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Good Eats


“Sounds yummy! Can you please give me the cabbage and moroccan recipe and tell me how to make black eyed peas?”

Well Fashionista, since you asked . . .

The Moroccan Chicken recipe can be found here.  I love allrecipes.com, and troll the site frequently looking for new dishes to add to my repetoire.  The hubby ended up not being so fond of this one, but that didn’t really surprise me – he’s a straight meat ‘n taters type fella.  I’m a more adventerous diner and am hopefully raising Lovegirl to be the same.  I tasted it when it was done and found it needed a few more shakes of all the seasonings except salt.  Let me know what you think.

I don’t have a recipe per se for the smothered cabbage, but this is how I cook mine (I either cook a small head or use 1/2 a head which is plenty for the 3 of us):  Wash cabbage, quarter and cut into wide strips, put in large skillet.  Add about 1/3 cup of cooking liquid – water, chicken broth, veggie broth, your choice.  I love onions, so I slice up a bunch and throw those in as well.  Season to taste – I use salt, pepper, a touch of olive oil, and garlic powder.  If I think Smoochy’s not in a cabbage mood and won’t be eating it, I throw in a few red pepper flakes too.  Then I throw a lid on it, turn on low heat and cook to desired texture.  The cabbage should be at a low simmer, never boiling.  Check it after maybe 20 minutes and see if it is tender enough for you – really just depends on your preference. I don’t eat pork, but I know quite a few people will cook theirs with a piece or two of salt meat or bacon. 

Black eyed peas – same deal.  I use the frozen.  Pour desired amount in saucepan.  Cover w/water, chicken broth, etc.  Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, cook until tender – about 45 minutes or so.  I season mine when they’re done – usually Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning.  Ditto with the salt meat/bacon.  If I have a piece of smoked turkey around, I’ll throw that in there, but this is rare.

Hope this helps!  If the brown sugar pound cake I made this weekend had been good, I’d throw that recipe in for good measure.  It passed the look test, but the flavor was lacking.  I guess I’ll be forced to slice it up and add it to a bowl of vanilla ice cream . . .

If there’s a recipe you love – whether it is an every day, or special occasions only type dish, feel free to head over to the comments and share.  Thanks much!  Happy 4-day work week to all.


4 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now. It’s really interesting b/c my DD is 2 1/2 so I’m experiencing some of the same things.

    Thanks for recommending the allrecipe website.

    Take care,

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