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So, the city of Atlanta is considering a ban on sagging pants and visible bra straps.  The town of Mansfield, LA has already made sagging pants illegal – those who violate the law are subject to a $150 fine.

The reasons cited for the necessity of these laws/proposed laws range from the style being indecent to it being indicative of gang/illegal activity.

I’m of the mindset that sagging pants are not a good look.  On anyone.  Ever.  I’m not certain, however, that cities should be allowed to start banning manner of dress.  I do – and yes, I’m pulling the race card – think that young blacks – particularly males – will be disproportionately targeted and fined.  And the argument that it is black youths who primarily wear this style and therefore will of course be affected by these laws disproportionately doesn’t fly with me.  I’m a native Californian.  Southern California.  Skater boys (primarily Caucasian) have long been sagging  in their long jean shorts, “wife beaters” and V*ans tennis shoes.   I think it is a look of youth.  I rarely see older people sporting the sagging look – and when they are, they are more likely to be transients, not necessarily people trying to make a fashion statement. 

The people who are implementing these laws who cry indecency are, in my estimation, directing their efforts toward the wrong group.  As much as I don’t want to look at anyone’s plaid/white/dirty boxers, I personally am more offended by visible ass cracks, overflowing bras that reveal 75% of the breasts, and bared midriffs that well, shouldn’t be.

What do you think?  Should cities be allowed to ban manners of dress they deem inappropriate?  If so, do sagging pants fall into that category for you, or are there other fashion faux pas that you’d like to see made illegal?  Head over to the comments section and tell me what you think.  Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Banned!

  1. I would probably go at it from the angle that a bunch of men are making the laws so they seem to over look all of the ways women display themselves. Though I don’t agree with laws on fashion, IF there were going to be any laws I think females should be the target. It could be a matter of protection, eh? Saggy pants definitely do not fall in the illegal category. A school making a rule is one thing, but the law? Next they’ll tell us what type of toothpaste to use. I’d like to see thongs paired with low rise jeans banned. Ewww!

  2. girl as much as I get heated and want to kick boys and girl/boys in the azzzz for wearing that style purposefully with a belt tightened right below the hip bones… (seriously it makes me sick that they want me to see their stank butts) it’s is improper to ban a style of dress… unless it’s buttless chaps.. HELL NO!

    Your post is up on yummy, well.. part of it lol.. let me know what you think =)

  3. That’s totally outrageous. I smell an ACLU case. I would dare anyone to make a law like that in Los Angeles. I’d go out tomorrow with whatever outfit was banned and dare them to fine me or arrest me. In a private club, a cafe, those are all privately owned and while it’s not ok. You do what you want with your establishment, but for some people to have the freedom to wear what they want while others don’t and they pay the same taxes? I call bs on that nonsense.

    But if I were a Nazi, I’d ban matching tops and bottoms (you know denim and denim, that’s a big no) and themed jewelry (You know it’s Christmas, so you think it’s a good idea to wear reindeer earrings with a matching reindeer sweater? No it’s not mom, no it’s not) That’s simply hideous, but that’s a matter of taste. You shouldn’t get a ticket for it or maybe you should, but seriously though that law is completely insane and obviously racist.

    Though the thing I love about black people is that that we always come up with new and more entertaining ways to be “offensive”….lol…

    Jane aka Browne

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