Isn’t it Ironic?

That the same US Army Corp of Engineers who couldn’t fix levees in New Orleans is now succint enough to advise Iraq that one of their dams is in imminent danger of collapse and that approximately 1/2 a million Iraqis could lose their lives if the dam does indeed collapse?


Father, in absentia

Sunday afternoon: 

“Where is Daddy?”

“At work.”

Sunday evening:

“Maybe Daddy will be home when we get there Mama.”

“No honey, he’s working.”

Monday evening:

“Mama, where is my Daddy?”

“He’s still at work.”

And so begins this new phase in our lives.  Smoochy has officially resigned his position with the school district and is on his way to becoming a bona fide truck driver.  Orientation started Sunday night – if all goes well, he will be on the road tomorrow and we won’t see him for a while.  This is definitely going to be harder than I anticipated – particularly in regards to Lovegirl.  I lived by myself for a long time, and while I know that I will miss Smoochy, I don’t have a real problem being “on my own.”  Lovegirl, on the other hand, did not sign up for this and doesn’t endorse it at all.  She is a Daddy’s girl in every sense, and I pray that his training period flies by for her sake. 

This career change is definitely necessary – finances took a hard hit when I lost my job and then found this lower paying one.  Our hope is that after 3 or 4  months away for longer periods of time, Smoochy will have enough experience to get a route where he will be home more often than not and that this time of sacrifice will pad the way for a more stable future for our family.

Lovegirl doesn’t care about any of this – her future education, our retirement fund, vacations we’ll take as a family, rebuilding our savings.  She just wants her Daddy.  And I don’t blame her.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

Okay, so the title isn’t clever, but it is accurate:

  • Had a great weekend.  On Friday night, Smoochy and I took Lovegirl to the Fair.  We met up with friends and proceeded to have a great time.  She rode a pony and one ride and declared herself finished!  She loved the funhouse and would’ve spent all night wandering through the maze, looking in the distorted mirrors and sliding down the twisty slide if money and time had allowed.
  •  My youngest brother is being somewhat of an arse.  My middle brother needs to live with him (and his wife) for two weeks while he starts a new job (mid-month) and gets his own place with a few of his frat from college.  The youngest brother initially agreed – they settled on monetary compensation, established house rules, etc.  The next day my youngest brother reneged – “you can’t live here”.  And that is just wrong.  We weren’t raised like that and I cannot comprehend why he will not help our brother out. I have an idea that it has something to do with my sister-in-law, and I know “leave and cleave” and keep peace in the house and all that jazz, but I also know that blood is thicker than water, and he is in a position to help and won’t and I think that is the utmost in triflingness.
  • I took my hospital sanctioned “birthday holiday” on Friday.  I spent the day sleeping late (oh thank you Jesus), getting a manicure, and eating cheese and crackers in the movie theatre while watching “Why Did I Get Married.”  Perfect way to spend my day before joining up with the fam and hitting the fair.
  • I’m beginning to wonder if corporal punishment is really effective?  I don’t beat Lovegirl or anything, a tap here or there, but I’m not sure I like the message it sends.  I actually spanked her for hitting another child – hmmm.  I know “spare the rod and spoil the child”, but I think the Bible was referencing the rod or staff of correction which shepherds used to gently guide their sheep in the right direction – not beat them.  Any thoughts?
  • I bought a pair of shoes yesterday.  For $187.25.  Good googleymoogley.  It’s so hard to find shoes in my size that don’t look like old lady orthopedic shoes that I bit the bullet and bought them, and it’s not like I buy shoes that often, but still – I’m walking around with several utility bills on my feet!  Aaargh.  I’m punishing myself – I decided I will not be buying myself my long lusted after Pumas, I’d just feel too guilty.
  • I’m giving Grey’s Anatomy 2 3 more episodes to get itself together, and then I am giving it up.  I’ve not been impressed by the season thus far at all.  More Bailey, less no Izzy, and Callie whupping Izzy’s arse would be great ways to keep my interest piqued (in case the show’s writers stumble across this entry)
  • I love NB.C’s Biggest Loser
  • It is 4:05, and I’m 5 minutes late leaving work.  I’m out.  More random thoughts at a later date.  Peace.

Hip Hop Honors – The Review

A few thoughts I had while watching the VH1 Hip Hop Honors:

  • Timbaland is hell-a-foine.
  • Eve is fly.
  • The phrase “yep yep” grates my nerves.
  • I may still have a crush on Heavy D.
  • T Pain and Ne-Yo singing New Jack Swing.  Hmmm . . .
  • La Di Da Di?  Oh yeah!
  • Kool Moe Dee is FAT.  No “ph” here.
  • Michael Jackson was New Jack?  Who knew?
  • The Honors should stick to rap only – no singing.
  • I never liked Wrecks-n-Effect.  Rump Shaker.  Yecccch.
  • Wild Style????  Can anyone help me out with this one?
  • I had a big crush on Jalil from Whodini.  Did he always talk like that?  Did he have a stroke?
  • Whodini sounds bad.
  • “Freaks are so bad they got they own dance”
  • Love me some Calvin “Snoop Dog” Broadus.
  • West Coast Represent!
  • Is that Roy Orbison?
  • Guess you still can’t say “187 on an undercover cop.”
  • Hee-hee.  Ice T crip walked!
  • Where is my A Tribe Called Quest anthology?  Must find.
  • De La Soul.  Miss them.
  • Busta Rhymes is silly w/a capital S.

Having said all of that, I thought this year’s show was just okay.  I guess if I were grading, I’d give it a B-/C+.  Brought back some great memories, but I don’t think the performancs were that great, and they could’ve totally eliminated that tribute to Wild Style -whatsoever the heck that is. 

Okay, it’s time for all good Nerd Girls to go to bed.  Peace.  I’m out.



 I’m happy because:

  • My 35th birthday is tomorrow!  I truly don’t understand people who bemoan getting older – beats the alternative.  Thank you Lord for every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year that I am around to celebrate.
  • The VH1 Hip Hop Honors come on tonight.  I love these awards!  They make me want to pull out the old Kangol (well, the one I wanted but never got), put in some dolphin earrings, bust out my tight, red, ankle zip jeans, and oversize swap meet Salt ‘n Pepa sweatshirt and do the roger rabbit, wop, and running man all night long.  Okay, I admit it – I don’t wear the clothes, but I do break out all the old dance moves and get my party on.  I don’t care what anyone says about the 80’s – we were cool, dope, fresh, da bomb!
  • The weatherman “promises” that we’ll have cooler temps by the end of the week.  I am so ready for Fall.  I don’t understand these 90 degree temps in October when I have fuzzy sweaters and a new pair of boots that’re in my closet just dying to be worn.
  • My kiddo didn’t cry when I dropped her off this morning.  The on again, off again crying jags were killing me.
  • Smoochy went to church with us yesterday.  He rarely attends, but yesterday we went as a family and it was awesome and much needed.

Are you happy today?  Why?  Why not?

Life Lesson #548

If one should wake up at oh say, 2 a.m. to the sound of one’s daughter’s coughing and get up to medicate aforementioned daughter and see something skitter across the floor, it would behoove one not to scream “mouse, mouse, mouse!!!” loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood and one’s husband who’d fallen asleep downstairs watching the game.  Because if one did, one’s husband would run upstairs in sleep-drunk stupor, bumble about trying to catch the mouse, breaking a lamp in the process, only to uncover one very frightened and microscopically small lizard. 

My bad.