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Livin’ for the weekend

Plans are as follows:

  1.  Walk in a 5K sponsored by a local church at 7:30 tomorrow a.m.  Hope not to pass out from the heat.
  2. Take Lovegirl to A Kid’s World thingie at the fairgrounds Saturday afternoon.  Bless God because it is inside and air-conditioned.
  3. Church on Sunday followed by operation “cook once for the whole week.”  On this week’s menu:  Baked salmon, smothered cabbage, black eyed peas, rice, Moroccan chicken, curried cous cous, turkey burgers, oven fries, and spinach salad. 
  4. Attempt the first of several peach cobbler recipes I’ve pulled off the internet hoping that one will come somewhat close to my grandmother’s home-cooked goodness.

That’s all.  Hope everyone has a blessed, safe, happy weekend.  Peace.


3 thoughts on “Livin’ for the weekend

  1. Paula Dean has an awesome one on the Food Network website where the peaches are dropped into a batter and baked…DELISH! No real crust, but it is doughy and OH SO GOOD! Let me know how the cobbler turns out!

  2. The heat is absolutely starting to make me insane – especially now that I want to do a bunch of walking around outside stuff!! We drove through somewhere near here and it was close to 110 degrees. Man is not made to withstand temperatures like that.. I’m telling you – we can just explode.

    Be careful in the heat – I just read something about eating cheez-its on another blog.. it’s supposed to be a good thing to eat in the heat? um.

    I thought I was stuffed but all that food just made me hungry.

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