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Wish List ’07

Some stuff I want.  Nothing I actually need.  Will be working toward getting some all of it.

Love these shoes.  Was leaning toward the Speed Cat style, but I think these have a bit more ankle support.  I’m thinking Happy Birthday to Nerd Girl from Nerd Girl.


I like the simplicity of this necklace.  I don’t like the price.  I’m thinking about asking a local jeweler if he can do something similar for a more reasonable amount.  I wonder if that’s legal?  I’d love to have this in yellow gold with 4 tags – our anniversary, Lovegirl’s BD, one w/all 3 brothers’ BDs, one for my parent’s anniversary.


I like the mission behind these necklaces and the style of them.  I think these will serve as Christmas gifts for my sisters-in-law this year.


I love gold hoop earrings.  I’ve been wearing a small pair since losing . . . more pairs than I care to admit.  I’m ready to sacrifice buy another large pair.


And finally (I’m all about self-adornment today) . . . this gold cannon charm.  I found this when I was “fired” from my job, and swore that I’d get it to serve as a visual reminder of my personal strength and fortitude.  That instead of seeing my firing as something horrible and life-breaking (which I times I have to fight to remember) I would see it as an experience catapulting me towards bigger and better.



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