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Since You Asked . . .

Nikki asked about my hair, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s up with my tresses:

  • Had a perm since the beginning of time (5th grade I think)
  • Decided in ’05, a few months after the birth of my daughter, to let the perm go and deal with my hair in its natural state.
  • Last perm in April ’05.
  • Went to the salon for a few months for stylings.
  • Started getting braids – cornrows to the back – in November ’05.
  • Unbraid hair, cut off some permed ends, get hair rebraided. Repeat until January 24th ’07. Cut out remaining perm. Had about 7 or 8 inches of afro at this point.
  • January 25, 2007 go in for intial twists – start the dreadlocking process.
  • That’s it. As of today, I’ve had my twists/locs in for 6 months. They’re starting to lock up and I’m pretty happy with them. My next step is to learn to twist them so that they look like the last picture in this post when I do them myself, and not like Sideshow Bob! (see post below)

Nikki – I hope that answers it for ya. I plan on posting more pictures of my hair journey, so stay tuned.

***Edited to add pics*** 

Picture 1:  Permed – Christmas ’03 – Pregnant and didn’t know it yet 🙂

Picture 2:  Braided to the back – Christmas ’05

Picture 3:  June ’07 – Cruising and on my way to locking up

Permed - pregnant and didn’t know it yet : )




6 thoughts on “Since You Asked . . .

  1. Hi NG, Thank you, Thank you for doing this post for me xoxo

    Yeah I’ve seriously been thinking about going natural and dreaded up, but just didn’t know where to start.

    Like you been relaxing my hair for a long time since 13 (now 29) and hair was lovely and thick and long down to middle of my back (had no bad instances with relaxing etc) but recently in the past couple of months, I’ve notice that hair starting to break and thickness was going (been stressed with work so I think that’s played a part as well).

    And like you not keen on hairdressers, never liked them and never will, I just have a real distrust for them and can never find a good one.

    So was thinking that enough, enough’ my poor hair needs a break. and I need a change. It’s weird cause since i’ve been thinking about changing (going dread is big decision) i’ve been noticing more, more beautiful black women with dreads all around me…

    So my big thing was where to start.. do I cut all my hair off and start again? It will take a long time for my hair to grow out considering the length it is now, plus I want them now.. nice and long (but life not like that right)

    Decisions, decisions yeek! 2 really good friends say go for it, my mum says NOOOO, (my hair is her pride and joy ..weird or are all mothers like that?)

    Oh yours are looking great by the way in such a short time as well..

    Thanks again, I’ll keep you posted

    (ps.. it’s not my bad spelling, the keys on my keyboard keep moving)

  2. Nikki — no problem. I had fun memory tripping – especially while I hunted for and added pictures. Thanks for the compliment too!

    I did notice that my hair wasn’t nearly as healthy after I had Lovegirl. I attribute some of that to not getting enough protein while nursing and MOST of that to the stress I was under at work. At the time I didn’t even realize how stressed I was . . .

    I know exactly what you mean about noticing women with dreads more and more. I missed half the sermon last week because I was staring at this woman’s head in front of me. Her dreads were fierce – nice length, nice wave to them (roller set?) and a really pretty color. Not that we necessarily need society – or anyone’s – approval to change, but it certainly was easier for me to decide to dread with them becoming more popular/accepted/mainstream. Of course I still get “the look.” But eh, I can live with it.

    My decision was fully supported by my family. Of course, my Mom’s been natural my whole life (34 years) so it wasn’t really an issue. Your mom may be a little leery initally, but I’m sure she’d eventually come around.

    Have you considered Sisterlocks? Maybe they would allow you keep some (most?) of your length? My braids were also a concession to my husband. He was more concerned with my being “bald” than with my going natural. So the braids satisfied us both.

    Anyhoo, take it ez – can’t wait to talk hair w/u again soon.

  3. Ahhh That’s what Sisterlocks are
    GOOD TIP! found loads of info and a couple of specialist salons in London. (of course seen them on people but didn’t know it was call that)

    Can I ask, why you didn’t go them?

  4. Nikki — I couldn’t find anyone around here who was licensed to put them in and I didn’t want “bootleg” Sisterlocks. Also, it’s a long (8 hrs?) process, and you know how I feel about salons . . . I also wanted them a little thicker.

  5. Nice seeing your hair journey (finally). Now get out that new camera and take a closer picture so I can see those locs- they look so pretty but I have to squint to see them in that pic.

  6. Yolanda – You can click on the picture and it’ll enlarge (I think)! I’m still a hot-Sideshow Bob-mess, but perhaps I’ll take a new pic after my appointment Tuesday. Y’all just don’t know how much I wish I could do my own hair. And have it look good.

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