Since You Asked . . .

Nikki asked about my hair, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s up with my tresses:

  • Had a perm since the beginning of time (5th grade I think)
  • Decided in ’05, a few months after the birth of my daughter, to let the perm go and deal with my hair in its natural state.
  • Last perm in April ’05.
  • Went to the salon for a few months for stylings.
  • Started getting braids – cornrows to the back – in November ’05.
  • Unbraid hair, cut off some permed ends, get hair rebraided. Repeat until January 24th ’07. Cut out remaining perm. Had about 7 or 8 inches of afro at this point.
  • January 25, 2007 go in for intial twists – start the dreadlocking process.
  • That’s it. As of today, I’ve had my twists/locs in for 6 months. They’re starting to lock up and I’m pretty happy with them. My next step is to learn to twist them so that they look like the last picture in this post when I do them myself, and not like Sideshow Bob! (see post below)

Nikki – I hope that answers it for ya. I plan on posting more pictures of my hair journey, so stay tuned.

***Edited to add pics*** 

Picture 1:  Permed – Christmas ’03 – Pregnant and didn’t know it yet 🙂

Picture 2:  Braided to the back – Christmas ’05

Picture 3:  June ’07 – Cruising and on my way to locking up

Permed - pregnant and didn’t know it yet : )




Sideshow Bob

One Nerd Girl + an itchy scalp – the money/patience/appointment it takes to get her hair washed and retwisted = 


Why did I try to do my own hair Saturday night?

While I did discover that my hair is locking up quite nicely (it didn’t wash out into a big ‘fro), I also discovered that the twist/loc gel that I bought doesn’t quite have enough “stick” in it to keep my locs as neat and tight as I like them. So, my hair doesn’t look bad. But good is not necessarily an adjective I’d use either.

I guess I’ll spend some time after work looking for another product – stickier than the gel, but not as heavy as beeswax. Sigh.

Vacation Pictures

Eh – once again I failed to fully capture our trip as well as I would’ve liked, but here are a few pics from our vacy . . . like most of our pictures since September ’04, Lovegirl dominates, but hey, what kind of mother would I be if she didn’t? 🙂

The clear, beautiful waters of the Carribean (through the bus window – I was too comfortable to actually get off the bus).


Lovegirl trying – unsucessfully – to convince me that strawberry ice cream and french fries do indeed make a proper dinner.


Me trying (again) to get her to stay in the pool. In her two year old mind, we definitely should’ve been swimming “out there.” You know – in the ocean. Not!


Lovegirl and my brother on the dance floor during the karaoke hour (the dude on stage singing actually had some skills).


My sepia attempt at being a little more “artsy” with my photographs. See that medal around her neck? We won that for coming in first place in the scavenger hunt. One of the “things” we had to scavenge for was a man in a bra, wearing lipstick. Our man ended up being my brother, the bra ended up being mine. Tempting though it is, that picture shall remain unpublished!


I’ve mentioned this here before, but it is something that bears repeating and that I must remind myself of often, and so today, I shall.

Too often in life we wait for the big moments, the big experiences and in doing so, waste time waiting and forgetting that most our life is composed of the small. The ordinary, the day-to-day.

So, I’m just going to jot down a few things I’m particularly thankful for today. Right here, right now.

  • Neem oil. OMG – have you tried this stuff? Let me tell you, I had horrible sunburn/heat rash from our trip. The lady in the health food store recommended it, and I swear, my skin calmed down and smoothed out almost instantly. I did a little internet research and have been slathering myself and Lovegirl in it nightly since. Yes, we both smell like slightly burnt roasted garlic, but our sunburn is gone, our eczema is smoothing out, and pinky-swear, some of my old eczema scarring is lightening up. I bought the 100% oil, but it is also available in much better smelling lotion and cream. If you try it, let me know what you think.
  • My family. As crazy as we all are, there is no greater earthly blessing than knowing there are at least 7 people on this planet who always, always, have my back.
  • Limon potato chips. Love them! Can’t ever get them here since we don’t have a particularly large Hispanic population. One of the girls in the office is originally from Houston, and brought me a bag back from her trip home this weekend. Trying not to eat them all in one sitting. These are the only potato chips that I eat.
  • My grandma. Tomorrow my grandma will celebrate 86 years on this planet. 7 children, 13 grandchildren and way too many greats to count and this lady is still kicking butt and taking names. She bowls, she drives, she fries hella good chicken and makes a potato salad so good you might (I said might) be tempted to slap your mama for some! Happy 86th Grandma – I LOVE you!
  • My iPod; The Bath and Body Works sale; gold hoop earrings; the patience to put my new ring in layaway and not going into any more debt for something I really, really want – right now; Mr. Clean magic sponges – and Lovegirl’s “floor mural” which necessitated the purchase of them; Lovegirl’s wicked sense of humor; coffee; tea; baby oil gel; fine tipped gel writing pens; automatic bill pay; pretty pedicured feet; long summer days; air conditioning; monogrammed tote bags; great blogs; Tropical Shine 4-way nail buffers, 4:00, good books; gerber daisies; choices.

Please head on over to the comments and let me know what you’re thankful for – big or small.

Peace and Blessings.

There’s No Place Like Home

The cruise was awesome! We all had a great time, it was wonderful spending time with my family and Lovegirl will never be the same. I am back, I am extremely sunburned (and yes, I did use sunblock), and I am already trying to figure out when and where our next vacation will be. I’ll post a few pictures later.

  • My parents bought me a new camera! Whoo-hoo! I’d been trying to figure out whether or not I should buy a new one – wanted one, didn’t necessarily need one. And since our budget is seriously tight . . Anyhoo, I’d mentioned that I was thinking about selling my old one on eBay or something because I wanted a sleeker one. And my parents surprised me with a new one the night before we left. How awesome is that? Exactly the size I wanted and since I’m basically a point and click type photographer, it’s fine with me. I know it is a Nikon, but honestly, that’s all I know. Works great though. It’s an early, and much appreciated, Christmas present. Have I mentioned how much I love mis padres?
  • I went parasailing! Something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so glad that I went. I got a little nauseated on the boat ride out, but once I was gliding above that beautiful, beautiful Carribean? It was all good. I saw flying fish, a few rays, and numerous unidentifiable fish. It was awesome! If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend it – not scary at all. I was nervous about losing my camera, so I didn’t take it up with me, but in retrospect, of course, I wish I had. I still didn’t snorkel, but I’m definitely snorkeling next time I’m in such beautiful surroundings.
  • Lovegirl had a ball. I could not believe what a good time she was having, though I really should’ve known. She swam, she partied, she did the Cupid Shuffle. She conned her way out of the ship’s childcare center. That’s right, I’m raising a con artist – I decided on the last day of the cruise to drop her off so that Smoochy and I could just chill. We’d taken turns watching her the whole trip. After a kiss and a goodbye, I headed up to play Scattegories. About 35 or 40 minutes later, I got a page from the daycare. I ran down a level expecting a screaming, crying, somehow injured Lovegirl. Nope. There she was – huge grin on her face. I asked the daycare lady what was up. “Oh, she said she was “very, very hungry” and needed to eat right now and we don’t serve them food.” Umm lady, this kid has been eating since we got on the boat. The one thing I’m sure she’s not is hungry! But I collected her and away we went. Do I need to mention that she didn’t eat a thing?
  • I’ve probably gained at least 5 pounds. Food, food, and more food. All. The. Time. We ate the buffet quite a lot as it was easier than getting Lovegirl coralled, properly dressed and to the formal dining room. The standouts though were definitely from the formal dining room – a cream of mango soup that was really good and a lobster tail/shrimp dinner that was heavenly. I’ll be trying to replicate the mango soup in the next few days – I’m guessing pureed mango, cream, ginger and vanilla bean. I’ll let you know.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m back at work. Well, I’m back at my desk. In my mind, I’m still reclined on a lounger by the pool enjoying the Carribean sun.


Cozumel, here we come!

Okay, we’re leaving for our cruise on Thursday morning, and I am soooo excited! You’d think I was jetting off for 2 months in Africa (my dream vacation). But hey, it’s a vacation, it’s ours, and I am stoked. Of course, I read somewhere that when mothers take their child(ren) on vacation, it’s not so much a vacation as a relocation.

I’ve been packed for so long, it’s embarassing. I’ll finish packing up Lovegirl’s things tonight, and we will be set. Smoochy is more of a last-minute packer, so I’m sure he’ll be throwing things in his bag as the rest of us are packing ours in the car.

It’ll be my parents, my middle brother (the recent graduate), his girlfriend, and the three of us. Big fun – can’t wait. I’ll be donning my almost-bikini on this trip. Almost, because it’s got a little skirted bottom. I was all paranoid about revealing most, but I’ve decided that if people who are 3 or 4 times my size can rock a swimsuit with a smile and confidence, so should I. I’m also taking confidence notes from Lovegirl who has decided that she is the flyest thing coming and going in her swimsuit – “Mama, I so cute in this!” Yes dear, you are.

My Dad, who has been here since before my brother’s graduation will be leaving shortly after we get back. I’ve really enjoyed having him here. Especially watching he and Lovegirl interact. I hate being so far away from my parents, but times like these help ensure that my parents and child will have a good relationship no matter the distance between us.

Way back before I had a child – you know, about three years ago – I thought it was so wrong when people would let their children listen to music and then have the children sing/perform the latest hits for them. Guess what? Yep, now I’m the one who’s wrong. I swear, there is nothing cuter/funnier/more entertaining than having Lovegirl perform for me. Of course, most of her repetoire consists of oldies but she’s up on a few of the latest as well. A few of my – I mean her – favorites: Brick House, Gold Digger (I’m so ashamed), and Promiscuous Girl – which, in my oh-so-weak-defense, she refers to as La-la-lay-oh (I guess she just likes the sounds at the end of the song). Oh, and I must include Buffalo Soldier. If you think there’s anything funnier than a two year old singing Buffalo Soldier, you are wrong. So very, very wrong. Especially since she doesn’t really know/understand the lyrics. Her version is more along the lines of “buffalo sold ta. deadlock pasta. just a buffalo sold ta. in the heart of a miracle.”

Peace and blessings to all. I’ll holla when I’m back on dry land.