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Life Lesson #548

If one should wake up at oh say, 2 a.m. to the sound of one’s daughter’s coughing and get up to medicate aforementioned daughter and see something skitter across the floor, it would behoove one not to scream “mouse, mouse, mouse!!!” loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood and one’s husband who’d fallen asleep downstairs watching the game.  Because if one did, one’s husband would run upstairs in sleep-drunk stupor, bumble about trying to catch the mouse, breaking a lamp in the process, only to uncover one very frightened and microscopically small lizard. 

My bad.


10 thoughts on “Life Lesson #548

  1. Oh man, that’s funny! My boys have been asking me for a lizard or a hamster. You’re making me reconsider giving in and saying yes.

  2. Cute story (smile). Something similar played out in my house earlier this year. I was sitting at the computer late one night when I heard a noise against the blinds. I didn’t pay it much mind. Figured the wind was blowing and some air was seeping in through a crack that needed sealing.

    A few minutes later, a shadow above my head catches my eye. I look up and see a waterbug the SIZE of a freaking mouse staring back at me. Good Lord, I thought they only grew them that big in Texas (smile). Anyway, I ran upstairs and roused the hubby, who jumped straight up and leaped out of bed like I’d said somebody was breaking into the house . . .

    So yeah, I understand completely (LOL).

  3. Isn’t it funny how finding a lizard in the house is waaay less distressing than finding a mouse or a roach. When I lived in Florida that was always the case. In NYC, if it scurries in my house 10 out of 10 times it’s a darn mouse.

  4. hahah… a lizard. hope your baby girl’s cough is better. my son’s just getting over one. playgroups are so much fun. you get all the germies from friends. *sigh*

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