows the thought crossed my mind. Well, okay, the thought stayed on my mind. All the way there, for most of our time in Pine Bluff, and all the way home.
  • The parents (in Dad’s car), Lovegirl and I (in mine) all came back to Jackson last night. My Mom will be in town until tomorrow afternoon, so I’m taking 1/2 the day off today to hang out with her a little. Sad that I don’t get to spend enough time with her this trip, but that makes me look forward to our little cruise next month all the more.
  • My Dad is officially nuts. Yesterday we were sitting around and somehow the conversation rolled around to how my parents want to keep all 3 of their grandchildren in a summer or two and take them to Disneyland. My Dad was like “yeah, we’re probably going to save $1000 or so a year so we can afford to take them and not be pressed for money.” Nerd Girl thinks: WTH – what kind of trip are y’all planning – you live in S. California! Nerd Girl says “umm, why so much?” My Dad: Well, it’s about $300 dollars a person to get in. “Umm, no Dad, it’s about $70.” “No, it’s 300.” “No, it’s $70.” “No, it’s 300.” Well hell, this isn’t going to get us anywhere. “Yeah Dad, you’re right – better start saving now.” Meanwhile my brothers and Mom are ROTFL.
  • Did I mention that my Dad is nuts? We were discussing our next family trip, and I suggested the Texas State Fair – relatively easy for everyone to get to, lots of fun, not to expensive, etc., etc. My Dad pipes up “or we could cruise to the Greek Isles. Not too expensive, about $2500 per person.” Umm yeah, I was fired and have taken a substantially lower paying job, one brother is separated from his wife and paying rent on an apartment AND his mortage, one brother has just graduated and hasn’t started working yet, and the other brother and his new wife are hoping to close on their first home by month’s end. Yeah, I’m sure we can afford a $2500 p/p trip. Did I mention that I’m married? With a child? That’s basically a $10,000 vacation. So, how ’bout that Texas State Fair?

Oops! Just noticed the time. It’s 11:30, I’m outta here. I’ll finish this up later – like when my Mom’s gone.



2 thoughts on “Pomp, Circumstance, and Family

  1. Sounds like fun times- enjoy the rest of your visit with your fam. If you do come to the Texas State Fair you HAVE to come and visit me!!! 🙂 I am ashamed to admit it but we gave in to the dvd player (just for long trips) and this weekend my 2 year old sat quiet for an entire hour trip to my parents thanks to Elmo. Bad? Perhaps but it was so nice driving without his repeated shrieking and demands for random things.

  2. Yolanda – Oh, we had such a good time together. Most days I’m “okay” with being so far away from my family, but after great visits like this one . . . If we come your way, I’ll definitely give you a heads up. You’ve certainly got me rethinking the DVD thing for long trips – another “when I have kid’s I’ll never . . . ” down the drain 🙂

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