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 I have not been a regular BET viewer in quite a long time.  Tonight, I remember why.




Wow.  Just wow.  Sometimes, there are no words.


7 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Y’all – I cannot believe that I actually wasted almost 90 minutes of my life watching that stuff. I honestly cannot think of one redeeming quality between the three shows. I’m the first to admit that there are many, many facets to the black experience in this country, but to be constantly bombarded with the same mess all of the time . . .

  2. Once every year or two I’ll flip past BET and stop just to check and see if anything has gotten better- and inevitably I remember why I have them blocked out. It really is a sad state of affairs over there. At least TVOne has a lot more positive options.

  3. Hot Mama – don’t run 🙂 You’re talking to someone who lets her child listen to Chamillionaire. And Ice Cube. And Maroon 5. Maybe I should stop now.

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