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Love this stuff!

Looking for a sheer lip color that will enhance your lips without making them too slick/shiny/glittery?

This is it!

The color: Cocoa Glaze

The application: So easy a Nerd Girl can do it – no mirror required

The feel: Lip balm smooth

The price: $5.99 at your local big box. Good bye $15 Lorac, hello Revlon!


2 thoughts on “Love this stuff!

  1. I’m adding this to my grocery list. I try to sneak personal cosmetic items into the grocery budget whenever possible. 🙂 I also love makeup, but rarely get all dolled up. Chapstick is a daily for me so this stuff sounds very promising. I’m picking some up today.

  2. Quel — let me know how it works out for you – I hope you like it! Thought I was the only one buying nail polish and lip gloss with the grocery money – glad I’m not alone 🙂

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