Another 1st

Guess who started preschool yesterday and absolutely loved it?

This picture was taken before we left the house – I’m not sure why she opted to pose with pom-poms, but hey – if anyone has that option it’s a two year old girl on her way to school for the first time.

**The picture is huge, I can’t figure out how to fix it, but if you’re ready to be up close and personal w/Lovegirl, just click the link:  1st-day-of-school.jpg


Did you know . . .


. . . that the song “Makes me Wonder” by Maroon 5 has the “F” word in the version that’s available for download from iTunes?  Neither did I.  It’s Lovegirl’s favorite song.  I put it on a mix CD for her to bop her little head to as we go about our daily business. She’s been listening to this version for about a month now. Thank God she has yet to learn the song in its entirety – but she’s darn close!

I hereby withdraw my name for consideration for the “Mother of the Year” award.  Thank you.


 I have not been a regular BET viewer in quite a long time.  Tonight, I remember why.




Wow.  Just wow.  Sometimes, there are no words.


Smoochy had a car accident a few weeks ago.  The other driver was at fault – though she was denying it.  We’ve been waiting for a ruling from her insurance company, and they’ve finally decided that they’re going to accept liability.  They’ve also told us that they’re going to total Smoochy’s car out.  It’s a 1996 VW Jetta that I bought shortly after we got married.  When we married, we agreed that we wouldn’t have more than one car note at a time, and that I would drive the “new” family car, and Smoochy would drive my old car.  So, when they said they were going to total it out, I was all panicked and freaked out because we are not in a situation to pay two car notes right now, and I just couldn’t see how we were going to get a decent car with the amount they’re offering for the VW. 

Smoochy, on the other hand, said “that is so awesome that they’re going to total the VW out.  I think the transmission was about to go out and I knew we didn’t have the money to pay a second car note.  God allowed me to have an acccident where the other driver was at fault, and since my air bag inflated and I have some minor skin burns, we’ll get a little money for that in addition to what they’re going to pay for the car.  I’m thinking that I’ll be able to pay cash for a decent used car that I can drive around the city until we’ve paid your truck off and it’s time for a “new” car for you.”

I am amazed at how his perspective is such a positive one, while I on the other hand was a few seconds away from gnashing my teeth and wailing.  I have got to work on two things:  my faith and my perspective. 

I Got Ya Grandma!

Lovegirl and I were out running errands at a local strip mall.

Target, Steinmart, Sally, Krogers.  It’s all good.  Not too hot outside, we parked at Target worked our way down to the grocery store and back.  On the way back, a lady was sitting on one of the benches. 

Of course, Lovegirl struck up a conversation.  As they were saying their good-bye’s and I was pulling Lovegirl along the lady says “your granddaughter is just too, too delightful.”

 My WHAT?!?! 

I managed to mumble “thank you” and then hightailed it out of there.  Needless to say, I spent the next few hours staring into the mirror – my 34 year old face staring back.  Sure, technically 34 is old enough to be a grandmother , but still . . . do I look OLD or do I look like I had a child at 15/16/17 and am now spending quality time with my grandbaby?!?!

There are no words

This makes me sick. I am truly almost physically ill. A woman is gang raped – by teenagers – and they force her 12 year old son to participate. I cannot imagine. How does the mother recover from this? How does her son? Do they? I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around this attrocity. I’m going to cry. Have mercy Jesus.

Love this stuff!

Looking for a sheer lip color that will enhance your lips without making them too slick/shiny/glittery?

This is it!

The color: Cocoa Glaze

The application: So easy a Nerd Girl can do it – no mirror required

The feel: Lip balm smooth

The price: $5.99 at your local big box. Good bye $15 Lorac, hello Revlon!