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You’re in Luck, Buttercup!

Lovegirl has been begging me for boots since late last winter.  I didn’t buy her any because I figured she wouldn’t get much wear out of them.  Oh, her luck is a’changin’.  Look what I found at Tarjhay – how cute are these!  I think she’s getting all three pair. Throw in a pair of tennis shoes, and she’s good for the winter.

fuzzy-boots.jpg            pink-boots.jpg       brown-boots.jpg   


3 thoughts on “You’re in Luck, Buttercup!

  1. Kia – the pink ones will definitely be her favorites! I am partial to the furry brown ones, and figured I’d throw in the cowboy boots, because well, we’re in the ‘Sip and that’s how we roll. BTW – thanks for the makeup tips. I’ve got to wait ’til the first to go buy some stuff, so I’ll let u know in the next week or so how it worked out.

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