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Nipple Confusion (and other goings on)

  • So, we walk into K*ohl’s last night.  Lovegirl says “look at all these nipples!”  I am shocked into silence and say nothing.  She repeats “look at all these nipples!”  “Honey, what are you talking about?”  “I see nipples Mama.  Lots and lots of nipples.”  “You see nipples?”  “Yes.”  “Lovegirl, show me a nipple.”  She pulls up her shirt and obliges. Okay, I asked for that.  “Do you see nipples in this store Lovegirl?”  “Yes Mama – lots of them.”  I experience an impending sense of regret, but say “Okay Lovegirl, show me the nipples in the store.”  She runs over to the tiled area of the store and starts counting the small brown dots that are part of the tile design.  “One nipple, two nipples, three nipples . . . ” “Honey, those are called dots.  Not nipples.  Okay?”  “Okay Mama – dots.”
  • After breezing through the preschool doors with nary a care in the world for two straight weeks, Lovegirl has now begun to cry when I leave her.  She whimpered on Monday, cried body-wracking sobs on Tuesday, and started up before I pulled the car to a complete stop this morning.  It is killing me.  Tomorrow Smoochy can have the privilege.
  • There is nothing like taking a water aerobics class to boost one’s self esteem.  It’s hot.  The thought of spinning yesterday made me want to pass out.  So, I went to water aerobics instead.  I was the youngest, most in-shape thing in the water.  I’m going back on Thursday.  Sad that I’m getting validation by working out with 90 year old women?  Probably.  Is that going to stop me from going?  Nope.
  • The men I work with make the most inappropriate remarks.  I used to work in a very uptight, higher education setting with mostly older people where no one ever talked about sex.  These men talk about it all the time, make sideways comments, and one has gone so far as to tell me “I want you.”  Ummm, no.  I don’t feel sexually harassed per se, I am just amazed at what they say.  Is this normal??? (I mean their comments, not my amazement).
  • Why I did this, I don’t know.  But last night I watched about 10 minutes of “Take the Cake” on B*ET.  Was To*carra the voice from that little animated Cita person that “hosted” a show on B*ET a few years back?  Geesh.

One thought on “Nipple Confusion (and other goings on)

  1. I love the nipple story. How cute is that!

    A couple days ago, I was thinking I could never work with the grimey men I passed working on the street because of the comments they made as I drove by. I couldn’t imagine working with them.

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