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If I Ruled the World . . .


I would be perfectly justified in slapping my boss.

Boss:  Hey there – what ya eating for lunch, bean pie?

Me:  *Looking down incredulously at what is very obviously okra and tomatoes over rice and a slice of cornbread*

“Umm, nope just some succotash and cornbread.”

Boss:  “Oh, well with your Muslim hair and all.  You know, every day is a bad hair day for you . . . ”

I just turned and walked away.  And he, of course, followed.

Boss:  “So, you’re Muslim right.  That’s a political statement.  Your hair I mean.”

Nerd Girl:  “I’m Christian.  It’s just hair.  Unpermed, how it comes out of my scalp, what God gave me, regular black people hair.  No statement other than I don’t perm my hair.”

Boss:  “Oh.  Well, I guess I’m having a bad hair day myself.  Shouldn’t talk should I?”



13 thoughts on “If I Ruled the World . . .

  1. I’m sorry…are you SERIOUS? Did this really occur?

    Do you have that kind of relationship with your boss where it could have been perceived as ‘joking’? That sounds like a hostile work environment to me.

    LOL at ‘regular black people hair’…you crack me up.

    P.S. Thanks for the kind words the other day…it’s good to be ‘back’.

  2. Shelia – no worries. I promptly wrote wrote up my own little incident report and have filed it away should it ever be needed.

    Non-Superwoman – I knew that when I started growing the dreads I would get comments/looks/whateva. But I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think this dude, in his position would be silly enough to say what he said to me. To the other docs, definitely, but to me – just wow.

    Lisagh – it took everything in me not to “go there” with him, as he has definitely not been handed an abundance of positives in the looks deparment his damn self. And trust, bean pie is not a nickname. We are not cool like that.

    Nakira – wish it were that simple. I won’t be reporting him. He’s a doc, I’m an admin. I know what’s “supposed” to happen, and what will happen in the real world. But, I did note it and will not hesitate to use it to my benefit if necessary.

    Lisa – Amen. This is just not a battle I’ll be choosing to fight.

    Karla – I think he thought he was being cute/clever/”hip”. Dude, get your stereotypes right.

    TKW – Oh it happened alright. And when he followed me to continue his dumb a diatribe, there were other people present so I know that I wasn’t having a “Nerd Girl” moment (as I am admittedly wont to do sometimes). And uh-uh, no close relationship here. (And I really am glad you’re back!)

    LA – It just saddens me to know that I am raising my Lovegirl in a day and time where this stuff still is said without a second thought. I just don’t know how I’m going to have the “race” discussion with her. I was am such a Pollyana that I didn’t really believe my parents, and still find this stuff unbelievable even when I’m in the midst of it. This type of thing keeps me in prayer for guidance.

  3. Dag! Dude needs to be double slapped, pimp slapped and then treated to a taste of what my Dad calls the “Memphis Jack.” I still don’t quite know what the Memphis Jack is, but sounds like dude could use a good taste of some . . .

    Maybe what you should have said was, “My, that’s awfully “Imus” like of you.” Bet that would have shut him up with the quickness (smile).

  4. I was just in the grocery store in the city where I live yesterday. This was what she said to me:

    The clerk: “That is your hair and not a weave, right?”

    Now, what would make you ask a dumb question like that. What you are saying to me is that all black women wear weaves. You don’t know me like that. I came in to return an item, not for a Q & A session about my hair.

    I couldn’t believe it! I was so pissed. People are so ignorant.

  5. yes, he needs to be reported and be done with him. he is doing way too much with all that! why is he even walking around acting like a dick head in the office anyway! boooooooooo to him. he sucks!

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