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Vacation Pictures

Eh – once again I failed to fully capture our trip as well as I would’ve liked, but here are a few pics from our vacy . . . like most of our pictures since September ’04, Lovegirl dominates, but hey, what kind of mother would I be if she didn’t? 🙂

The clear, beautiful waters of the Carribean (through the bus window – I was too comfortable to actually get off the bus).


Lovegirl trying – unsucessfully – to convince me that strawberry ice cream and french fries do indeed make a proper dinner.


Me trying (again) to get her to stay in the pool. In her two year old mind, we definitely should’ve been swimming “out there.” You know – in the ocean. Not!


Lovegirl and my brother on the dance floor during the karaoke hour (the dude on stage singing actually had some skills).


My sepia attempt at being a little more “artsy” with my photographs. See that medal around her neck? We won that for coming in first place in the scavenger hunt. One of the “things” we had to scavenge for was a man in a bra, wearing lipstick. Our man ended up being my brother, the bra ended up being mine. Tempting though it is, that picture shall remain unpublished!


2 thoughts on “Vacation Pictures

  1. Looks like a lovely vacation! Love girl’s beads on her hair brings back so many memories- what a perfect and cute style for a vacation 🙂

  2. I am giddy!!

    nice to meet ya! you have a beautiful daughter and i’m lovin your blog- thanks for hte commetnand I don’t mind long comments – as I always say – say it all gyrl!!

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