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Funky Dreads

My hair needs washing.  Badly.  So, previous attempts be damned, I’m going to wash it.

Tonight, the no-poo method.  Haven’t tried this before, but I’m hoping I’ll like it because if I do, it may cost me a grand total of $15 to wash my hair for the rest of my life!

No-poo means that you do not use soap/shampoo to cleanse your hair.  My method (for tonight anyway) involves:

  1. Making a paste of baking soda and water.  Applying this to scalp, and massaging it in to rid scalp of buildup. 
  2. Rinsing thoroughly.
  3. Applying a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water (1:4) using a spray bottle.  Covering my head with a plastic cap.  Letting that soak in, loosening any impurities. (That’s what I’m doing now y’all)
  4. Rinsing thorougly.
  5. Repeat the vinegar/water saturation if necessary.
  6. Rinsing.
  7. Lightly applying oil to my scalp. (I’m using a jojoba/olive/vitamin E mix)
  8. Retwist
  9. Lightly spritz hair with water/oil combo.
  10. Tying up and calling it a night.

The thought behind this process – and obviously it made some sense to me – is that by washing our hair with detergents (shampoos) we strip away the natural, necessary oils.  When that happens the scalp overcompensates by producing more oils, leading to buildup/itchy scalp, prompting us to wash it more and creating a never-ending cycle.  This no-poo method allegedly allows for cleansing without stripping, stimulates the scalp to produce proper amounts of oil and leaves the hair and scalp clean and healthy and in need of less frequent washing. 

We’ll see. 


4 thoughts on “Funky Dreads

  1. Although I certainly like the “idea” of the no poo method (au naturale, no chemicals, etc.), it seems like a lot of effort. I’m an impatient person, and I don’t like fussing with my hair too much.

  2. Funky Brown — You might want to try it – I love it! And believe me, I’m not one to fuss with my hair a whole lot either. My scalp is clean and refreshed, my locs are soft and clean . . . I think we have a winner. It really didn’t take any longer than a regular shampoo session, Thanks for stopping by and commenting with ya funky self!

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