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Not The Mama!

Scene:  In line at my local Wa*l Mart so I can purchase a money order
Cashier:  Next please.  How can I help you?  Hey Sweetie, what’s your name?
Lovegirl:  McKenzie
Nerd Girl: Your name is not McKenzie
Cashier:  Your mama says your name isn’t McKenzie
Lovegirl:  That’s not my mama.  That’s Keesha.

What?!?  This girl is going to get me arrested for child abduction.  And who the h is Keesha?!?


10 thoughts on “Not The Mama!

  1. Hi, I clicked on your blog from Afrobella. That is hilarious. When the first Fantastic 4 movie came out a few years ago whenever I called my son by his name he would respond with “Call me Mr. Fantastic!”

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